Monday, June 16, 2008

Lucky You / 6 More Quirks

Today is smoke-free day 365 (and for why there are not 365 days in a Maggie year and thus not time for me to do my one year celebration dance quite yet, please see this post where I darn near broke my brain doing math), and I wrote the longest and most ranting-est post I've ever written, but it was so long that it would have made your eyes bleed. It will probably appear at some point in a more reasonable and condensed version, but for today you get something simpler and likely more enjoyable to read.

A new to me bloggy pal Vixen has tagged me to do 6 Unspectacular Quirks, and while I did recently do one of these when MamaFlo tagged me, I'm quirky enough to be able to do it again.

6 (More) Unspectacular Quirks of Mine
  1. I love drinking lattes. With a straw. Else they just aren't quite right. Applies both at home and out and about. No, they don't melt.

  2. I haven't used my dryer in over 3 weeks. I kind of alluded to this fact in my other 6 Quirks post, but now it's been even longer. I mainly just wanted to see if I could do it like I did for 3 years in Japan, and yes, I still can. It's more work, but there is something self-sufficient feeling about it that I can't explain that goes beyond saving electricity. Nah, I don't really get it, either, and it's kind of a hassle, too.

  3. I like walking, but I went a little nutty this weekend walking about 3 miles on Saturday and getting kind of lost for 4.5 miles on Sunday. I came home and was absolutely ravenous, so I ate enough to balance out any benefit, but I giggled because while sometimes walking that many miles just feels good, other times walking to the copier will about put me down.

  4. I don't really like pop (soda to some of y'all) very much, never have. I will order it with McDonald's or pizza or something, but I just have a few sips, usually no more than half. Tom has a love/hate relationship with this quirk, depending on whether I get a drink he likes (like Mt. Dew) or something he hates (like Dr. Pepper).

  5. Singing and crying along with touching songs (usually country), usually while driving, is something I do fairly regularly. To me, crying is part of the human experience, so it makes me feel alive and can be a good thing. My idea of what's touching can be a little different, though, considering I once cried watching the Simpsons. I can be such a girl.

  6. My memory is pretty iffy. Some stuff I will totally remember forever and ever and ever, but I can read the same books or watch the same movies over and over again because after a few weeks, all of the details are gone leaving behind just my memory of either giving something the thumbs up or thumbs down. Buying me one DVD is like giving someone else a whole library of movies.
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  1. a latte with a straw! interesting! funny that as soon as i thought, i wonder if it melts, i read that nope, it doesn't! oh and hats off to you on the laundry thing. i hate all things laundry. so if i didn't have a dryer, well, i would be the stinkiest person on the planet.

  2. Hi Maggie,
    I LOVE your new look! Congratulations on your first smoke free year. And to drop a bunch of weight, too? You are incredibly disciplined. I'm in awe.

  3. Girl, I tried to do this post when I was tagged and I so don't get it...maybe I am not that quirky or maybe its hard for me to think that far out of the box. Congulations on the smoking year/not Maggie year 365-367 day thing or whatever you want to call it (I call the Maggie Math thing definetly quirky but then again, I can only calculate mine by the months gone by....never was much good at the day thing past 90 so who cares what I think really!) I am happy I got to be a part of your blogging world! You have been more helpful than ya know.

    PS: My links and stuff are definely at the bottom of the page and not on the sides....why? I can't easily click to my peeps! This SUCKS!

  4. Hi Maggie! I love your new design! I don't know when you did it, but it's the first time that I've seen it, and it really is great.

    I cry a lot too at stupid stuff. I guess I could embrace it like you do, but instead I feel stupid and try to hide it. Why I tear up so easily, I don't know, but it drives me nuts! I also don't care much for soda.

    I agree with you on the memories thing, too. If you want to know where a particular piece of paper is, I can see it in my mind and tell you exactly where it is. If I'm studying, I can pull out page numbers from my mind when needed (I guess you could say I have a photographic memory), but when it comes to books and movies, I can re-enjoy them frequently. And that's the way it should be, right?!

  5. Very quirkie, indeed! But fun!!! :)

  6. My memory is a little iffy too, and so are my eyes, apparently, cause I saw iffy as "fluffy" ;-)

  7. OK - because of who I work for, I am really happy to hear that your Tom is a Mountain Dew fan, and a Diet Pepper hater...

  8. How the heck do you not use a dryer???? I don't even want to think about the disaster that would ensue if I tried that...

  9. Thanks for the additional link love Maggie.

    I think it is time to PARTY HARD!!!!
    You've done it, you've been without a cigarette for a year - screw the official math!

    You are a big reason that I've stayed quit so you will always be the Queen of Quit for me.
    I Loves Ya Maggie - Thank You!!

  10. Christie, yep, it didn't occur to me to worry about a melting straw until I already knew it wouldn't :)

    Thanks, Beth. I have some discipline, but mostly with the weight thing I have a plan with plenty of wiggle room.

    Diva, however you count, by days or weeks or months or years, you are making it, too, and that's awesome!

    Brandie, so good to see you around again, and I'm glad I'm not the only one with memory issues...

    Thanks, Kathryn. There is so much more quirk where all that came from, it's scary.

    Haha, Janet, fluffy. *That* is funny. I misread and mishear the best stuff, too.

    Manager Mom, I'm just glad I never liked pop so that I never had to really give it up.

    Annie, yep, it's kind of a pain not using a dryer, but I have a drying rack that I put out in the sun. My clothes do smell fresh that way.

    Aw, thanks, MamaFlo. You have been a *huge* part of my quit. I celebrate every day to some degree, so I've kind of already started. :)


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