Saturday, June 14, 2008

Overdue Linky Loo Add

Today is smoke-free day 363, and it's been awhile since I've added some newer Chantix bloggers to my little list of Linky Loos, but here are a couple more I'll be adding shortly. Drop by and say hi!
  • One Year Smoke Free - If I'm doing the math correctly, Lenny (aka the Snake Doctor) quit smoking on May 19, 2008 after a few false starts, but he hopes blogging this time through might make the difference, and he's got the same winning one day at a time motto that has been working for me, too.
  • Quit This Time - Chris is the first person I've had the pleasure to link to who is blogging her quit from the UK where it's called Champix, and after years of heavy smoking, Chris is already thinking about all the fabulous ways to spend money on stuff much more fun than smoking, and she will be quitting TODAY shortly after June 14, 2008 on a quit date that is better suited to her success.


  1. omg, you are getting sooo close to the one year mark.
    I know you are frugal, and recently got the laptop....but you HAVE to do something special for yourself. Pedi? That's not too pricey.

  2. Hi Maggie,

    Thanks for your support and linking to me.

    My quit day's not going too well, as you will see. But remaining determined and will try for tomorrow. Just looked at your calendar where you had a quit day and a kind of second attempt quit date and a "do or die" quit date. So I don't feel a complete failure (yet). I wish I hadn't told so many people (Friends) I was giving up today - got so many texts wishing me well it's a bit embarassing.

    I notice too how close you are to a year (although with my champix- clogged brain I had a bit of difficulty recalling how many days there are in a year !!!)

    Going back now to read your early days blogs. See if I can get more inspiration.


  3. Thanks, Jude! Hmmm, the big bloggy redesign was kind of my gift to me from me in advance. I will have to think about a little something, but honestly, I really do treat myself very nicely much of the time with little lattes and whatnot. I will think, though, promise!

    Chris, I already left the longest comment ever on your blog, but yes, I did not quit on Day 8, and I didn't even attempt it because I'd talked with a friend who'd taken Chantix and knew his doctors advice to give it more like 2 weeks was probably more my speed. And that worked. And you will pick a new quit date, and it will work for you because you will be more ready. You. Can. Do. This.

  4. I was going to ask you what Chantix was, but then I just clicked on the link and read. LOL

  5. Yep, Maria, that's why I link :) I hate it when I read blogs and have no clue what people are talking about.


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