Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Queen for a Day

Today is smoke-free day 352, and it's also time for Heads or Tails. This week: HEADS - Royal.

On my recent trip to Tulsa to see my sweetheart, Tom, I did like I always do and ate my way through the trip. Places like Whataburger, Braum's, Zio's (Italian Kitchen, oh my), even Cheddar's just don't exist here in the Northwest. Very late one night we went to the Whataburger drive-thru so that I could have the yummy biscuit and gravy served after 11PM. The woman taking our order was just really super sweet and spunky to a point noticeable enough that we mentioned how darn nice she was as we drove away.

I like nice people. I like good service. I like biscuits and gravy at 11PM while on vacation seeing my man.

The woman was about my age, probably older, and I just thought she would be so well suited for some kind of job that didn't involve standing on your feet all night but where you just had to be super nice during daytime hours in a nice cushy chair. Maybe she loved it there. I mean, really it's none of my business.

Fast forward several hours later.

Since breakfast is something I do on vacation, especially when there is a biscuit with gravy with my name all over it, back we went to the same Whataburger. The super sweet, very nice, cute and spunky woman that dealt with us in the drive-thru was still there, but she was in the lobby, still in uniform with all of her stuff. It kind of struck me that we'd just gotten a nice long sleep while she'd been toiling away all night, and I hoped she was going home for some well deserved rest.

Not that it's any of my business, and not that I'd normally notice, but if you knew how sweet and nice and cute and spunky and just good this woman struck me as, you'd notice, too. Maybe not, but I did. Like I said, I really like nice people. [a quick edit to add that Tom reminded me that she chirped out a cheerful "good morning" to us when we came in, another reason this all probably struck me. K, back to the story.]

The story unfolded as she and her co-worker chatted across the lobby - not loud and rude, or anything, and we were the only ones in there, so it wasn't noisy - and as it did, I just wanted more than anything for someone like Oprah to come pick out this good and sweet and nice and spunky and cute woman and make her queen for a day or something.

Turns out she'd called her husband/boyfriend/man hours before to come pick her up from work. Turns out that instead of coming to pick her up after a long overnight shift (I remember how exhausting it can be), Mr. Wonderful decided he'd rather go back to sleep for a few hours instead. It was pretty clear that this was not an accidental fall back to sleep, but a deliberate "you can wait" kind of fall back to sleep.

And so she sat there in her uniform hours after her shift had ended.

Clearly exhausted. Clearly unhappy.

When the jerk finally showed up in his older muscle car I hoped he'd make it up to her by drawing her a hot bath, maybe a glass of wine or hot tea, then making sure everything stayed quiet so that she could get some blissful sleep, and then at least 8 hours later waking her up with Whataburger biscuits and gravy homemade waffles and warm syrup and perhaps an afternoon massage and a stroll through the park, complete with a romantic picnic and...

...and I doubt any of that happened.

For some reason this sweet woman's smiling face has stuck in my mind since then, and whenever I think about her, I always hope that someone treats her extra special, like Queen for the Day, because someone as kind as her, and you can just tell she is always so kind because it radiated from her (surely you've met good people like that, right? where you can just tell instantly?), deserves nothing less. I hope that she knows it.

Edited to add: MamaFlo's comment below got me thinking that I wish I had said something to this woman. If I knew then that I'd still be thinking about her now, I would have. I didn't want to come across the wrong way, sounding condescending or something, but while I was a friendly customer because that's how I am, I could have said something at least about how nice she was, let her know. I've done that in the past, to someone's flabbergasted manager, actually. I will try to remember this. I will make a point of it. And next time I'm in Tulsa, I'm sure to return there for a biscuit and gravy... :)


  1. Oh my... I know just the type of person you're talking about! And isn't it sad how they are so often subjected to such callous treatment from the people who should love them? It makes you wonder how they manage to maintain that sweet, happy, friendly, outgoing personality.

    Happy HoT!

  2. What a heartbreaking story, but how sweet your intentions! I too hope someone treats her as queen for day, or a week.

  3. Oh Maggie.. this post is so very sweet yet sad. I bet you will touch many with your story. I know you touched me.

    Here's to all the super sweet, very nice, cute and spunky women of the world!!!

    You have a heart of gold. Just wanted to say that so you'd know.

  4. ohhhh.... it is so sweet of you to post this story. i can sense that she really is a very sweet woman. it must be the beauty that radiates inside out... her beauty & your beauty. i read your story twice and still it breaks my heart. sometimes we can relate to stories... sometimes we just want to be connected and get involved. i really wish that she'd have a royal treatment.

  5. Amazing story! I hope she gets the royal treatment she deserves one day. Happy HOT day!

  6. anglophilefootballfanatic.comTuesday, June 03, 2008 8:44:00 PM

    I love me some Whataburger. I hope that woman's SOB spouse gets bit in the butt by a rattlesnake.

  7. Great HoT post. Your heart was definitely in the right place!!

  8. that is the sweetest thing ever. it's just as nice that you noticed this lady and still think of her often! it's so nice to meet people who leave such an impact on you. nice people are the best.

  9. Good Post and reminded me of my son. When he was in high school he worked one summer at Taco Bell for dating money (which he never had the time that summer to do cause he was working all the time), and car insurance money - no we didn't pay for our children's everythings. Anyway, he came home one night and said that a man pulled up at the drive-thru and asked him why someone as bright and kind as him was working like a dog at a fast food place late at night..........he said it was a life changing comment for him (he is now an Anesthesiologist).
    Make sure that you tell people that are kind or give good service or hold open a door that you noticed them, it could change their life!

  10. I wonder what keeps her going? Beautiful post :)

  11. mmmmmm Braum's & Whataburger the only two things I miss from the South. Nice post Maggie, I hate to see nice people treated so badly.

  12. very sad but nice touching post :)

    good of you to share it with us all.

    Thanks for stopping by my place.

  13. i hope that she will one day meet someone who'll sweep her off her feet and treat her like, well, royalty. i don't think i'd have been a gracious as her if i'd been treated like that... nice post!

  14. Ohhhh your story made me hungry, happy, and mad all at the same time!

    I hope someone does something to make her feel like a Queen one day too, her beau sounds like a royal jerk!

    Happy HOT day! Great post :)

  15. Great hot post I to hope that women got some kind of royal treatment!

  16. Tell me which Whataburger it was and I'll go tell her for you! Then you can tell her again, yourself, when you come back. :) And hey - we could go have us some biscuits and gravy! :)

  17. Thanks for stopping by and reminding me that I'm not alone. February??? OMG. You're the goddess of patience and understanding.

    This story was very touching and sweet. The world needs more people like you who take notice of things like this. Let's hope she comes to her senses sometime soon!

  18. What a great post! :) I'm blown away by the Queen...but I'm also feeling a little seduced by the food references! LOL!

  19. Oh..and I meant to say, Congratulations on being smoke-free! I know how difficult it can be! I quit smoking in January of 1998, after almost 20 years of smoking! Truly, it does get easier with time...but there are still days that I actually forget I no longer smoke! :) Not that I start up again, by any means, but I've been known on stressful days to hit the cigarette lighter in my car and absent-mindedly search my bag for cigarettes that haven't been there in over 10 years! LOL! I usually feel like such an idiot when I realize what I'm doing!

    I don't know..is that the strength of the habit/addiction or am I just crazy?!

  20. awesome that you're using judi!! i'm sure whatever she does will be great, i heart her! oh and i gave you a little shout out at my blog!

  21. An interesting, informative and sensitive post. Thanks

  22. That poor girl. Hopefully she'll kick him to the curb!

  23. Poor girl! Imagine being with a man who would make you wait after your shift - no matter what time of day or night. Heartbreaking.

  24. Loved this vignette about your experience with this woman … and hope your wish comes true so she gets to be ROYALTY for a day! Nice take on today’s theme. Thanks for visiting mine at Small Reflections earlier. Hugs and blessings,

  25. Just came her by way of Huckdoll, and wanted to congratulate you on the quitting of the smoking.

    I have been smoke free now for almost 15 years, and there will come a day that you no longer feel the need to count... I swear.

  26. Everyone should feel like royalty . . . at least once in a while.

    Congratulations on the smoking cessation!


    ROYALTY – SPOILTY, at The Mane Point

  27. You are such a beautiful person Miss M. I'm proud to count you as a friend.

  28. Oh what a wonderful post! I probably wouldn't have said anything either - but would have remembered it long afterward too. I hope that she got the day of rest and relaxation that she deserved!

  29. I've seen that situation far too much in my life. The super sweet girl and the loser men they end up with who don't treat them right.

    It's much more prevalent here in the south than it is in your neck of the woods. Must be a cultural thing.

    I live in the south now but wasn't raised here so it's definitely something I notice. Shame really.

  30. I try to make it a point to seek out a manager if I get good service, because it is sadly all too rare these days. It makes me feel good.

    And her man? What a flaming a$$hole. I think I might have offered to drive her home. Poor thing.

  31. Great post Maggie!

    I'm glad that I read it early today so that it humbles me just enough to show compassion to others all day. :)

    Sometimes we forget just how lucky we are.

  32. Hopefully a single man will notice how nice, cute, spunky and great this gal is and she'll leave that loser boyfriend. Even if his car rocks!

    Sometimes when I'm out and about I'll run across a woman similar to this. Very friendly, cute, spunky - just seems like an all around great person. I never say anything though because I'm worried they'll think I'm hitting on them. But like you, I privately wish good things happen to them.

    I loved this post, great take on the theme! :)


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