Thursday, June 12, 2008

Thursday Thirteen 6/12/08 21st Edition

Thirteen Things About Me
Physical Attributes Version

It's what's inside that counts, but here's what I walk around with outside that people will see whether they get to know me or not.
  1. I have brown hair with a natural reddish cast that comes out with the sun.
  2. I don't dye my hair, but I may be starting soon as the gray has started to catch up with me. I'm thinking more reddish...
  3. I have blue eyes.
  4. Sometimes my eyes are more a bluish-greenish. They seem to change depending on mood or what I'm wearing. Or maybe I'm just nuts.
  5. I wear glasses. I'm nearsighted (can't see far away = nearsighted, right?). My eyesight isn't terrible, but just enough to need glasses, and now that I have a frame I like, I wear them as much as I'm supposed, which is most of the time.
  6. My nails grow really nicely (once I stopped biting them in college), and I found that I often have to trim them when they get too long because they don't break off unless I do something dumb or painful.
  7. I am 5'2". Living in Japan I got used to saying that I was 155 cm. I was close, but it's more like 157 cm. In the US I'm fairly short and have trouble finding pants that fit properly, but in Japan, everything seemed more "right-sized" for me.
  8. I have a very small frame. Just the way I was made. I've always been just a little bit with a very big mouth.
  9. My mouth doesn't appear to be that big just by looking, but once I get talking, it really is. (Surprising, I know.)
  10. Sometimes the Taco Bell and other drive through activities add padding to my little frame, and I really notice it when I do. Right now I am within reach of where I want to be and am within the range of my ideal weight. It has been a very conscious decision requiring my attention, cooperation, willingness to move my body and willpower to not eat everything I've wanted to (because I do love to eat), all since about late March, and it's paying off now.
  11. Most of the women in my family are, um, well endowed. I just got the brown hair thing.
  12. And I got my dad's huge feet to go with my little body, but I'm learning to love my feet as a part of me.
  13. My skin is very pale, and I have some freckles. I burn easily and only get the slightest tan, and I don't bother trying anymore considering all the damage I'm sure the cooking oil experiments did when I was younger and not nearly as intelligent as I am now.
Today is smoke-free day 361.
I can't see my lungs, but I bet they are pinker and happier this way.

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  1. This was a good idea, now I have a pretty idea of what you look like, happy T13!

  2. thanks for sharing for your TT! It is a great list!

  3. Now that TT really made me feel like I knew you better - Good One!!!!!

  4. funny! i'm 5'1! and I always have to get pants in the petites section. it stunk when i gained weight because even the size huges in the petite section were long. it is so true about how quickly those little indescretions show up on a small frame like ours -- i have always had to be very very careful. meantime my mom is 5'8 and was skinny as a rail all her life -- she could eat two thanksgiving turkeys a day every day if she wanted to. i love the auburn hair thing -- i'm going to make that my "fall" look. hahahah! (yes i dye. i got me gray already). happy tt! even though i didn't do one!

  5. I'm like 5'12" and I have a hard time finding close that fit. More due to my width than height. Thanks for sharing.
    My Thursday Thirteen #82 is up! 13 Fun Facts about Walking It's more fun than fact :-) Stop by if you get a chance!

  6. What a great way to get to know you! I have pale skin too! I sun burn just thinking about the sun. Happy TT

  7. I wish my nails would grow.

    Even with all this I'll bet I could pass you on the street and not know it's you.

  8. Fun list. I've never understood women's clothing sizes why isn't S, M or L good enough? Thanks for stopping by and Happy TT

  9. Japan seems to be the land of 5'5" and under! Love your list!

  10. I am not participating in this meme but wanted to say thanks for dropping in on my H or T post about the dogwood. I have been without power so I am behind in acknowledging everyone.

  11. wow, almost a year! I bet your lungs are pinker and happier, too! Good luck with watching what you eat as well...that's a tough one for me, that and exercising. I'm embarrassed to go to the gym LOL! Stupid, I know.


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