Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Call Me Maurice

HEADS - Joke

Today is smoke-free day 394, and with all the heaviness around here of late, this is something that cracked me up and that I mentioned back in May (but only with a link), and it totally fits and deserves some attention anyway if you missed it.

You know you wanted this song stuck in your head all day; you're welcome.

more graph humor and song chart memes

Steve Miller Band - The Joker


  1. Holy mullets batman!

    Love that video and song :)

  2. Does it make me a huge dork that I immediately subscribed to that site?

  3. Now I've got that song in my head. But I love the pie charts! *giggle*

    Happy HoT!

  4. I spent many nights in college drinking and smoking to that song. Ah, those were the days. Now I don't smoke (yay!) and I rarely drink (most likely because it went hand in hand with smoking). I still love me some good music, though!

  5. You had to do it, right! Right ;--)
    Hugs and blessings,

  6. I can think of so many songs I'd hate to have stuck in my head and this one isn't on that list! Think I've missed too much over the last couple of months. Unsure about the apartness. Hang in there with pushing those thoughts of smoking away. I've joined my buds a couple of times on their smoke breaks. Might need to rethink that, but afraid I'll never see them otherwise. Hang in there Maggie, you are doing great!

  7. lol...that's awesome!! I might have to rip that off for a Wordless Wednesday one of these days!!

  8. thank you for that. just wanted to stop back by and tell you that yes, it has been in my head all day. hee

  9. LOL I'm sending this to my friend Karen, she loves Steve Miller!

  10. You're way too young to love that song!

  11. That is very humorous. I have not seen that before.

    My HoT

  12. This was so good- it really made me smile this morning and I don't even mind the song getting stuck in my head! Gotta look at that site though...what a find!

    Thanks Maggie :)

    Mine is up a little late, at

    bella :)


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