Friday, July 11, 2008

Haiku (Bike-ku) Friday 7/11/08

Haiku Friday

You never forget
how to ride a bike, they say,
and it's partly true.

The part they leave off
is that it is not the same
as it was back when.

My first bike was red
with training wheels, then without,
hills took no effort.

Bike riding with friends
soon gave way to boys and cars,
much more fun and cool.

Bike rides in college
were so few and far between,
still, I could do it.

Then my granny bike
for all three years in Japan,
didn't "need" have a car.

Cruising past rice fields,
groc'ries hang from handlebars,
less fun in typhoon.

Other than the wind,
I don't recall much effort,
just riding along.

Return to the States
and bikeless for 10 whole years...
...until just this week.

Oh my holy hell!
Even the slightest inclines
take so much effort!

Clearly there are groups
of muscles once used back when
that since haven't been.

I'll keep practicing
because the cost of gas sucks;
and I'll make it, but...

...if one more person
acts like you just get back on
like it ain't no thang...

...I will spit at them
and I will not share with them
a glass of this wine:


  1. shit. it ate my first comment. anyway, it said,
    'FIiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirst! haha. Beautiful as always.'

  2. Doesn't that have THE BEST LABEL EVER!!! I have a [empty] carton on my porch that I saw in a packie and thought it would make a beautiful photo!

  3. I've not been on a bike in YEARS! And even though I may not have forgotten HOW to ride, I know it would sure as hell hurt!

    Great Haiku!

  4. Well, if you're gonna end each bike ride with a nice chardonnay...I'll join you...achey and all.

  5. I really want to get back on a bike. It would be recreational, at this point, though.

    Good for you, Maggie-my-dear!! Keep pumping those legs.

  6. Plus the butt pain. Wow. That sounded dirty, but I didn't mean it that way. My butt is always sore after riding my bike now. I don't rememeber my butt EVER being sore from riding when I was little. Maybe because it was so much smaller and fit better on the seat back then. Ha!
    Fun haiku!

  7. Oh, the butt pain. My new Trek bike has such a norrow seat. And my fat butt just HURTS when I'm done. I may have to buy a new seat - or a motorcycle.

  8. The muscles used are surprising aren't they? I went for a ride a month or so ago with youngest. Couldn't walk for days. Couldn't sit for a week. And it was all flat...

  9. YAY for a new bike! I hope it will become effortless for you again soon. I've never even owned a bike before. I was deprived of one as a child and never learned as an adult.

  10. lol @ bike-ku.
    some ppl at work are trying to talk me into a 42 mile ride on aug way jose....ish don't think so!

  11. I have a really good bike (diamond back) that I have been wanting to ride for some time now! I think I will finally order the pump that I need to blow up my tires!!! I just had to get the bike with the fancy tires... ha, ha, ha

  12. These days it takes about five minutes for my body to become de-conditioned, so I can relate. The last time I tried to ride my bike, I got so tired from opening the garage door I had to postpone the ride until later.

  13. We're still working on getting Ryan to ride independently over here, but as soon as I think he's ready, we're off on some fun family bike rides!

    Great Haiku!

  14. hahahahahaha! that's hilarious!! i found that too when i lived in utah, i thought it was going to be a piece of cake. but NOT! it was nothing like college when i rode my bike all the time. (i fell off of it once in front of the science building though because i swerved off the sidewalk to avoid a group of people but then when i tried to go back on the sidewalk the wheel just slid along the side of the sidewalk and wouldn't go back on and i tipped over and fell. and i was so embarrassed and i had a huge knee scrape like i was 10 years old and had to go into biology like that. and i heard someone behind me say 'ohmigod she just got up and rode away like nother even happened!) which i still laugh about. sorry for the long comment (again).

    great bike-u! hahaha (get it? like haiku with a b?) sorry.

  15. oh! lame! someone else thought of bike-u before me. oh well. great minds.

  16. oh duh. ignore me. you did. i apparently need that wine.

  17. true dat yo, true dat.

    And I like that wine. LOL

  18. Oh man, I feel you on this one. A few laps around my block on my bike for the first time...I was sore for a week :(

    How cool is that you were car-less in Japan for 3 years! Typhoon? Yikes!

  19. GREAT ku! I HATE bike riding! Ive never been good at it. I'd be the person you would laugh at. Promise

  20. Wonderful Haiku as always! Ah … ya know I wrote about a bike ride at Small Reflections today too. Thanks for dropping by. Congrats on your new bike. I bet you’ll get those muscles in shape soon. Enjoy!
    Hugs and blessings,

  21. I'm thinking of getting back on a bike, too. One of my daughter's friend's mom invited me to join their biking group (nothing difficult, she promised). I'm sure I will discover those muscles that haven't been used in a long while, too. :P

  22. Good job! Great 'ku. good luck to you--I feel your pain, I'm back to riding recently too.

  23. Oh yeah, it's hard. I've been trying to pull the two boys w/ the bike. I barely make it around the bike and my god, my thighs. *sigh*
    Very nicely 'kued.


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