Friday, July 25, 2008

Haiku Friday 7/25/08

Haiku Friday

(note: my bachelor has 2 syllables because it can, just saying)

It's hard to believe
that my sweet sixteen summer
was twenty years back.

Yet I'm still creeped out
thinking about that one night
we spent with the ghosts.

Ever hear of it?
Bachelor's Grove Cemetery?
Um, OK, click these.

"Grown up" kids are dumb.
A bad idea, plus a car
equals not so good.

I didn't believe,
but still, it's so damn creepy,
we stayed overnight.

Just a few hours,
suspension of disbelief,
cigarettes and lies.

Tired minds see things.
Real or imagined, skin crawls.
Fear always feeds fear.

Did that branch just move?
Did you see a flash of light?
Are we here alone?

When I look back now
I'm afraid for us back then,
not because of ghosts.

I see the dangers
being in the wrong places,
too vulnerable.

(There's more where this goes,
with the same guy, same summer;
I'll tell it. Someday.*)

In the morning light
we headed back to the car
(the car where he lived).

Uneventful night
inside the cemetery
but not outside it.

A broken window.
The creeptacular factor
was not lost on us.

*someday came sooner than I thought, and I started to tell the rest.


  1. Oh heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeellllllllll no. Never. UH uh.

  2. yikes!

    ok, this stuff also scares the crap out of me. a lot like sidling does.

    cool story though! told in fantastic haiku friday form!

  3. great haiku!

    "'Grown up' kids are dumb.
    A bad idea, plus a car
    equals not so good."

    that is so true!! it's a wonder so many make it out of the teens...

  4. Reminds me of a Halloween night spent traipsing around a condemned assylum in college...never ever again. EVER

  5. So great and so true!
    Theres an abandoned mental hospital in these parts that's haunted. Yes, we've gone 'splorin there and to the haunted cemetary too. What can I say? I love a good spooky scare!

  6. Two years ago, a high school senior in our community was shot while "ghosting" at a local 'haunted house'. It's a shame the world is what it is now.

    I'm glad you have your memory. You are MUCH braver than me! Great Haiku.

  7. I love this kind of stuff, but I'd be puking my guts out! LOL

  8. loving the post. i LOVE ghost stories and have heard of that place. way to haiku!

  9. I've been there with my friends many times! It is very creepy. Did you ever hear the story of the disappearing house there? I blogged about it awhile back:

    Bachelor's Grove

    You are definately braver than I am. I never even entertained the thought of spending the night back there!

  10. Another awesome what happened to the window?

  11. Oh the crazy shit we do when we are young. Scary stuff.

    Happy Friday.

  12. I do NOT do graveyards at night. Not me. Not now. Not ever.

    There's enough crap to deal with that I CAN explain - I don't even need to start with stuff I CAN'T.

  13. Even the idea of spending the night in a cemetary... um, just no. Not now, not ever.

  14. Hi! I'm just adding up because I think we are the same age (36 in 2 days!)! Thanks for posting on my blog and complmenting my dd hair!!


  15. Hi! I'm just adding up because I think we are the same age (36 in 2 days!)! Thanks for posting on my blog and complmenting my dd hair!!


  16. Sounds like a spooky experience that (in hindsight) you’re not sure was the best decision you ever made … but perhaps a necessary one to help you become who are you today? Thanks for visiting both of my blogs today. I’m just beginning to visit Haiku posts and don’t know how far I’ll get. Interesting that you’re first. I often take them in order, but may jump around a bit today … just because.
    Hugs and blessings,

  17. Yikes! You were far more brave than I.

    BTW, that was the biggest tease ever. I want to hear more!

  18. totally creepy
    such a tale to share with us
    you're braver than me

  19. Holy God i remember that! I've been there once, and was *WAY* too chicken-shit to go in at night (even going in during the day was marginal.)


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