Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Meow Medicine

Today is smoke-free day 408, and time for Heads or Tails.
Today is HEADS - Doctor.

There are a lot of places I could go with this, but I'm way more in the mood to laugh than cry, and what a better giggle than Lolcats.

The first one is totally how my cats would act. I'm convinced one of them would eat me in my sleep if I wasn't such a light sleeper.

Humorous Pictures

And the response, as on the Lolcats site:

no, plz call dr. tinycat.

funny pictures
more cat pictures

Hope your Tuesday is doctor-free.


  1. Oh my gosh, I love Dr. Tiny Cat! Soooo cute! It's so cute it's sickening... which is why I need to call Dr. Tiny Cat!

    Happy HoT!

  2. That's adorable. I loooove teeny kittens. Luna is really starting to look like a cat and not like a puffball and it's making me kind of sad.

  3. Hey babe. the first one reminds me of my daughters ceiling cat!

  4. That's a really cute picture. Especially since i don't particularly care for cats. Nope. Not a cat person. But I do like the white meat.

    (I AM kidding.)

  5. Awww... I LOVE lolcats. I'm totally addicted to their site, but I haven't seen Dr. Tinycat before -- he's so adorable!

    That Amish Friend Bread you were talking about sounds delicious, but I think I'll take your warning and just not start in the first place! I'm not beyond a treat for myself, but I know that would quickly turn into a disaster. By the way, do you have any pictures of it? I thought maybe it'd be in your weekly winners, but I didn't see it.

    I finally see your weight loss ticker, lol. I know you told me you had one. 15 lbs, how awesome! Congrats!

  6. I love Lolcats myself. These made me laugh too … thanks for sharing. Nice ‘take’ on today’s theme.
    Hugs and blessings,

  7. That's hilarious! I like the first one a lot. Its like "Dude. you OK?"

  8. HAHAHA!!! Craig Ferguson is always warning people that their cats will eat them if they lie still too long. hehehe

    Those are some gorgeous kitties!!! ACK!

  9. Funny, today I am looking for a doctor. Please send Dr. Tiny Cat STAT!

  10. Oh that is the cutest! Dr Tiny Cat- so sweet :) I love Lolcats.

  11. Oh how cute! Wow! Congrats on so many smoke free days.

  12. Ha! I love that first one! Cracked me up.

  13. omg too funny.
    Hope your week is going well!

  14. lol...mine are the same way as the first one too. One of my cats will sit on the end of the bed and knead the cover and stare at me...I can totally hear her thinking "And one day I will use this to smother you..."

  15. That is the most adorable little doctor I've ever seen.


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