Thursday, July 31, 2008

Mostly Unrelated: Majide!! and a DivaCup

Today is smoke-free day 409, and I have two completely unrelated bits that must be discussed immediately and, therefore, in the same post.
  1. Last night I finally watched the premiere plus a couple episodes online of I Survived a Japanese Game Show, and I loved it! It reminded me of every game show I used to sit and watch in complete awe when I was in Japan with almost no English programming (what I did get was funny; I'll tell you about it sometime), but this was a little more tame. Still the giant fan, ice water, people dressed up all kinds of crazy - Wikipedia gives some recaps - yep, that's the staple diet of these shows. Then seeing places in Tokyo like Shibuya (yes, Shibuya in particular, for so very many sentimental reasons), Tokyo Bay, Tokyo Tower and Rainbow Bridge couldn't help but stir a million natsukashii memories and make me batshit insanely a little homesick. I have no idea why some of the Japanese writing for the opening is cut off so that the word "game" is reduced to just half the word or why the (not real) game show's name is written as 本気で/honkide while pronouncing it マジで/majide (similar meaning = seriously?!), but it is still fun, and it's great to know that my comprehension of Japanese game show speak is still very much intact, even if I can't find a job doing something "Japan-related" as I was so convinced I'd find leaving Japan 10 years ago.

  2. This one is a girl thing, so the boys might not really want to look. Sorry, dudes. Really. Look away. OK, you've been warned. I'm not a hippie save the planet type at all (though some of you I do love), and I totally get it that this is not for everyone - to each her own - no skin off my snatch nose if you hate even the mere thought of it, but I've totally converted to the DivaCup and will not be looking back. I found mine at Whole Foods for $30 (a place where I otherwise refuse to shop because they are already high on something organic and natural when they break out that pricing gun). No more cabinets full of girl products that either feel like a diaper or slip to an uncomfortable position within an hour and make my parts feel like the Sahara (desert, not casino). There is a definite learning curve for some folks (I'm one of those some folks), and my curve involved much pain and much fear of getting my cervix sucked completely out of its containing bits against my will, sheer and utter panic, thoughts of how I could get to the ER for removal, what I'd say to 911, promising myself never to put this thing up there again and a whole bunch of other stuff before I took a deep breath, relaxed, managed to get it out, waited another month while I did some reading on the Great Omniscient Onlines (see here for 10 Reasons, here for different folds to avoid the experience I had with insertion - origami fold works for me, and here for an excellent forum) . Then I gave it another go, and I *love* my DivaCup. 12 hours of leaving it be truly without even feeling that it's there and zero leaking. I could go on and on, but you know how shy I am in public. Email me if you want to know more.

  3. Hmm. Now it's three bits. I can think of a few ways that the (unused, of course, please know that I'm thinking of unused) DivaCup could be incorporated into something as completely nutty as a Japanese game show. With the measurements and all, some people already say it's kind of like a foldable and portable shot glass (I'm not making that up any more than I could make up have the crazy stuff that I've seen on the Japanese game shows. Google it. You'll see.).


  1. Wow. That is quite a concept. I can see how it could work. However, I took the IUD route and no longer get periods. That rocks!

  2. I've been using the Divacup since April and I love it. I was a bit squeamish about the insertion at first but I got over it...although the second day I ever used it I did manage to pee all over myself when I was taking it out. It was duely blogged about.
    I figure it helps to counteract my laziness when it comes to recycling paper products.

  3. Isn't it funny how you can feel homesick for a country that was only your home for a few years? I miss Japan SO much and am always excited to see it on tv or the movies :-)

  4. The my new namesake the "Diva Cup" looks a bit difficult....take it in and out and wash it? Hummmmmmm I am glad I don't have to deal with the learning curve of all that! I had a partial hyster three years ago and it was the BEST thing I ever did! Ah, weomen't problems be gone! LOL

  5. I have the Diva Cup. I gave up after three months of suffering the suction and losing it in my, quote, snatch!


    I'd love to love the Diva.

  6. I took the Menopausal route and thank goodness I never have to deal another cycle in this lifetime.

  7. Honey, what's that in your pocket?

    This? Oh this is my emergency, foldable, because you know how I am when I can't get a drink, shotglass.

  8. I've wanted to try the Diva Cup for a while. I bleed like a stuck pig though...

  9. I've seen the Japanese game shows before and they are a riot!

    I've seen those cups before, and all I could think of was how I'd manage to change it in public, where I'd have to empty, dress, leave the stall and get to the sink without making a royal mess. Needless to say, I passed. Glad you see it works for you, though... maybe one of these years I'll get brave and try it -- when it's a bit cheaper!

  10. I think I might just have to try this Divacup thing!!! Are you grossed out when you have to clean it? It looks like a great way to save a little bit of cash!!!

  11. i have so many questions i don't even know where to start!!

    first, i need to know HOW THIS THING DOESN'T LEAK! i mean, it's a cup, right? no matter what angle you are in (lying down, sitting up, spread eagle) it doesn't leak? That seems nearly impossible!

  12. Lynda, Diva, Deb - Those who simply don't get periods pretty much have it going on. ;)

    Lilacspecs - Oh, my, and I can relate to the counteracting thing.

    Janet - Yes, and I'm so glad you can relate!

    Laundress - I've emailed you about enlarging the holes to reduce suction, and the linked forums address it. Hope it helps!!

    LCeeL - Hahahaha, you cracked me up. Perfect response.

    Maria/Immoral Matriarch - I've emailed you, but I say go for it if you are interested. I'm sure this has come up in the linked forums.

    Brandie - Yes, I miss the crazy game shows. On the DivaCup, you'd be amazed at how messy it *isn't* once you learn how - it's not nearly that complicated. Still, it's not for everyone, and that's cool.

    Danielle - Nope, not really gross to clean. Just dump it out, rinse it off if you'd like (I like) and then boil it a few minutes after your cycle. I don't have your email, but email me if you'd like.

    Christie - Seriously. No. Leaks. I've slept, biked, worked, walked, bent over to do chores, you name it, and not even the slightest or tiniest leak. It's a cup, but it's silicone and flexible, and it does a little suction thing and stays put.

  13. Maggie and crew,
    I really do know how to spell woman....promise! I not only teach English but I teach health as well so this stuff is really interesting, even if I don't have a period. I often discuss things of this nature with kids so it would be good to know more about the Diva Cup. I have to explain how to use tampons, birth control and STD's. I am really visual and love to show the gross pictures! Keep discussing those new health/medical developments. I still may go into health education as its my favorite!

  14. wow!! the silicone-ness makes sense but i still can't wrap my mind around the non-leakage! wow! (i was imagining something in the line of a Dixie cup). so really, sleeping and no leaks. bending and no leaks. i think i'm going to have to try this out!


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