Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Over the Rainbow, Somewhere

HEADS - Anything starting with the letter O

This week I bring you a short and sweet post with a classic song done up punk that always puts me in a good mood because how could it not? Get where you can turn it up a little and enjoy! The volume slider works if you need to turn it up or down.

(If you are at work or something and can't listen now, I get that, but promise yourself you'll enjoy it later because you deserve to smile today.)

Many thanks to my sweetheart who years ago introduced me to MxPx (though I didn't know that they were a Christian rock band from my neck of the woods until just now!).

Oh, and the "O" is of course for Over, as in Somewhere Over the Rainbow


  1. lol - I think Somewhere Over the Rainbow translates really well to punk rock.. Even if it's not quite for me!
    Great post.. Happy HoT :)

  2. Hey - that was really cool. I'm going to tell my teens about that group. I don't think that they've heard of them yet.

  3. Oooh, I heard this in a movie, or something... I was wondering who it was by! Thanks for posting!

    Happy HoT!

  4. I'm ancient so I'd prefer Judy Garland singing it. LOL

    My grandsons would love this tho.

    Good "O" theme for sure.

  5. I prefer Judy Garlands version. Guess I'm just too old for punk.

  6. I'll have to remember to check it out at home ... if ever my internet connection at home would quit being retarded and actually work consistently.

  7. I never really appreciated that song until I heard Israel Kamakawiwo Ole's (IZ) version. It sounded so plaintive and lonely and melancholy. I loved it. I never heard his song until after he died, But I became an instant fan.

  8. i love this song.

    here's my O! hope you can drop by. thanks.


  9. Haha - awesome!!! I like this song!! :)

  10. Agree with Lceel...Israel's version is fantastic. In fact, that whole album is terrific.

    Not that this punk version isn't good too....just sayin!

  11. i swear you and i are somewhere in the same plain in the universe sometimes. i literally just scheduled a post (you'll see it tomorrow) for my wordless wednesday. you will die when you see it. i hadn't been here before i posted it either. you kill me! i am aghast that you choose this today! you'll see what i mean tomorrow! and i SWEAR this is my first time here today and it is after i had already scheduled my post for early wednesday. let's just say there is a rainbow involved.

  12. Great post. That song has a bit of a personal meaning to me (I wrote about it once, but can't find it right now). And an upbeat, punkish version is exactly what I needed to smile today.


  13. Totally of topic.... but I have been visiting your page quit frequently and today I finally read about you. All I can say is WOW! You shared a very personal experience that made me cry. I just recently had a baby and to now that their are people like you who should have children out there and can't or have lost one makes me sad.
    Thank you for sharing your experiences and knowledge. You have inspired me to want to become better at anything and everything that I do.

  14. I like somewhere over the rainbow.... :) Oh it's such a Happy O HoT! :)

  15. Thank you, all! I appreciated all of your comments.

    lceel and matt - The Kamakawiwoʻole version really is amazing. Hearing it reminds me of 50 First Dates, a movie that I really love.

    Christie - I can't wait to see your post tomorrow. :)

    vixen - glad I made you smile. :)

    Danielle - many thanks for such kind words, really.

  16. That is really cool.... my kids just ran in here. ;)

  17. Thanks for sharing the song - never would have put it to punk rock but it goes great and makes me happy!

  18. Sorry to be visiting late, but life got away from me the last two days. I’m listening to the link as I type … pleased that my new computer allows me to do so w/o locking up ;--)
    You’re right … it DOES put a smile on my face. Thanks for sharing.
    Hugs and blessings,

  19. A great song- I really like it! And congratulations on staying smoke-free.....:)!!!


  20. That did make me smile - thanks!!! :-D


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