Thursday, July 17, 2008

Thursday Thirteen 7/17/08 - 26th Edition

13 Extremely and Totally (Dude) Random Things About My Week
  1. The light bulb burned out in the computer room, and I haven't bothered to replace it because I kind of like it dark.

  2. I've experienced a wider than normal assortment of emotions. I'm either just still living the human experience, or I've crossed into something new. I'm cool with either.

  3. One kitty woke me up around 3AM two nights in a row having tummy trouble after he'd been doing better for several days. One of those nights it was right on the damn bed, and both nights I hated that I was awake cleaning bedding/carpets at 3AM. I love my meows much, but I cleaned without a smile.

  4. After a $211 vet bill for blood work related to said ongoing tummy trouble, there is no known cause (and thankfully not some of the fears), but a $6 box of Pepcid cut up as instructed by the vet seems to be working, and I wish I had held more firm on trying that before getting out my wallet. Again.

  5. Total vet costs for the past 30 days is now over $1500 for 3 healthy cats with bad teeth plus the above little ongoing tummy trouble. Thankfully, it's probably nothing serious, but I spend less on my own medical care (knocking wood, furiously), and I have opposable thumbs and don't pee in a box (OK, well, one of them sometimes doesn't either. But still.).

  6. I developed a callous on my toe bad enough that it tore through the cloth on one of my sandals making it feel really strange, but I'm sure I won't buy new sandals because I'm a tightwad (and the cat people have all my money anyway because the callous was on my foot instead of my heart).

  7. I bought a cute new little foot file thingy for the shower, though. And a pair of those exfoliating shower glove thingies, too. Both under $5 total together but worth a bazillion. The joy of showering has returned, and all around me are delighted and rejoicing with songs and candy. Maybe just me.

  8. I've talked this week to people (aside from icky, boring work calls) in Los Angeles, Chicago, Indianapolis, Tulsa, South Carolina (or North, the direction states confuse me), and I owe a call to Dallas. Florida should be on my list for this weekend, too.

  9. Someone made arrangements to fly out to see me from one of those places, and I'm all giddy and excited. You'll hear more, and there will be pictures.

  10. I may be making arrangements to fly out to see someone else from one of those places. Possibly. Maybe not. Hope so. The variables are contributing to #2.

  11. At some moments I've considered not blogging and not doing Thursday Thirteen this week.

  12. In another moment at 2:10AM on Thursday morning I decided to write anyway, so here I am.This is the kind of awesomely unparalleled talent you get when I randomly decide crap at 2:10 in the morning.

  13. I have just barely started to scratch the surface of learning about doing layers in photo editing, and I was really thrilled that it only took me 6 months to learn how to do a black and white background with just a part or two in color like I did in this post. (Short answer: Basically, I changed the top layer to black and white, left the bottom layer in color and then used the eraser tool on the top layer, and I'm annoyed that nobody stated the process so simply, but now you know if you didn't already.)
Today is smoke-free day 396, and I'm still counting.

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  1. Great list, nice one for TT! Mine's up too hope you can drop by... Happy TT!

  2. I've always wanted to learn photoshop. Glad you decided to participate this week. Happy T13!

  3. Well that about sums it up, doesn't it? Sorry your kitties are causing you so much money trouble. Good luck on the visting/being visited plans!

  4. Great list! I hate it when you have to do that in the morning (clean up after a sick pet).

    Hope kitty feels better soon.

    Happy T13

  5. once my poodle crissy started digesting her own stomach, and spent 3 weeks in doggy hospital, the bill was $2000 and change, the next time another doctor just told me to give her ant-acid, grrrr, coulda saved THAT bill...

  6. I know what you mean about having the furbabies. We have 2 of them and recently one of them was hiding out, getting sick over and over and not eating. After spending $1500 at the vet, we ended up with an antibiotic (liquid) that she took for a week. That seemed to work. All of the blood/urine/other tests came back negative which I guess is good and bad. It's baffling how we can spend so much to find out nothing is wrong with them! We're investing in a steam cleaner for the new place for the furball machines - er - cats. We had to cancel a trip to Vegas because we had no idea what was wrong with her! AACK. Happy TT

  7. Holy kitty bills!!! Yipes!
    Glad the showering is once again exciting. ;)
    Fun TT!

  8. Great list Maggie and at least you got one up this week. I'll be back next week with a list, I almost promise. Thanks for the photoshop tip, I'm trying to learn it, but graphics isn't my bag so it's confusing as all get out still.

    Happy TT!

  9. Sorry to hear about your kitty's tummy troubles. I hope he's all better now.

    Happy TT!

  10. I can help you with your photo editing, assuming you're using Photoshop. Shoot me an email the next time you're having an issue. With the photos, I mean. Can't help with the cats!

  11. There's a joke I tell to people when I can catch 'em by surprise, but cat people seem to get virulent when I say it, so I won't. Besides, I'm not sure cats really HAVE white meat, anyway, and I DO like to be accurate, even when I joke.

    I hope your .. kitty is well. And your wallet.

  12. thank you! i have photoshop and have NO IDEA WHATSOEVER how to use it. one day i will read a book or something. hey, thank you for the kindest comments on my blog, you're the sweetest! we were tummy trouble twins! hope it's better soon! (i hate when it happens on the bed, egad.)
    also i almost didn't do a tt either but started it at 12:01 because i couldn't help myself. i'm an addict. truly.

  13. I LOVE what you said in #6. LOVE!

  14. I really liked this post.

    I know what you mean about the vet bills. gosh! they add up. I sympathize.
    And I also sympathize with the lack of sleep.
    Between poppy and cocoa, i think i went about a month with one eye open. just spent another chunk last week on full check ups for both mimi and cocoa.
    Anyway. Come visit us! we're right on the way and offer smoke free accomodations. unless i catch someone smoking in the basement again, in which case, world war III. kidding. i think.

  15. Oh yes, I understand the pet awake in the night issue. This week Gwen (my ancient basset) is awakening at 4:30am and 5 and 5:30 and 6. There are no certain reasons. Sometimes it is just to annoy me. Or barf. Ugh.

    This photo editing learning thing is a steep curve and no one ever 'splains it in easy terms. Thanks for telling me how to do that. Will play tonight.

    Have a wonderful evening!

  16. great list maggie
    ouchie on the vet bill!!!!

  17. Great list. Poor kitties (and mommy too), hope they feel better soon. Drop by, and Happy TT!

  18. Goodness! $1500? I'm so sorry. We had to do that with our dog when we first adopted him (didn't think he'd pull through). I can empathize with the sore pocket feeling.

    Hope your cats feel better soon!

  19. I quit TT a long time ago because it took way too much effort to be that creative all the time. So good for you for forging ahead today!

    Also - are you using photoshop to do your editing? There is a waaaaaaaay easier way to do what you did, if you are. I'm happy to help if you want!

  20. I have tried Photoshop, but I do not understand it. At all. And I hate feeling dumb.

    I'm using (free download) and just toying around. Also, Photobucket has some cool editing tools, too.

    Annie - I'd love to hear your tip! I do know that in Photobucket you can choose to brush over something to turn it black and white and then just invert the colors to make the same thing happen, so I wonder if you mean something similar in something like Photobucket?


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