Friday, July 25, 2008

Thursday Thirteen 7/24/08 - 27th Edition

13 Things on My Desk at Work

  1. Pen cup that includes pens, markers, highlighters, pencils a desk toy twisty thingy (technically it's a Tangle Toys thingy). And my scissors because they are more handy there than in the drawer.

  2. A light green coffee mug for my morning coffee. Get it fast because it's gone by 8:30AM. (And it's not even all that good fresh brewed at 8:00AM.)

  3. A handle-less cup from a restaurant in Japan for my afternoon tea. Burnt hands bring back memories.

  4. A coffee mug I never use because it's too short, but it says "Those who think they know it all are very annoying to those of us who do."-Anonymous. Two syllables: A-men.

  5. A single bottle of water that I keep refilling. Yes, I can get diseases. I'll take my chances.

  6. One of those round in shape and rounded blind spot mirrors made for sideview mirrors on a vehicle (confused? this kind). If people didn't sneak up (sometimes for sport), this would not be necessary.

  7. A second larger and more bold mirror designed to actually sit on your monitor announcing to the sneaker uppers that you hate it when they suddenly appear over your shoulder (it's kind of like these). Mine is huge and bright blue and not on my monitor but strategically placed on my desk because I am stealth like that.

  8. The world's slowest computer. Ever.

  9. A clock radio with Hello Kitty sticker and a label someone once made that just says "Maggie" (makes sense, considering my name). I don't listen to the radio, but I do check the time. Frequently. And it's still not 5, if you wonder like I do.

  10. Two adding machines at opposite ends of my desk because it looks better than counting on my fingers if people are watching me add 7+5.

  11. A single-cup coffee maker. Of Love. I've written about it previously (like the one at the top of that post, but the one on my desk still works), and I even linked back in that post to other posts. It is Love.

  12. A 15 oz bottle of hand sanitizer because ew and ick and yuck and gross in general but also because I know that not everyone does the hand washing ritual after making potty. Gag.

  13. Bunches of other random and miscellaneous stuff including piles of work to be done with the reminder that we have gone the opposite of paperless so that there are at least 89.3 trees on my desk. And a reminder I need another latte. And a camping trip in the forest with alive trees and piney scents far away from work.
Today is smoke-free day 403, and I'm still counting.

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  1. Good list, gives me an idea for a future TT of mine... oh work. Is that what I am supposed to be doing right now?

    B @ The Love Blog

  2. I've got a Tangle toy in my car that I tend to play with in traffic. I suppose it's soothing, but I like pretending it's the spine of jackass drivers as I twist it around into a spiral. :)

  3. I cannot believe I have never thought of that mirror thing. I am going right out to the auto parts store and getting one for my office at lunch. What an awesome idea.

    Gotta go wash my hands real quick.

  4. For a document automation company trying to make money on the idea of paperless productivity, we sure push a lot of paper around here. Happy TT!

  5. Great list! I used to have one of those "rear view" mirrors too. Luckily I don't need them anymore since I sit on the back and I can see people coming. I may borrow this idea sometime! :)

  6. I am so with you on #12 I actually carry some around in my purse at all times too :)

  7. a camping trip sounds fantastic!

  8. Wow! Them's a lot of mirrors. Where are the stories of these sneaker uppers?!?! :)

  9. congrats on the no smoking!
    I need to give my hubby the idea of using mirrors! He has a coworker that likes to sneak up on him! He used to use those webcams to keep an eye outside his cubicle, hehe.

  10. I love hearing about what other people have on their desk! I get picked on mercilessly because I have *Gasp* Auburn stuff on my desk at school...and I go to Alabama. That would be the essential equivalent of spitting in the face of the Pope in front of a Catholic.


  11. Wow- you're doing so well on the 'smoke-free' days...good for you!

    Great T13, I'm so with you on the hand sanitizer thing....I mean, yuck. You can't be too careful. My desk is covered in pens and bits of paper, but as long as there's a coffee there, I can handle having to search for things.

    mine's up at


  12. ok i had to laugh out loud at the rear-view mirror. i wish i had one of these on my person. because my husband sidles up all the time and scares the shit out of me whereever i am in the house. i think i get stuck in my own head and block everything out because all of a sudden, he's there and i'm having a heart attack. it's like that seinfeld where i need to put tic tacs in his pocket. but anyway, i've seen those on people's computers and i would have one if i had a desk and an office because sidlers scare the crap out of me.

    ps. does the alarm work on your hello kitty clock radio? just wondering.

  13. Great TT...

    and congrats on the no smoking!

    Check mine out at A Grown-up. Really?


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