Friday, August 15, 2008

Haiku Friday 8/15/08 - Part Three

Haiku Friday


Bad things just happen
when you run away from home,
so smug yet naive.

Swallowing down lies
that everything was OK
sometimes made it so.

Yes, there were fun times,
freedom, adventure, good days,
odd as that may seem.

The cost of freedom =
no parental protection,
seemed a worthwhile trade.

A Harley "HOG" roast,
helmetless rides with strangers,
a biker wedding...

...the thrill of danger,
never asking permission,
ev'rything so new.

I've clear memory
watching his brother get ink'd,
my eyes open wide:

"Does it hurt?" I asked.
"It feels better when he stops."
That still makes me smile.

Is it wrong of me?
Wrong to cherish such moments?
Against the backdrop?

No. Life is like that.
I have permission to feel
complex emotions.

Making and drinking
proverbial lemonade,
sweetening bitter.

(to be continued)

Technically, I am on vacation, so it may take a few days for me to visit all who leave me a comment, but I will. Promise!


  1. I've got the song "You Just Keep Me Hanging On" going through my mind right now. Can't wait for the next installment.

  2. wow! i love that! drinking proverbial lemonade! (what a great line.)

    so glad you decided to keep going with these, first because it's so interesting to hear about this phase of your life (and yes, it is wonderful that you cherish some of these memories -- you must!!), but second because I just love hearing about these stories in haiku! it still amazes me how on earth you can say so much whilst saying so little!

    anyway, hope you're having a good vacay!

  3. Such great writing. It is wonderful how you are unfolding this story. I can't wait to read the next part to see what happens next. Thank you for sharing this story of your life ... these events is what made you who you are today.

  4. Maggie, I gotta give it up to you...I don't even like Haiku's and I am really into this one! Probably because I also ran away as a young twelve year old punk and thought I knew something. It sounds like we had similar experiences during the adventure years...Your making me go all retro now.....goes to show that your good at envoking the memories of teenage "freedom." I think you have a book in you Maggie!

  5. Another great one Maggie - and just like last week, and the week before, I can't stand the waiting for the next!

  6. I've come. I've read. I'm conquered.

  7. Thank you Maggie for this next installment...I love how you write it as haiku, I can almost hear you reading it out loud to us and can sense the (sometimes) smile on your face. You are one great story teller, and knowing that you speak of true happenings makes it even more special to me to read.

    You so inspire me.
    bella x

  8. So well-written! I always leave your blog deep in thought because your posts make me think about my own past. ;P

    Karen of the MomDot Street Team

  9. So interesting and fascinating. I love how you let us glimpse into your life with small details and leave us wondering about all the rest.
    Well done!

  10. Oh such a great installment. I agree that it's perfectly fine to cherish those memories. Without them, we are not the same :)

    Thirsting for more!

    Hope you're having a lovely time on vacation.

  11. oh yes. that's perfectly you and me and lots of others... of course it's good to cherish these moments, 'cause in the end, they and lots of others, fashioned you into you, today!

  12. it's good to find good stuff where you can.
    beautifully written as usual

  13. Wonderful continuation 'ku ... Cherishing such moments is a necessary part of life … for all things combine to make us who we are. Hope you’re enjoying your vacation …
    Hugs and blessings,

  14. Great Haiku!!

    I'm going to read the past installments, it is amazing the stories we all have and I think they definitely mold us into adulthood!

  15. Of course you cherish certain moments from that time. It was a huge event that probably shaped you in many ways.
    Such a brilliant series! Yay you!

  16. I love this. do you feel like its easier to share now?

  17. This is a truly amazing story. What an adventure.

    And I know exactly how you feel. My first marriage was a trainwreck, but I still relish some of the best moments. Nothing is ever all bad. I think it's the optimist in us that can pull out the good and let that shine in our memories.

  18. These haikus always bring me back to the day...I don't think it's wrong at all :-)

  19. hmmm, somehow, I really liked your today's haiku. and yes, I have been following the storyline. but the russian tradition ridicules anything poetic that lacks rhyme, so finding art in haikus has not been easy for me so far.

  20. I have to admit, your Haiku's are the best I've read. I think because of the feeling and memories, you obviously and rightfully cherish, behind them. You have found a wonderful way to share those emotions and feeling.

    You have my admiration for these posts.

  21. PS. I hope you enjoy your vacation, and have a grand time.

  22. I have many fond memories of doing things that, in retrospect, I shouldn't have. I didn't have to run away to have plenty of those, lol.

    But seriously, I love this series and can't wait to hear more.


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