Friday, August 08, 2008

Haiku Friday 8/8/08 - Part Two

Haiku Friday

Previous Installments:
Prologue-Boo!, Part One-Leaving
Writing About Writing This

Part Two

Some ALL of the "adults"
knew I was a runaway,
why'd they do NOTHING?

I can only guess
he told elaborate lies
(or they didn't care?).

I was cool with that.
I did not want to be found.
I was so blinded "in love."

Straight razor haircut
from his grandfather's boyfriend,
supposed disguise.

An inkling of guilt,
a phone booth in Kentucky*,
"don't find me; I'm fine."

(Oddly, call was traced
just blocks from worried parents
back in Chicago.)

Sleeping in a van,
then on a couch, someone's bed,
diff'rent ev'ry night.

Then his uncle's place,
much coffee and backgammon,
watching him get high.

(Believe it or don't
I was living sober then
'nother long story.)

We thought we'd stay there,
you know, we'd get on our feet?
Our plans were derailed.

Uncle, drunk, porn, gun.
His girlfriend called me a slut;
kicked out; all my fault.

Yah, so I guess, then,
I shouldn't say the "adults"
really "did nothing."

(to be continued)

*for those outside of the States or geographically challenged, Cincinnati, Ohio is just across the Ohio River from Kentucky.

(Same Chicken Shit Disclaimer as the Previous Installment: I feel like I need a little disclaimer here to say that it all works out OK in the end for me - look how totally awesome I am today, right? - and that if I wasn't OK with all of it, I wouldn't be posting this tip of the iceberg sketch so publicly.)


  1. Nice haiku! And I'll keep coming back for more :-) Thanks for sharing such a personal story!

  2. Another brave and daring post! And we don't need your chickenshit disclaimer. ;)
    It is a bit scary, but like you said, I know it all turns out well.
    Great haiku as usual!

  3. Fantastic. Well, not what happened to you but how you're writing it. Looking forward to next Friday.

  4. i think for many it's easier not to see than to get involved...

    looking forward to reading next weeks.

  5. Hi, Maggie,

    I'm glad you've come to grips with your story, and can share it. Sounds like you've known some perilous times.

  6. Wow. Intense. And very brave in the telling.

  7. Oh good grief, you are dragging this out another week! We can't wait! Just teasing - well, not about the not being able to wait part! :-) Great writing, great choice of method (haiku) to tell this story. We know you are here now, alive & well, but it's still gripping to read this!

  8. Chicken shit, my arse...You are one tough lady.

    I'm so happy it turned out okay.

  9. Experiences, good and bad, are what mold us into who we are today......I was a runaway at age Mom had me on milk cartons!

  10. what a well written haiku. waiting in anticipation for more...

  11. How many of us at that age *didn't* think about running away at some point?! Everthing is so dramatic at that age.

    I'm scared to death because we are at the threshold of the teenage years with our daughter. I hope to God that we've done a good enough job so far.

    Thanks for sharing with us again. I can't wait for the next installment!

  12. well, i might say some of the "adults" in the story weren't really acting like adults, huh? (re: uncle and girlfriend and crazy gun porn story)

    btw, i love that each line is kind of a story on its own. genius.

    oh and yes, lynda is right about that! i wanted to run away too (who didn't!), i had a deep dark inner side that most didn't know about (you know -- the parents' expectations exceeded my abilities or wants - sick of keeping up the "good girl" facade that type of thing and there were some crazy thoughts going on) but i was too chicken shit to do anything about it. anyway, great storytelling agaain, maggie. i love your haikus. but it must have been a scary time in your life for you and i'm glad you made it out on the other side ok.

    grandfathers' boyfriend? wasn't expecting that. (not that there's anything wrong with that!)

  13. I'm so intrigued by your stories, Maggie. Very interesting, indeed!

  14. Great description. Once again, I am waiting for the next installment!

  15. Wow. That's some suspense if I ever saw it. I love your disclaimer. ha ha! Can't wait 'till next week.

  16. You're a wonderful writer, Maggie. Thanks for sharing your gift! I hope you keep sharing, because I need to know how this turns out :)

  17. are braver than I would have been!

  18. You are such a brave woman. I can't imagine having to endure this at such a young age. My hubby also ran away as a teen. I rarely pry about that time.

    You have me sitting on the edge of my seat until next week.

  19. Wow! I agree with Christie, every line is a story in and of itself. Bravo.

  20. Maggie,
    This is a very powerful Haiku. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  21. I read part one and just had to come back to read part two. I think each and everyone of us has experiences... I think it is great they way you tell and write yours!!!

  22. Another wonderful, powerful, and moving Haiku. I agree with Christie, some of the adults were not acting like adults.

    Why people choose not to say or do anything, is the biggest question. It may never be answered, nor altered in our life, but we can hope.

    Thank you for sharing.

  23. the riddle? the answer is 'no' as in answer to the last line 'can you guess the riddle?'. apparently, 97% of harvard graduates got this wrong. 84% of pre-school kids got it right!!!!

    have a fab weekend!

  24. Wow--you've got me hooked! Can't wait to hear what happens next.

  25. Oh, Maggie. This is so intense and I want to hear it all....

  26. Awesome site! Everything is so interesting. It's impossible not to bookmark. Kudos on the quitting smoking. Way to be incredible!

  27. Maggie, I love how you give us little bits of yourself through this well as being cleverly written it's both very moving and inspiring at the same time. You are one strong lady and I, for one, am glad you're here to tell your tale.

    I can't wait to read you next installment on Friday, you're also inspiring me to have a go myself.
    Bella :)

  28. Wow... this is amazing. I almost wish it wasnt in haiku form!

  29. You keep me coming back for more ... I can't wait to hear the rest!

  30. I hope you’re having a lovely time ‘hanging out’ with your nephew …
    I’m sorry to be visiting later than usual, but life got away from me last week and I’m playing catch-up today as best I can. I enjoyed all your Weekly Winners – especially the food & drink, balloon, and sky photos! Well done ;--)
    As you’ve done so often before with your Haiku Friday posts … you’ve touched my heart with your story … and I’m so glad you’ve pulled your life together as you’ve done. I wish you well.
    Hugs and blessings,

  31. I've just caught up on these posts Maggie and wow! It's like a book that you can't put down.

    I can relate to a lot of what you have written and I applaud the talent that you have for putting it all into a beautiful writing.

    Thank you and I'm looking forward to your next post.


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