Tuesday, August 26, 2008

My Gift

Today is smoke-free day 436, and time for Heads or Tails.
Today is HEADS - Talk.

It's probably no surprise that I am rather talkative and always have been since way back in the day when comments were made on my Kindergarten report card about being excessively chatty with my neighbors as if being social was kind of a bad thing. I'm also sure that I have bored people to tears with stories and taking the long and scenic way around getting to the point (though I promise I do get to it). I know all this. I've even tried to change it about myself once or a million times, but I've made my peace with a sort of balance that this is who I am while also aiming somewhere in the general vicinity of within the boundaries of what's appropriate in a given setting (sometimes biting holes in my tongue as I suffer).

Words are powerful. Conversation is magic.

I know only a few ways to convey what is in my heart and mind and understand that of another, and aside from certain subtle expressions and the quiet gestures of body language, talk is the way it gets done most efficiently (though flipping the bird is pretty efficient, too, I guess, as an alternative). Sure, sometimes words are awkward, other times eloquent, imprecise one moment and then eyes closing in order to gather thoughts, and suddenly they become articulate the next moment, but eventually talk leads to understanding, even during the difficult "stuff" of life if there is patience and willingness involved.

I am blessed. Really, I am. I'm blessed with the gift of gab but even more with a sweetheart who will both listen to me without ever making me feel the need to apologize for my chattiness and who also will talk openly with me so that I can peek inside his heart and soul and mind, when he can get a word in edgewise.


  1. What a thoughtful post. It's funny how some people view a strength as a fault. I'm glad you're comfortable with yourself, and that you found a partner who can appreciate your gifts. *smile*

    Happy HoT!

  2. Oh Maggie, I sO know what you mean here. I am, and have always been, a `Chatty Cathy` type. I`ve tried so many times to change, but it just doesn`t happen. I get some of my best ideas and aha moments when I hear myself and what I`m saying, hahaha. Many people have complained that I talk too much, and too loud, but you know, not one of my animals has ever been bothered by it. They never complain about any thing I do. Haha.

  3. ha! chatterboxes. i can be one, the bean is definately one, hubby sits back and listens. nice post!!!

  4. Sounds as if you both complement each other! The perefect talker and the perfect listener! Close to heaven!

  5. The ability to communicate well is very much a blessing :) Happy HOT day :)

  6. You talk the talk here. One thousand percent, and I appreciate one who can convey their views with words. It's a gift! Don't stop.

    My HoT is quite eclectic...but all about talk. Stop by when you can find time!

  7. Now that's a sweet sweet post. I definitely have the gift of gab (having gotten in a lot of trouble in my youth for bothering (chatting with) students around me. But I don't always say what I want to say the moment I wish I had said it, and I don't always say the right thing at the right time either. But I do love the fact that there is always a perfect way to say something, even if I may not have particularly found it. I love words.
    And cheers to listening, loving, wonderful (patient) sweethearts!

  8. Oh, man, you and I are so alike. Will you be my sister? We could stay up all night and talk...

  9. SWMBO loves to talk, as well. Me, not so much. Which only means that it leaves more room for her to talk. Perfect. But every night when I massage her back, she says, "Talk to me." And I talk. She says she loves (actually LOVES) the sound of my voice. So I talk. Sometimes I read to her. Whatever book I happen to be reading - I will read aloud while I rub her back and she drifts off to sleep. I like that.

  10. I was much too shy to have those notes written on my report cards... but Ohhh! My daughter! Every single parent/teacher conference I heard about it. LOL.

    I can tell you are a communicator by this post. Well done. :)

  11. Ah - I am SO there! Every report card growing up "Talks too much".

    My blog, wordy, wordy, wordy and anyone reading probably always wonders if I'm EVER going to make a point - sometimes not! :-)

    Leisurely (or so I thought) lunch with my husband once, he asked me a question and mid answer he actually said to me 'shut up and just get to the point'. Talk about bursting my bubble! I asked him if we were in a hurry or something. I guess that's why we seldom talk at all - he's a man of few words himself, and hates to have to listen to anyone. What a wonderful thing to have found a mate who will listen, let you be yourself!

    Women are by nature a lot more talkative than men, and I don't think it’s a fault at all. I read once that women 'rapport', men 'report'. Women talk about everything and anything and have a real understanding of how someone feels about something & why they feel that way, etc. Men report the football score, baseball stats, price of gas, weather report, etc - but nothing of any substance what-so-ever.

  12. Well I love your chatty-ness! Thanks for sharing so much with us ... I am the exact opposite. If you put me in a room with new people, I am unlikely to utter a sylable unless asked. And even when I do know people, I'm still more of the quiet type. I wish I was more chatty!

  13. I love to be with people who are chatty. I am uncomfortable with silence and not being a big talker myself, it makes me nervous.

  14. The gift of gab.

    Oh, I love that Maggie. I love chatty people. ;)

  15. @smarmoofus - I totally agree about perception of strengths vs. faults

    @alice - I am so glad others are like me, and my cats don't mind, either

    @shadow - I love the word chatterbox, and we are good folk

    @greyscale territory - we do complement each other, and I'm glad he's not silent, either

    @sue - agreed, communication is key

    @hootin' anni - thank you, and is is all about conveying thoughts

    @christie - oh, yes, I agree and would love more re-dos

    @secret agent mama - I'll supply coffee, and we'll be awake chatting all night

    @lceel - that is so very super sweeet! I am that way about Tom, and sometimes he'll read to me, too.

    @skittles - I do have a shy bone, too, around new people

    @holly - I do know that I am really, really lucky to have my sweetie to listen

    @brandie - new people make me very quiet, but after that, look out

    @karen - very nice to know that it's sometimes good to have chatty ones like me around. I feel better!

    @ohmommy - I love those who love chatty people ;)

  16. What a beautifully written piece..I love the line 'words are powerful. conversation is magic'...words can make or break our day, they are our most powerful tool and yet the most misused. And how we miss those conversations when they're gone..

    I have tagged you on my blog, so stop by and take a look. I look forward to more of your wonderful words!
    Bella :)

  17. I'm the same way and you know it! ;-) Which is why we get along!

  18. My mom got pissed when I was in elementary school, because the first 2 years I was criticized for not being social enough, then in 2nd grade I got in trouble because I talked too much. Was there ever a happy medium?

    When I'm with people I don't know, I'm very quiet - so much so that I make my boy nervous. Because he, like your partner, will listen to me prattle on endlessly about everything. I love being able to talk to him!

  19. Oh I just know you are one of those insightful individuals that I could listen to for hours :) I tend to sway towards the other end of the spectrum, and find myself gravitating towards more articulate and open individuals like you :)

  20. I love your gift of gab. All your posts are like a conversation with us and I so enjoy and value that.

  21. Congrats on another day!!! You are so lucky.

    I adore chatty folks. Adore them . . .

  22. As a poet/writer, I too think words are important. I need those all the time!

    Read me talking about practising writing!


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