Thursday, August 28, 2008

Thursday Thirteen 8/28/08 - 30th Edition

Thirteen Unspectacular Quirks

I've been tagged by Danielle and also tagged by Bellamocha to divulge 6 unspectacular quirks about me. Surely there are a bucket load of them, but here are 6 for each, plus 1 because it's time for Thursday Thirteen, and efficiency makes me hot (bonus quirk, that one doesn't count).
  1. In a fix and without cream/milk and sugar, I will gladly put ice cream or whipped cream in my coffee. Sometimes it's good to be in a fix.

  2. When I feel icky like I did when I had a cold last week, I crave comfort foods from Japan like ochazuke (rice soup), okayu (rice porridge). Since I didn't grow up in Japan and only lived there as an adult, it really doesn't make a ton of sense.

  3. I've never seen Star Wars, but I'm saving it for my wedding night as a special gift of myself since I kind of lost the other one.

  4. I often watch TV shows online and sometimes watch whole shows from start to finish, like watching The Hills (yes, reality trash, junk food for the mind) from Season One all the way through the current Episode 2 of Season Four in just over the past week. The addiction is all right here (except for the missing S3E21, but that's here) if you are in the market for a mindless new addiction:

  5. I love The Dick Van Dyke Show (Netflix rocks with the Watch Instantly option), and I am on Season Two, but shows had way more episodes per season back in the day.

  6. I keep the toilet seats closed because I have cats. Yes, they hate water, and so that makes zero sense.

  7. I don't wear shoes in my home and kind of breathe heavy in a bad way when others do. I've mentioned this in passing here - another "Japan thing."

  8. I usually just can't quite follow action-adventure movies. Or science fiction. Fantasy, too.

  9. The language in which I speak to Tom 90% of the time is only roughly based on English and is more based on gibberish revolving around fish, ducks, pee, lily pads, Tuesdays, rice, and a few other key terms.

  10. The end of the toilet paper rolls under my roof must pull from over, not under. It's just the right way.

  11. The subtitles on my TV are always on because I can't hear jack shit, and, yes, I've mentioned this previously as well.

  12. I own an old piano that I grew up with but that I cannot house where I live, so my sister has had it in her living room (in different houses) for about the past 15 years, though nobody in her house knows how to play piano. I can only barely play, but I do enjoy it.

  13. I once owned a VW Bug. With a Rolls Royce hood. Until it caught fire. Remind me to tell the rest of the story someday.
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  1. happy tt and congrats on being smoke-free...and i place my tp the same way.

  2. Oh man I had to pmsl at the star wars one!!!

    Could make for an interesting wedding night ;o)

    Ice cream in coffee actually sounds yummy!!

  3. i totally agree with your toilet roll theory!

    and thanks for linking!

  4. Hmmmmmm, ice cream in coffee. Now that is very original.

    My 13 are listed, I do hope you can find time to stop over! happy thursday

  5. I have to keep the lids down for Rex cause he drinks out of the toilet when I'm not watching.

  6. Number two is understandable because you had such wonderful experiences in Japan. That makes sense. And number three had me laughing out loud. hehehe
    The first and original Star Wars is THE BEST. I have it on my DVR and my boys and I watch it all the time.
    Great TT!!!

  7. I love this list! Maybe I'll make one too... I'm sure if I gave it enough thought I'd come up with plenty of quirks!

  8. i have that same thing with the toilet bowls because of cats! i don't know why but i have a fear of the kitty falling in and scrambling to get out but because of all the curvy porcelain-ness not being able to do so! weird. anyway, i wish i didn't wear shoes in the house. then there wouldn't be crap all over the floor from shoes that my child would therefore eat. and hahahaha! the hills! i thought my tori & dean was bad!

  9. Very funny -- my favorite was the Stars Wars comment ;-)

  10. I concur - #3 was well worth the snort it induced

  11. Great list, though I must say you're not missing anything by not having seen Star Wars. Trust me. Happy TT

  12. Given the right man, your gift of #3 could very well make him more happy than 'the other one'! :-)

    #7 is the same in our house, for the same reason.

    As for #10 - there is NO other way, is there?!?! :-)

  13. I would love ice cream in my coffee too. Why didn't I think of that?

    I also don't wear shoes in my house. I even kept the sign from the builder to put it in front of my house.. 'Please Remove Your Shoes'.. You might want to get one. :)

    -Amy @ The Q Family

  14. I think some of your commenters are willing to assign WAY too much value to Star Wars. If it's a choice between Star Wars and the Woman - guess what wins. Every time. And we've been at it over 30 years.

  15. OMG. I cant believe that you would inflict the pain of The Hills on others like that. Do you not like your readers? (I'm still not watching it!)

  16. I confess that I’ve been known to do #1 myself … and #l0 is true of me too. I’ve got my mom’s piano (and organ) in my home but I hardly ever play either. I enjoyed learning a bit more about you today.
    Hugs and blessings,

  17. Seriously, #3 made me laugh so hard I pulled a muscle. Does that mean it was really that funny or am I losing my mind....we shall never really know, shall we?

  18. Great list! Shall we send you some Star Wars costumes for your wedding night? LoL

    I sadly donated my piano to a local church since neither of my kids had any interest in learning and I myself hadn't touched it since giving birth to those children.

  19. What a great list. It's made me start thinking about my own weird quirks.....

    Happy TT!

  20. Oh, I'm so glad you did this...and your quirks got better and better as I read down your list! I was in need of some cheering tonight and you've definitely done it for me!

    Happy Thursday :)

    My T13 is up at:

    Bella :)

  21. Hey there Maggie,
    Wassup? I think its great to have family that is caring enough to store the piano (and even move it when they change residences)! I dunno if I would have been as good of a sister.

  22. i like your quirks, especially the japanese ones.

    happy tt ;)

  23. I laughed at #3 and smiled at #12 :-) Great list!

  24. I'd castigate you for being weird, but so many of these apply to me as well. :)


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