Friday, August 08, 2008

Thursday Thirteen 8/7/08 - 29th Edition

Thirteen Bodies of Water I've Been In, On or Over

There are a lot more, but these are the first thirteen that come to mind.
  1. Lake Michigan - Chicago side and Indiana Dunes side lots of summer days
  2. Chicago River - from a Wendella Boat, many, many times but never enough
  3. Sister Lakes - Sister Lakes, Michigan
  4. Mississippi River - the awesome and so very much homey Quad Cities, both Iowa and Illinois sides (often while playing roulette on the riverboats - who me?)
  5. North Atlantic - Ogunquit, ME
  6. Gulf of Mexico - Treasure Island, FL (near Tampa, FL)
  7. North Pacific Ocean - Japan side
  8. Tokyo Bay - from tour boat (picture at top of the linked page)
  9. North Pacific Ocean - California, Oregon and Washington side (like these pictures/posts)
  10. Puget Sound - ferry to Vashon Island, WA for a romantic rendezvous dear to my heart
  11. Victoria Harbor - Hong Kong
  12. South China Sea - Malaysia
  13. Straits of Johor - on causeway between Singapore and Malaysia
Have you been to any of these?
Which bodies of water have you been in, on or over?

Today is smoke-free day 417, and I'm still counting.

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  1. I don't know if I could count 13 bodies of water... Good list.

    Happy TT

    B @ The Love Blog

  2. #5 - oh so cold!!!

    Lake Erie
    Atlantic - many places
    Pacific - Redondo Beach, Manhattan Beach, etc.
    Gulf of Mexico
    North Pacific - Japan, too

  3. Great list Maggie.

    Pacific Ocean
    Puget Sound
    Atlantic Ocean
    Gulf of Mexico

    And then many many lakes, reservoirs and rivers. Happy TT!

  4. Wow, that's a very interesting list! I've been in maybe 2 or 3 bodies of water... quite the world traveler I am (not!)

  5. You are well traveled. Great TT! I use to live in Minnesota which is suppose to have 10,000 lakes, does that count? Come visit me if you can!

  6. Lake Tahoe
    the lake in Keystone Park, PA
    Atlantic Ocean
    The Gulf Of Mexico
    Pacific Ocean
    The North Sea
    Blaarmeersen in Gent

    Those are all I can think of

  7. Being on a boat out on a warm, sunny day just might be one of my favorite things to do. There's nothing more relaxing!

    Lake Michigan
    Lake of the Ozarks
    Gulf of Mexico
    Tampa Bay
    Illinois River

    Ok, I need to work on making this list bigger! What a great TT!

  8. Wow, I've only been to the North Atlantic (coast of NH) and the North Pacific (coast of CA). Cool 13.

  9. man, that picture took me away from my cubicle for just a sec . . .


  10. You've been to a lot of amazing and beautiful places! I can count lots of bodies of water I've seen or been in/over but they're almost all right around the U.S. One exception, the English Channel, was not nearly as exciting as traveled by the "Chunnel Train" as by boat. :)

  11. I always love a fellow gambler!!! I have definitely been on the river boats!!! Good times... I am actually going to the casino this weekend!!!YAY!
    I've also been in lake Michigan many times.. I live in KZOO for five years!!!

  12. Great list! I will stalk you on your blog as well as plurk now! Happy TT! XOXO

  13. I live in MN land of 10,000 lakes...probably been in 1% of them. :)

  14. Hudson River, NY
    Tennessee River, TN
    Mississippi River, MS
    Gulf Of Mexico, FL, AL & LA
    Hiawassee River, TN
    Ocoee River, TN
    Atlantic Ocean, MANY
    Great Lakes, MI
    Blue Ridge Lake, GA
    Hartwell Lake, GA
    Colorado River, CO
    Watts Bar Lake, TN
    Great Salt Lake, UT


  15. I ADORE bodies of water :) What a great idea for a T-13! I bet you have some amazing shots and memories of all of these places.

    My list is bit short:

    Lake Okeechobee- Florida

    Atlantic- Key West to Portland, Maine

    Pacific- San Diego to Seattle

    Gulf of Mexico- FL Keys and Tampa side

    Carribbean- Bahamas

    Victoria Harbor- Hong Kong (but I don't remember it)

  16. Do tiny little lakes count too? Cuz then, and only then, I might make it to 13.
    Great list!


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