Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Whatever You Call It

Today is smoke-free day 430, and I'll keep counting until I run out of fingers and toes. Or something like that.

I think I'm getting a cold. You know that place where your nose and throat meet? I bet there is a name for it (any smarties that know it?). Anyway, my whatever that thing is called has been feeling like a dry patch and kind of irritated-ish since yesterday. Often this is my first sign of a cold. Sometimes I get lucky enough that it just goes away without a cold, but luck can be kind of fickle. I'm pretty sure I'm getting the cold because it (that weird feeling) is still there, and generally I'm feeling kind of not so good. I wish my Tom was here - he's very good at catering to my every whim, sometimes with Hello Kitty stickers, too! taking care of me when I am sick.

I hydroplaned my death trap car this morning, one of my worst fears because of previous experience. No, really. I mean that I drive like a really Nervous Nelly in the rain, slower than your oldest and most skittish little granny, to the point that it's probably unsafe because people are going around me in droves (I hate puns, but I'm not right in the head today) or whatever you call herds of cars containing annoyed motorists. White knuckled commutes on rainy roads are my least favorite, and today I spun my car even going slow around a corner on a side street. Thankfully, none of the usual militant and determined bicycle folks who sometimes ride in the road (and in the rain, silly folk) were out at the time. I didn't hit anything, but I did shake.

I'm still feeling kind of shaky inside physically and mentally, partly maybe the cold, partly maybe the scare, but I do feel a little shaky inside, or whatever that's technically called.

Don't tell me I'm whining. I already know that already. I also know that if these are my biggest problems, then I am blessed, indeed. I would give my eye teeth to be driven home today, though, and early, like right now, and to have Tom there with soup. Just sayin'.


  1. I am glad you are doing you really drive like a granny? LOL

  2. I hear ya, I hate driving on the ice. It ain't no fun.
    How long til the apartness done?

  3. I hope you feel better soon. I would send you some cyber soup, but I'm not Tom so it probably wouldn't be the same.

  4. Yikes, thats scary.

    Feeling any better?

  5. Aww - hope you are feeling better soon and SO glad you are okay. I hate hydroplaning as well - it gives me that out-of-control feeling, even though I know all the right driving techniques to get everything all back in control. Still scary none-the-less.

  6. I think it's called the Eustachian tube, although I'm not entirely positive.
    And I hope your luck is good and no cold is headed your way.

  7. oh gosh, i'm sorry! i have a fear of hydroplaning too because we spun around a bunch of times coming off a freeway exit once. i drive 20 something in the pouring rain because of it. anyway, i don't know the name of that place where your throat and nose meet in the back, but that little hangy thing near your tonsils? I call that the dingleball.

    feel better dear maggie! wish i could send you some soup! i'm sure a tom would be much more soothing though.

  8. You're not whining - you're just having a crappy day. I hope it gets better, and you feel better soon!

  9. You are not whining. It sounds like and icky scary day.
    Hope you feel better!

  10. Make a pot of strong brewed tea.
    pour into cup. (just some of it - you don't want to overflow the cup. Ordinarily I wouldn't say anything, but you said you were a bit out of sorts - and who knows,maybe you're one of those people who takes things literally.)
    Add a dash of lemon juice (squeezey yellow plastic one is okay)
    Add a teaspoon of Honey - very important.
    Add a splash of Brandy, or Rum or Cognac. (Not all three, sheesh.)

    Very important that the tea is HOT!!
    Sip slowly. Hold the cup under your nose and BREATHE THE VAPORS between sips.

    2nd cup if necessary.

    You WILL feel better in the morning.

  11. Ever since my broken car wheel this past winter, I drive like a granny in yucky weather, too.

    Hope you aren't coming down with anything. Maybe it's just the yucky day. I've started taking my extra vitamin c every day since the kids are back in school (and now that I'm working at one of the schools) in hopes of staying healthy.

  12. You can email me at my address, anytime. It's lou.lohman@

  13. Sorry to hear you are not feeling good. I bet that running around with your nephew ran you down a little bit... not to mention.. if you haven't smoked in some time, his smoking could have had some affect on you like um second hand smoke!!! Anyway, hope you are feeling better soon!!!

  14. i take it it's raining there where you are, heee heee heee. good luck with your home trip! pretend it's not raining, maybe it'll stop?!?!

  15. Oh sweetie. I hate that feeling, both the threatening cold and hydroplaning. Wish you were closer so I could give you a ride home and some hot soup. *Hugs*

    p.s. It's the "nasopharynx"

  16. The throat thing (I am not a smartie) is definitely the worst part of coming down with the flu. Also, read your last post and I'm glad you didn't make it through it. My wife and I started again, and are now back on the Chantix. Day 6 for me. I can tell you...the first smoke you have, especially you having been off of it for so long, sucks. Its not good at all and all it makes you do is feel weak for having done it.

    I think when we remember smoking or get the urge its because we remember when we were addicted to it and the feelings we got from them at that time. We totally forget how shi*ty it actually was to start. You actually have to FORCE yourself to do it, you know? Good form avoiding the temptation.

  17. Try Zycam, it actually works if you catch the cold soon enough. I really hope it's not a cold, though, especially with no one to take care of you. Hope you feel better ....


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