Friday, August 15, 2008

Yay Sue!

Today is smoke-free day 424, and I'm still sort of on mini-vacay partial haitus, but I *had* to pop in to mention another who did the Chantix route to quitting smoking who just hit a her one year milestone: Yay Sue! Stop by to congratulate Sue if you get a chance because she is one who has helped me along on my journey, too.

This is such a big deal; plenty do not make it because it is not easy! A few others who hit the year mark were recently in this post, and I know that a few more of my Chantix quit buddies are right around the corner (though it does help if you shoot me a reminder because I'm not so good at keeping up with actual dates without prompting, just sayin'.)

OK, back to my mini-vacation I go (well, once my half day of work is done). Today will be much, much fun, and I just know that there will be pictures (to hold you over, please see the ones of The Gorge if you haven't - pure deliciousness, nature-style). Also, the next installment of the haiku is scheduled to go up at or possibly before midnight.

And? I wish you all a beautiful and fun-filled day! Mwah! (Can you tell I'm in great spirits?)


  1. http://anglophilefootballfanatic.comFriday, August 15, 2008 3:02:00 AM

    How's the heat? I know you were not happy about it.

  2. Vacations are wonderful! Too bad this country does not make sure everyone gets one...(I guess I am feeling kinda guilty, I get lots of vacation) Other nations are way into making sure everyone gets time off! I think it is so important to spend time with the ones you love or just rejuvinate yourself! Hope your having a blast!

  3. Enjoy the day and your good mood! Oh and I didn't meet you to well after Iquit but I used Chantix to do so and July 18th was a year not smoking for me.


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