Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Apartness: An Update, Kind Of

Today is smoke-free day 464, and I have an update of sorts. For most of you, anyway.

See, things are starting to shake, rattle and boogie on the "apartness" front, but pretty much all of it cannot be said publicly just right now because, well, it just can't. No, it's not even terribly juicy or anything, but for the time being I am telling that chapter elsewhere, separately from this my main blog, and I would love for you to join me if you have any desire to know that which will eventually appear here on my main blog before too terribly long anyway.

The catch is that because of how Blogger does things, the supplemental blog can only be kept private if done by email invitation, so if you care to read it, please just shoot me an email at, and boom, I'll add you the next time I check my email.

(I can't see it being an issue, but there is also a limit of 100 I can add. If it does turn out to be an issue, I'll figure something out and kiss all of you. Maybe on the lips. Er, k, just cheek, face cheek, just to clarify. But I'll love you forever and ever.)


  1. ooooh, now i'm curious. that's like saying "you know what?" and then "never mind"....

  2. I hope everything is OK. Well wishes from San Fran...

  3. Inquiring minds wanna know! Send me the invite!

  4. Oohh, hoping the apartness ends soon! I've dealt with that in major ways in my life, and it just plain sucks, no matter how you try to make the best of it, or look on the bright side, or know you are working for a better future, or whatever the hell sort of thing you repeat to yourself like a mantra on a daily basis to stop from becoming a burbbleing puddle of sappy goo because you miss being together.

    Oh, and I'll be shooting you an email, like right now!

  5. Um...too technical. I think I'll just call. OMG do I have big, huge-ass news!!!


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