Monday, September 08, 2008

Congrats and Hotness, Too!

Today is smoke-free day 449, and I have just a two tidbits (OK, three if you count that I dyed my hair dark brown and that now it looks almost black, which looks odd on pale little ol' me, but my dark roots were showing from my first coloring a at the end of June, so I didn't know what else to do but to try to dye it back close to my natural color, but got much darker...).

First some congratulations and then an invitation of sorts related to becoming totally hawt(ter).


A few of my fellow Chantix bloggers have hit the year mark, and I'm delighted. I've mentioned a time or two that a lot of us have not made it, so those that have are kind of a big deal. One of these days I'll update my Linky Loos to kind of set aside at the top those who have reached a year (it's not like I don't have time, but it's almost 1AM when I think of it, like now), so for now please think of this as an installment. If you are considering quitting smoking using Chantix, the experiences shared by these folks may be of some help to you:
  • My Chantix Experience - Chris' blog. I've had the honor of meeting Chris after reading his blog back in the earlier quit days, and I'm thrilled that he reached a year smoke-free on 8/31/08.

  • Bay's Travail Blog - Bay's blog. Bay struggled at the start but like the best kind of success story, she made it to a year on 8/20/08.

  • Chantix User Blog Updates - Jen's blog. I'm not sure what happened to the previous entries, and I'm hoping they will make a return, but Jen made it to a year on 8/20/08.
Updated to add - Oops! Almost for got this one:
An Invitation to Be Hot!

I gained about 20 pounds when I quit smoking. Then in March 2008, I started making a conscious effort to eat better and move more, and I lost 15 pounds doing what isn't a diet but is something that works for me (and includes free days and my own rules). Then summer happened, and visitors happened, and I allowed myself to put about 5 of those pounds back on because I knew that right around the corner on September 8 (yikes! today!) I'd be joining Hot for the Holidays anyway, an awesome weight loss challenge hosted by one of my favorite bloggers, Christie O! Christie makes it fun and even hands out prizes. Cool ones. Sometimes coffee related ones. Last time there was a Wii Fit. I shit you not. I still care more about coffee-related prizes, if you wonder.

I totally shy away from talking about my weight stuff here on my own blog for my own silly reasons, but I will be talking about it over there in comments. On Fridays, possibly other days. I've used the comments sections of Christie's blog posts as my own personal confessional in the past, and it's likely to happen again, so that's where you can stalk check in on me if my becoming hotter in time for Santa trips your trigger. Otherwise, my ticker will be running over there on the side, and I'll update it every Friday. If you want to make Santa melt with your hotness, too, please head over there to sign up and join us! If you win something coffee-related, though, you have to share with me. Kind of like finder's fee. Or something. I jest, I jest (I jest want your coffee prize!).

Hot for the Holidays


  1. i'm so impressed with you and your smoking. or rather, non smoking! keep it up is all i can say!!!!!

    and now i'm gonna get some coffee!

  2. Best of luck on the weight loss - I'm pondering joining - gained some myself after I quit smoking in March. :-(

    So we can expect to see an updated photo over there on your side bar soon, showing off your lovely new color?

    I'm SO not a girly girl either. Every now & then I wish I was, but it just isn't in me. I've had an urge lately though, and may just get my hair cut by someone who knows what they are doing, rather than the normal trim with scissors myself!

  3. I did that with my hair too and I called it my Goth look for a while. (I'm very pale. Almost transparent.) It looked weird but I didn't care. I am sure it looks fabulous on you!

    So yay! Hot for the Holidays! I know I went a little nuts before the challenge just because I could. Probably gave myself some extra, but hey, everyone needs a project right? haha!

  4. I've been looking into henna as a hair dye. I usually dye mine red once a year and then let it grow out but I skipped it this year. Maybe I'll look for henna hair dye when I'm in Pittsburgh in April. Quitting smoking for good did make me put on some weight. I took it off when I moved to belgium but I put 2/3 of it back on over the summer (which is weird cause usually I have better luck takin git off in the summer). So I started an account on Sparkpeople last week and my goal is to lose about 20 kilos by April. But hey, I'd like to see where I'm at by the holidays too! I'll probably join you.

  5. What a great idea!

    If I win anything coffee related you can totally have it. I don't drink coffee!

  6. good luck! Love the graphic for that :-) I started WW last my second weigh in tomorrow, I'll see if I've lost anything.

  7. You are doing FANTASTIC! Great idea btw....

  8. Good for you for quitting smoking! That's so hard to do. Thanks for the info about the weight-loss challege. I need to join--I finally lost my baby weight a year ago, and then this past year have slowly it back on!! UGH!

  9. Congrats on being smoke free! I'm a Hot for the Holidays gal myself. Let's rock & roll!

  10. Maybe that will motivate me. I'll check it out for sure. Thanks!

  11. I want to sign up - and I promise, if I win anything coffee related, it's all yours!!

  12. You are Hawt, Maggie. Where it counts. Behind the eyes and between the ears.

  13. That is such a great idea! I can't wait to see how it goes!

  14. Oh I'm glad you posted about this. I went right over and joined the weight loss party! I could really use the motivation. :)


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