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Haiku Friday 9/12/08 - Epilogue

Haiku Friday

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Writing About Writing This

(curious? see wordle. you're welcome. k, now on with the 'ku.)

2 Years Later: Enough

Letter in the mail.
The moment of truth was here.
Would it be enough?

Back a couple years,
I had run away from home,
and I'd learned some things.

Gone, I learned enough
to know I wanted better,
and could have it, too.

Newly determined,
out of fear and gratitude:
what if I'd stayed gone?

More sleeping in cars,
more pain than necessary,
much more of much less.

I shuddered thinking,
worked hard to redeem myself,
buckled down at school.

I worked hard enough
to undo the first two years
with those last two years.

Cheeks wet with sheer joy,
laughing, dancing, rejoicing.
Kitchen. Me. My mom.

They'd sent a letter!
My dream college wanted me!
It had been enough!

The moment sweeter
since it seemed impossible
just two years prior.

All connected then,
the person I'd become now:
past, present, future.

How could I have known
just how much that day would mean
once my mom was gone?

(And sadly, that loss
would be within a few years,
while still in college.)

Every joy or pain,
any time I've needed her,
my mom has been there...

...I had no idea
how rememb'ring that embrace
would be just enough.

The runaway stuff
made the moment what it was,
sort of bittersweet.

I wouldn't change it,
knowing what I know today.
It's a part of me.

All the big moments,
and even some little ones,
the pegs of my life...

...something like string art,
intricate and connected
by my life, the thread.

The big picture's mine,
mine to craft by how I choose
to connect the dots.

My threads wrap me up,
my mom's arms around me still,
prodigal daughter.

(The. End.)


  1. What a gorgeous ending to this epic tale!
    The last two stanzas (sta-kus?) are especially lovely. So poignant!

  2. that 'survival mechanism' kicked in. that's what i call it anyway. how sweet. how sad. a wonderful series!

  3. lovely ending. i know it must have felt great to get that acceptance letter and to have been able to share that time with your mom...

  4. Beautiful storyline and really loved the final affirmation of "prodigal daughter".

  5. Unbelievable ku's...They make one amazing story and one amazing person!

  6. What a great ending.

    A great accomplishment to get the acceptance letter :)

  7. Oh, I LOVE the last 4 paragraphs - what a great analogy they make to what a web of intertwined people & events our lives are. Wonderful writing. Just wonderful.

  8. You're an amazing writer, keep up the good work. Beautiful writing and very inspiring!

  9. What an amazing 'ku. And story. And you. Someone asked me, in a question on my blog, what I would change of my life, if I could. But it's like you infer in your Haiku, change one thing and the whole thread unravels - move one peg and it all comes undone and you wind up in a different place. If you like where you are ....

  10. I'm crying tears of sadness and joy, what a powerful ending.
    My "ku:

  11. what a great ending. so wonderfully written. You are talented.
    I related, too. Ran a little wild those first two years of HS, but straightened out, and ended up in college - we all have to go through things to learn, I suppose.

  12. Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. I truly enjoyed this story from start to finish. Thank you for sharing this.

  13. What a great ending to your saga! I have enjoyed it tremendously.

    I gave you an award, so stop by my blog. You are awesome!

  14. Thanks for sharing that beautiful ending!

  15. Okay. That one made me cry. What a beautiful ending to these haikus.

    I think everything happens for a reason. You may not have worked as hard as you did in school had it not been for the wake up while you were gone. And being away probably made you appreciate your family in a whole new way.
    Yes, everything happens for a reason.

    Just beautiful.

  16. While I'm glad that things turned out well for you, I'm sorry to see the end of this series. Got any other secrets you need to share? :-)

  17. wow. honestly I read these and think, brilliant storytelling- how could she possibly top this one? and then you do. I thought the letter was going to be from the ex or something- oh the surprise! even better! and the bittersweetness, how it made me cry. thank you for sharing this part of your life with us. I don't see how you'd have become who you are without it - and that in itself is a blessing. I guess that's the wrap, huh? how ya gonna top this! hahahahaha oh i'm sure you'll think of something...

    ps. kudos on the loss! wooty!!

  18. This has been an amazing little 'ku-venture you have taken us on Maggie, thanks for sharing.

  19. Wow, that's was amazing... now what will you write about?! :-)

    Beautifully done. I'm sorry for your loss - I lost my mom recently and it's still very fresh... I don't guess that goes away any time soon. I'm still working on my haiku mom-tribute.

    Have a great weekend.

  20. Your Haiku's are wonderful. Your right that everything we do is what makes us who we are. I bet there was a lot of work to catch up, but well done. I'm glad you got to share it with your mother, and to go on to your school of choice.

  21. To be able to tell such a poignant story using Haiku is amazing. You, dear, have a wonderful talent -- I followed you link to the tribute to your mom -- just as sweet and meaningful as your 'ku. Thanks for sharing your story.

  22. Your right,,,there was a happy ending! I am not the biggest haiku fan but I have such a similar story I couldn't help but get hooked! I also realized that after living the underground life style, I wanted more and knew I could have it too! We have come a long way baby! You rock Maggie!

  23. So beautiful. Despite the poignancy, I've really enjoyed reading this story. Thanks so much for sharing it with all of us!

  24. Tears of sadness and happiness are flowing for you. My heart weeps with you Mom. Oh my what a beautiful poem. You have a true talent Maggie.

  25. Awww ... such a great ending! Thanks so much for telling us this story!

  26. I just realized that I missed this during my little hiatus! Wow, lovely, lovely ending to your saga. Great job. Great story. Even cooler that it's true. :-) How long did it take you to put all this together? I'm impressed that it's all in 'ku!


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