Friday, September 26, 2008

Haiku Friday 9/26/08

Haiku Friday

Where have they all gone?
All my black socks, the good ones?
Those I bought last year?

Autumn in the air
sandals give way to loafers
cold toes love warm socks.

My sock drawer is full,
but it's full of old ass socks,
holes, stretched out, ugly.

I don't understand.
Did I think I would darn them?
(Darn them to hell then.)

White socks with black shoes
offend my sense of fashion
(even hopeless me).

There were a few gems
black socks that would do just fine...
but most weren't matches.

Where did the mates go?
Not back from summer vacay?
What in the Sam Hill?

Guess it's all good, though.
I'll have time to buy some more.
Autumn's been delayed:


  1. heeee heeee heeeee. a change of season DEMANDS a shopping trip. i'm sure there's a season thief about that pinches clothes, cause for the life of me, i cannot remember what i wore last summer...

  2. Too funny...I just played this game yesterday when I wore shoes for the first time this season!!! Where do the darn socks go during the winter?!

    Great 'ku!

  3. Socks theme si very fresh and relaxing. Why didn't you post some photos of your socks:))

  4. THAT is the very reason I don't buy different kinds of socks anymore. I have black socks and I have white socks (to wear with gym shoes). The black socks are all the same. The white socks are all the same. That way, all I have to do is COUNT the number of socks. And make sure the number is even. That way, SWMBO can't yell at me about mates, anymore.

  5. I honestly believe that socks are total proof that there is another dimension, Twlight Zone style.

  6. I love it! That was a super fun haiku!

    My socks all suck too. ;)

  7. So funny! My sock drawer is a huge mess, too.

  8. I buy my socks by the gross. it just makes things easier.

    I like the darning thing...very clever.

  9. so funny! And true - what does happen to those socks in the three months they are supposed to be just sitting in your drawer?

  10. You know, I'm just gonna toss those socks this year and buy all new ones. Wasteful, I know. Wait, maybe I'll make a dog toy out of them! Even better :-)

  11. I just have solid colored socks .. that way all I have to do is find 2 of the same color. Of course, some days that might be challenging.

  12. Very funny, very true. Especially about the weather not acting like fall. Well, the mornings are very much like fall. Just not the thirty degree difference in the afternoon. :)

  13. the most I've ever read about socks. but i love it.

  14. Hehe, all CB has is black socks. Want I should send you some? :p

  15. Hilarious! I tend to forget how badly I'm in need of new dark socks until I got to pull them out of the drawer. Guess I better make a trip to the store myself!

  16. hahahah! a haiku about socks, i love it!!! i am the biggest offender of white socks and black shoes. hahaha! (the michael jackson look!)

    hey -- sorry bout the cubbies, dude. i really was pullin for ya!

  17. What a funny post about socks!
    I love fall, but I prefer sandals. I try to wear them as long as possible!


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