Friday, September 05, 2008

Haiku Friday 9/5/08 - Part Six

Real quick, before or after the totally unrelated haiku, could you please go here to read about and help a beautiful 2 year old little girl named Ivy by signing the petition? So easy to help!

Haiku Friday

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Writing About Writing This


I was all done now,
Cincinnati's lessons pack'd,
time to circle home.

Boarding the Greyhound,
big girl emotions spinning
in my teenage mind.

Seven hour trip,
smoking allowed in the back
(smoke didn't waft then).

Shared smokes with some guy,
believing Axl Rose was
really his cousin.

(Turns out he *is* from
Lafayette, Indiana,
which *was* on our way...)

Spent some hours thinking
how I had turned the tables:
my return = my terms.

Guess I had shown them.
They'd been all, "please come back home,"
when I'd said I might.

I'd make my own rules.
I'd do as I damn well pleased.
Chicago, I'm home!

Something was not right.
My family looked older,
eyes with dark circles.

My grand homecoming,
with hugs and tears of happy?
Did not go like that.

While we drove back home,
I rolled my Zippo, lit up,
and slowly exhal'd.

Within a second,
that cigarette and its pack
had been snatched from me...

...tumbling in rear view
along with my delusions
that I was queen shit.

Old rules upended,
tolerance for my bullshit
would now be lower.

As I would soon learn,
all I would have left was in
my bag in the trunk.

What I'd left behind
had been wheeled out to the curb
while I'd been absent.

(to be continued)


The final chapter
has been written for next week.
'Til then? Here's Axl:


  1. Funny how teenagers never realize how "unqueenshit" they are until they've done something crazy and aren't treated with the respect they somehow feel they've "earned".

    Not a judgement on's all teens. I was the same way.

  2. Thankyou so much for letting people know about Ivy.

  3. "Within a second,
    that cigarette and its pack
    had been snatched from me...

    ...tumbling in rear view
    along with my delusions
    that I was queen shit."

    that is amazing writing. and darn it, rings a bell too... great series. have a fab weekend!!!

  4. Somehow, I think you're lucky you didn't get spanked. Too big for that, I guess. Besides, nobody spanks anymore. Which is a good thing - mostly. But sometimes ... just sometimes.

    I'm anxious to see where your head went after this episode.

  5. Man, I love that you are sharing all of this!

    Thank you.

  6. wow! ok the writing in this one has been one of my favorites so far. first of all, i felt like i took that trip with you! (when smoke didn't waft -- haha!!)

    And then... i love how you put it in such a way that you see the grown-up maggie get brought back down to kid level in two seconds. ohhh that's exactly how it would have happened at my house! (sorry about the throwing out of your stuff though -- although that would have happened to me too. along with a side dish of my mom strangling me.) but of course, they do this because they love you right? and it's better to be "home" with angry people who love you than with creeps like the ones you were with.

    great storytelling again, maggie!
    ps. i so devoured a zillion brownies knowing that the hfh contest was coming up and that would be off limits. how bad is that! oh well.
    pps. thank you for sharing ivy's story. :)

  7. Wow, great 'ku!
    I love the "unqueenshit" part. So true. You made me cringe just thinking about my daughter, now 6, becoming a teenager. She's already fierce.

  8. I had to go back and read the previous haikus. I love your story in haiku. Good writing about all of us at some point in our life.

  9. Oh WOW - they gave you some tuff love on your return. I'll bet now, you can look at it for what a was - love of your paents wanting to shake some sense into you. No offense intended here Maggie! But it is great that you can share this story, and it's even better that you are now sharing it through the eyes of an adult - with the sense of an adult recognizing the silliness of a teen. It now makes me REALLY want to get to the next installment - did their tuff love work right away, or did you need more time, more silly moments, to come around? Oh, can't wait!

  10. Sounds like you were due for some tough love.

    Thanks for sharing the story!

  11. Great story--it shows how hard it is to mend family relationships. My family is still working through stuff.

  12. Love the story... you captured teen spirit so well for better or for worse!

  13. Love the story and reading something like that makes me want to reminisce of the teen years again :)

  14. Powerful, looking forward to next week and the conclusion.

  15. Great story - I'm in for the final installment~ Can't wait!!

  16. You managed to capture the teen attitude perfectly in this haiku. If only teens knew how their "independent" decisions affect others. Mainly their families. Ouch.

    This is just so honest and raw, and I know I've said it before, but I LOVE this series!

  17. It's good that they cut to the chase from the get go...

  18. That is some very awesome writing you've got there. I gasped outloud when I read that they threw all of your stuff out. Wow!

  19. What a great story you tell... I have to go back and check out the others. Your words are so powerful I was almost on that bus. Nice.

  20. I so thought I was "queenshit" at one timel.. it's a long story but for a period of time my family and I did not speak when I was in college... it's not something I could post about because my family reads my blog and they probably wouldn't appreciate me putting personal stuff like that on it...
    But I will say even though we had our differences... family is always there in the end when you need them... I learned that the hard way and now I wouldn't do anything to ever hurt my family again. Great writing as usual!!! Can't wait to hear the ending!!!

  21. I am so curious to read what comes next. I felt so badly for you in this one, yet the mother in me would probably act the same way if I ever (God forbid) found myself in a similar position with my kids. So much pain to go around.

  22. WOW! You captured that so well. This brings me back to wrath I felt when caught lying about my own whereabouts as a teen.

    I've really enjoyed these weekly installments. I can hardly wait to read the conclusion.

  23. Wow! Tough love, but they did want you back. That's good. Looking forward to the next installment.

  24. thank you Maggie. It means more than you know.

  25. Maggie,
    I can so relate...I used to hang out with Guns N' Roses and a bunch of other rockers back in the days of living in Hollywood with a bunch of other underage druggies. Some of these "kids" had run away from all over the country to "make it in Hollywood!" My dad had given me the tough love speech of," Go to school, get a job or do a combination of both." I was about eighteen and I chose to hang out and party so I ended up living with about ten others in a one bedroom apartment in Hollywood! Ah those were the days! He was fed up as I had ran away from home when I was about 13 and was encourageable from that point forward.

    Its funny what type of bad decisions I made from such a young age. I am glad I do things differently today. I love your series and can't wait for the finale!

  26. Wow ... they got rid of your stuff while you were gone? Props to them! Sorry for you, of course, but that was a bold move, and one I might keep in reserves if my kids ever do something like that to me.

    I loved this edition .... can't wait to hear more!


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