Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Shaken, Smoothed, Poured Over Espresso

Today is smoke-free day 470, and time for Heads or Tails.
Today is HEADS - Shake.

I thought about telling you all my crazy earthquake stories, the first earthquake in particular, but consider this an IOU for that while I wait until I have time to tell it the right way. Yes, I'm being totally lame like that.

For now, though, I can share with you something I haven't tried but something that sounds so *very* good this time of year, at least probably to those just like me who absolutely love pumpkin (if that's not you, don't bother - you'll hate it) and who also love shakes (these are both low-ish in calories, too!):

Pumpkin Shake Recipe

or, similarly

Vegan Pumpkin Pie Smoothie*

*the recipe calls for honey, which some vegans consider not vegan, a debate I'm not bothering to enter, but I also don't want hate mail, and if you didn't know, now you have something interesting to ponder, discuss or just forget - your choice.

If you do give one or both of the recipes a go, could you please let me know how it is? Until I get around to trying them, I'll be hitting Starbucks for the Pumpkin Spice latte that I love this time of year, though I may just have to try this Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte (Copycat) Recipe because the real deal is too spendy to indulge as often as I dream about it.

Mmm...pumpkin. Shaken, stirred, smoothed, poured over espresso, pumpkin is all just mmm...


  1. Yum! Not sure the pumpkin smoothie would go over well here. I seem to be the only person in this house who goes gaga over pumpkin. Although I think my daughter's coming around...
    Now I want a latte too :-)
    Come check out Fun Monday for next week!

  2. Thanks for sharing this! Starbucks pumpkin lattes always get me in the autumn mood.

  3. hmmmmm don't know about those recipes. Kind of think pumpkin should be reserved for warm yummy baked things (or lattes - I love them, too!)

  4. hmm .. not sure about pumpkin smoothie either -but pie yes.

    My HOT is up
    My Little Drummer Boys

  5. That sounds pretty good. I really like pumpkin and I'm sooooo bummed that there's no Starbucks in Belgium. Fall and winter they have my FAVORITE flavors and I won't get to have any this year. Drink a pumpkin spice and a peppermint mocha for me, will you?

  6. This has started me thinking about Halloween - already!

  7. I would love this....and I'm going to try it. Pumpkin, especially this time of year, in any way shape or form is tops!!!!

    Happy HoT...my shake is posted, won't you stop by when you get a chance? I'd love to have you visit.

  8. Not NOW. I am SO hungry at the moment - this is NOT good timing. I am going to blow my diet - I know I am - just as sure as pumpkin shakes sound sooooo gooood.

  9. How much do I love you for posting that copycat recipe!?

    My wallet could kiss you :)

  10. Those sound yummie! It's been so long since I've made a smoothie.....

  11. That pumpkin shake recipe sounds so good (and easy!) I can barely contain myself!!!! YUMMY!!!
    Thank you!

  12. Definitely sound yummy …
    Hugs and blessings,

  13. ooh la la, i think i'm gonna hafta try these!!!

    and i jumped the gun on the cubbies comment i left you! sorry!! my hubby said they were out and i listened! but they're not! so go cubbies!

  14. Sounds yummy! This is sure the time for pumpkin!

  15. Okay, I SO did not know that some vegans consider honey a no-no. I'll just shut my mouth on that one, k?

    I like pumpkin. Hmmm, I may have to try one of these - but I'll be the only one in the house doing so. I used to love pumpkin soup when I was in Australia. I love pumpkin pie. I'm the only one though, so I never make it, because I am not eating an entire pie by myself. I do have SOME self control.

  16. I could totally get into the whole autumn/starbucks/pumpkin/cinnamon/curl up with a good book and a blanket thing, but its 101 degrees here right now! Nothing beats a cup of steaming hot pumpkin during a heat wave. I'll print it out and save it for a week or two.

  17. Honey is not vegan? I am sure to insult some vegan here -- don't blame Maggie -- but damn. Do you not have enough to do in your lives that you have to dis on honey? What did Pooh ever do to you?

    I have not tried a pumpkin latte but now I want to. Dang you, Maggie!


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