Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Talkin' Baseball

Today is smoke-free day 463, it's Monday, and my mind is on baseball.

If you saw my Weekly Winners on Sunday, you already know how I feel about my Cubbies winning on Saturday the last game standing between them and being in the playoffs. If you missed my post on Sunday, please go, and also watch the quick but cute video (yes, that's Billy Corgan of Smashing Pumpkins in the video - huge Cubs fan, huge!) that captures the spirit in a way that even non-fans will understand - go on, I'll wait, we've been waiting on them for 100 years, so a minute and a half ain't nothin' but a thing to me.

Welcome back. Cute and making you wanna hope and cheer with me, wasn't it?

Here's the deal, shorthand-style:
  • The last time the Cubs went into post season two years back to back was in 1907 & 1908.
  • The last time the Cubs won the World Series was in 1908.
  • Last year was 2007; this year is 2008. 100 Years. It's. Time.
I can't imagine a more perfect year than this one, can you ? I know we long suffering Cubs fans say it all the time, but seriously, I think this will be the year, and every corpuscle in my body hopes fervently while every fiber of my being is wills it be so. Even my eyes and ass cheeks are crossed. (Please, Cubbies, please?)

I also witnessed this past weekend a refreshing and good for my happy heart kind of unusual intermingling of fans who would normally be all hateful at one another, too.

I actually saw a comment on another Cubs-related YouTube video (this one, yes, Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam is a Cubs fan, and he has a new anthem for the 2008 Chicago Cubs), a comment from a Sox fan wishing the Cubs well. You all just know what kind of asshats people often are when commenting on stuff like this, and with the Chicago Cubs/Sox rivalry, this kind of comment generosity never happens, even when hell is frosty (which it gets in Chicago in winter). Some people still have class, even on the onlinewebz, and it makes my heart smile.

Then, too, I found my own thoughts turned to Yankee Stadium (this also never happens, my thoughts being on the Yankees, with or without references to hell), as the last game was played at Yankee Stadium on Sunday. The last game at such an historic (a historic, you pick) ballpark saddened me. I never got to see it, and now I never will. It makes me ponder the idea that all over places in Europe and Asia and elsewhere there are structures and buildings and statues and monuments and goddamn *history* still standing that are a bazillion-jillion (give or take) years old but that we run around tearing down something so special - even for me as the almost exact polar opposite of a Yankee's fan, I still get it that it's totally special being the House that Ruth Built and The Cathedral and so many big moments in baseball and all - a stadium that was just built in 19bloody23 for goodness sake (15 years after the last time Cubs won the World Series, just sayin' in case you are keeping score at home). It also makes me shudder thinking that someday it could be my beloved Wrigley Field, and just the mere thought injures something in my core...

I can't think about that now, though. Right now it's all about October, baby! Go Cubs Go!


  1. My dream series would be the Cubs and Twins....the Twins have to win the next three and you never know? Go Cubs! :)

  2. Can we get married? I would gladly have your children. And you could be the boss and everything. I would say "Yes, dear." to everything you would say because you, YOU are the perfect woman. Not only a CUBS fan (which gets you to the top, right there) but a woman who understands Baseball, Wrigley Field, Yankee Stadium and, I'll bet, even the mystique of Fenway Park. And you're cute, too.

  3. Go Cubs!! I'm such a slacker with sports, I watch sporadically. So thanks for letting me know the Cubs are in the playoffs. I lived on the north side of Chicago for several years and have fond memories of going to Cubs games.

  4. This is going to be the year! I'm not quite sure how my husband is going to handle the excitement when they do! Great post!

  5. I'm a Yankees fan, but since they totally blew it (and I'm p.o'd at Seinbrenner), I'm going to spend the post season rooting for the Cubbies!!!

  6. You're a woman after my own heart, being a baseball lover and all. But I see you've already been proposed to by Iceel up there.

    Love this post. My hurt hurt when the last game was played in Yankee Stadium.

    I hope you get to feel the sheer magical wonderfullness this season of your team taking home the title!

  7. sorry, I meant my "heart" hurt, not my hurt hurt.

  8. Well, the Brewers managed to suck up their season so I might as well say it.
    Go, Cubs, Go!

  9. I'm cheering for the Cubs! Go Cubs Go!!!

    Btw, I found you through Momisodes.

  10. I live in St. Louis (Cardinals) so I'm supposed to hate the Cubs. With a passion. But oh well, I could care less -- Go Cubs Go!

  11. Yeah, I'm with Brandie, as I said before IF I was to cheer for a baseball team, it would be the Cards. But for the most part, I really could care less, and had no clue who had made it this far. So because I'd love for you to get your wish, I'll cheer on the Cubs!


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