Sunday, September 28, 2008

Weekly Winners Sunday 9/28/08

Weekly Winners, hosted by Lotus.

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Carrots and Onions and Celery
(wait, it gets better)

(closer to better)

Plain Lentil Soup (Vegan...and low fat too!)
(yep, it was pretty good)

(home is where I hang my Cubs hat - and other stuff)

Treasured Memento
(1000 Cranes, made for me by my students before I left Japan)

Obsession Overgrown
(and in need of weeding)

Old Favorite, New Light
(Tom is in Tulsa - there is an update, realized on Friday night that the movie version of The Outsiders was filmed in Tulsa, and thinking about that, I dug out my old school copy of the book Saturday morning...)

Page One, Final Chapter
(...and was startled at the coincidence that it begins with mention of Paul Newman, who I'd just learned had died.)


  1. Those are all fabulous!
    I love the 1000 cranes, one of my favorite stories, and 'The Outsiders' one of the best books ever :-)

    Beautiful shots this week!

  2. Your food pics look yummy, as always :) Also ♥ Home, Treasured Memento & Obsession Overgrown.

    Isn't it sad about Paul Newman? My Daddy called me today & told me about it.

    Great winners this week :)

  3. Looks like a great week!
    Those cranes are they folded in paper? Looks great!

  4. Mmmmm, lentil soup is one of my favorites.
    And I remember the Outsiders. I didn't like all the description of physical features but the story itself was pretty good.

  5. lovely shots Maggie, I always have a hard time choosing a favourite here. I do like the cranes though..

  6. Yummy,Yummy,Yummy,Yummy!
    What is your favorite color of nail polish?

  7. I love the paper cranes and the nailpolish. Of course every week your photos are amazing and tell a story. I look forward to them.

  8. I like the picture of the lentils. And, I loved The Outsider's as well.

  9. The cranes are my favorite. What a great memento.

  10. I only recently found out the significance of the 1000 cranes; how awesome that they did that. I love that shot, too.

    I bought lentils this week to try my first go at making soup!

  11. I love the photo of the cranes. They are so colorful!

  12. They are all absolutely very very good ! I love lens soup ! my grandma used to do that in winter !

  13. Beautiful shots, all of them. I'd have to say, though, that my favorites is the close-up of the page. Reading has such an amazing power, and there's nothing like an old favorite.

  14. The colors in the cranes shot are fabulous.

    Excellent shots this week.

  15. The cranes is my favorite for the week, no question! I also really like the obsession one.

  16. My favorite thing about your photos is the color. You definitely have a color-catching eye!

  17. Maggie, I Love the Sadako and the 1000 Cranes book....Read it with my kids in previous years and they were touched! I have also taught the Outsiders! I need the link for your "mystery blog" so I can find out more of the secret agent apartness stuff. Hope all is well with you. Tomorrow I will kick start workout mode into a higher gear. No loss no gain so I am going walking today and then join the fitness walks at my new job at lunch. I am excited about being able to get some exercise in during my regular work day. Love the pics as always but a big YUCK to lentil anything! Sorry!

  18. You did an excellent job with the shot of the book. Yay! I also love the lentils photograph.

  19. Like everyone else, I too love the 100 cranes shot. I also love the carrots/celery/onions shot - lovely colors.

    Okay where you hang your hat? If it was MY house, there would be cobwebs hanging all over that iron work!

    I have the same obsession - I'll have to shoot a photo and share with you! :-)

    Weird coincidene on this end too - I bought the movie The Outsiders just this past week, and then we heard of Paul Newman's death while at Pub Ninety-Nine last night. I was really bothered by it - hubby said 'you know of course he's been really sick'. Doesn't make it any easier. I thought of Joanne Woodward off & on all day today.

  20. Wow! Love the colors in the cranes shot.

    And let me ask, who can make carrots, onions and celery look good? You baby! ; )

  21. The onions and carrots look delicious!
    LOL on the nail polish. I have a lot of those colors. =)

  22. you take such beautiful pictures! wow! i love the 1000 cranes! isn't it a weird coincidence about the book, too. i love odd coincidences like that-- though in this case a sad one.

  23. These a wonderful and your captions are perfect. I share your obsession ;)
    I LOVE the 1000 cranes. I've always wanted to learn origami.

  24. wow, that's a wicked coincidence!!! Love those cranes, too, great shots :-)

  25. That string of cranes is wonderful, I'm jealous ;)

  26. LOVE the cranes, those are beautiful!


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