Friday, October 17, 2008

Haiku Friday 10/17/08

Haiku Friday

It's still October.
It's still hard for me to speak.
Minefield calendar.

How much do I share?
How much do I keep private?
Ask me that next week.

The month's page a screen,
failures' anniversaries
one slide show per week.

Each year's show the same
while the viewer keeps changing,
shifting perspectives.

I am becoming.
Then I'll become who I'll be.
For today? I'm me.


  1. is there someone who will tell us when we've become who we're gonna be?

  2. Wonderful!

    Love your 'Ku, especially the last lines...

  3. I always like reading your haiku's and really enjoyed this week!

  4. you stay being you. i like the way you are! nice one this!

  5. I like the last lines, too. It's something I struggle with, too.

  6. Brilliant - as always. I love the minefield calendar - it's that the truth - always - in so many ways. From a thousand things to do, to all the memories associated with different dates, some happy, some sad, some just plain devastating.

  7. I always feel such a sense of myself when I read your haiku. That's poetry there!

  8. Oh, I love that last part. I need to keep reading that to myself...a reminder to live in the moment.

  9. 'Minefield calendar' is an exceptional turn of phrase. Really really nice one this week!

  10. Nice haiku.
    Sometimes it's hard knowing who you want to be.

  11. I really like "minefield calendar."

    I am so stealing that phrase, although I will give you full credit of course.

    Great haiku!

  12. Your haiku is always so filled with emotion and warmth. Really lovely. Really.

  13. I don't know who you think you are becoming - and to that end, we all change, daily - but I love the person you are. You need not change on MY account. Not a bit. I'll take you just as you are, thank you.

  14. Here's to becoming....we are both on an exciting, yet frightening new path. I can't wait to see what is at the end for us, and yet, I am unsure I want to know.

  15. You always 'Ku so beautifully. I can certainly understand your struggle for sharing here.

    And I like you just the way you are :)


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