Friday, October 03, 2008

Haiku Friday 10/3/08

Haiku Friday

It's rainy season
out here in Oregon-land
for about 8 months (!).

Umbrellas are rare -
pissy drizzle, no "real" rain,
so no real need here.

All of this leads me
to a different place and time,
raindrops and typhoons.

Japan had those both
plus solutions to problems
I'd not considered...

...Like wet umbrellas
that could that could drip drop messily,
disturbing the peace.

Zero tolerance
for such a mess as all that;
something must be done.

And so then one day
(long before my arrival)
wet things were made dry.

Surely there's a name
more polite than what we call:
Umbrella Condom.


  1. Oh...haiku are really meant for this! ;)

    I love your haiku...makes me think of lots of childhood memories...

    Happy Friday!

  2. I live up in Washington, so it's starting for us too of course. I can't stand that stupid drizzle where it's not really raining, just enough to be annoying and make your windshield wet, but so your windshield wipers don't quite work yet.

  3. s innovative all right. And it reminds me of the finger cots that cooks use...finger condoms we called them. Hehehe.

  4. umbrella condom?!?!?!?!?! who'd have thought of something like that. hmmm, obviously someone who got tired of all that drip drip dripping.... nice haiku!!!!

  5. I have seen the "umbrella condom" at the grocery store so you don't get the cart wet!

    Hope the rainy season isn't too much too handle!

  6. Great haiku! I've never heard of that gadget before. It hasn't rained in CO for a month. I actually would love a rainy day. :)

  7. Wow. Here in Ohio we just let our umbrellas go bareback.

  8. That's funny!! Good one, of course.

  9. I have totally never heard of an umbrella condom before today! Maybe that's because I live in Utah, where all we get is snow.

  10. I loved the things in Japan that we don't have here, and this is one of them!

  11. Oh I love this Mags. It makes me miss the rain. And sex. HAHAHA

  12. Oh, that thing is brilliant! I know you probably get tired of the rain (I mean I would too if it went on for 8 months), I just wish you could send some my way. I don't think it has rained here in 129 days.

  13. hahahahahaha!

    i LOVE that. and how convenient is that contraption??? brilliant. and lovely haiku!

  14. That is awesome! I wish we had them here. I'm getting everything soaked because of my wet umbrella.

  15. We've had so many drizzly, yucky days here in NH lately, it feels like I picture your end of the country. Never been there though. I think I'd go a bit stir's only been a week and I'm climbing the walls!

  16. Yeah, agree with the above. Lots of rain in NH, after a miserable summer full of rain. This afternoon we actually had little ice balls falling. Winter is coming!

    I'll have to wait until Mon at work to watch the video - can't do it here at home on dial-up. Bummer.

    But, having lived in Japan as well, I know what you are talking about! :-)

  17. Pure genius! Gotta love the umbrella condom. ;)

    Great haiku!

  18. Oh, that's funny!

    So fall is not the time to visit Oregon, huh? Someday, I'd love to get out there - it looks phenomenal!

  19. Maggie, I love it, who came up with the name. I can imagine the mess an umbrella can make when wet. I dislike the rain with a passion, and am always finding excuses to stay inside when it does rain. I don't think we even have an umbrella in the house.

  20. ...there's something for you on my side!

  21. Very funny... I wouldn't mind just a little of your drizzle here in the Southwest!! It's been very dry!

    Have a great weekend!

  22. Ha! I learned something ...

    Thanks for visiting me!

  23. nice. :) we have typhoons here too, so we really do need these umbrella condoms. :D

  24. LOL! That is awesome :) They really do have the coolest things there.


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