Friday, October 31, 2008

Haiku Friday 10/31/08

Haiku Friday

Crisp golden blanket
covers spring's and summer's green
protects from first frost

Updated to add: On a serious and scary note, a blogger that I've seen around in comments on other blogs is missing. Her name is Kathleen (Beany to friends) from So Grateful to be Mormon and from Alaska. Some blog pals were in contact with Kathleen online over the weekend, but she didn't show up for work on Monday and has been missing since and not answering her cell phone or text messages. Her family is obviously distraught and her bloggy pals are worried. The authorities have been contacted, and this isn't much information here to go on (hopefully she'll turn up safe very soon or there will be some further details to help find Kathleen), but if you know anything, please contact the family. My thoughts are with the family and hoping she's safe, warm and OK.


  1. this is splendid! you've outdone yourself in simplicity today.

  2. Beautiful words!
    I have a surprise for you in my post today:)))

  3. Beautiful haiku and pic!

    I've heard about the missing blogger from other bloggers too. So scary.

  4. So perfectly haiku'd. I love the crunch, crunch when walking through the lawn :)

    p.s. I am so incredibly terrified about Kathleen.

  5. I've heard of that blog/blogger before. I hop eshe's okay. Please let us know if you hear anything else.
    And I love the haiku today. Great imagery.

  6. Great haiku and photo. I just love the colorful leaves of fall.

  7. Sweet 'ku! Simply, but beautifully said!

    I don't the blogger you speak of, but my thoughts are with the family.

  8. Love the picture and 'ku.

    Deeply disturbed by the blogger story. Please keep us updated if you hear anything.

  9. You are the very best 'ku'er around. I stand in awe.

    And we are all praying for Kathleen to be found safe and sound.

  10. How scary. I hope she turns up.

    I love the leaves and the haiku!

    Happy Halloween!

  11. Oh how I wish I had your talent. Very artful. You are a blessed soul, Maggie. So glad I found you here.


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