Friday, October 10, 2008

Just a Few Cobwebs

Today is smoke-free day 479, and yep, I'm still here and will still be posting here and not allowing cobwebs to settle too much (though they might look kind of cool for Hallow-Weenie, no?).

Right now I'm mostly doing my prattling on over on "the other" blog because that's where the action is, all related "the apartness". It's set to private (for now - eventually will become public), but you are more than welcome to read (just not some of my real life people, that's all). Just shoot me an email if you want in, no hard feelings if you don't.

And thank you for continuing to visit even when I haven't had much to say over here. I will again. I promise. Quite possibly as soon as tomorrow. But maybe not, you know? Maybe every day next week or maybe just one or two. It just might be just a little sporadic for just a little while is what I'm saying. I'm almost slippery enough to go into politics.

Meanwhile, I will say that "the apartness" now has a firm end date and that I'm beside myself with joy! Go read over there if you haven't and are interested.


  1. Congrats on being smokefree for over a year!

  2. Don't stress - those cobwebs are very seasonal!

  3. Okay, I think I want in on the "apartness" because I miss reading your blog and since you are posting over there I need to be over there!!! I tried emailing you but I do not have microsoft outlook on my computer!!!

  4. hey maggie! Sorry it's been forever since I have been able to get online...i am so busy at work lately that I usually only have time to check personal internet from my phone & your page doesn't fit on my phone screen very well so it's hard to read. But glad things are going well and you are never far from my thoughts :)


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