Friday, October 17, 2008

Nothing Here to See

I don't have 13 things to say today over here, but I did update "the other" blog related to "the apartness" as I've been doing sometimes of late. The other blog is somewhat subscribable (that should be a word) now, too, at least just to advise when it's updated, if subscribing is your thing. If you'd like to read it and don't have access, just shoot me an email, and then, boom, you are in. Like Flynn (who knew the phrase had romantic/sexual connotation? I did not and didn't mean it that way. Um, ew.).

See you on the other side. :)

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  1. Occasionally I know random bits of trivia without even knowing I know! I did know that 'In like Flynn' referred to Errol Flynn. I also knew that he had quite the reputation as a womanizer. So, therefore, I had just always assumed what sort of connotations "In like Flynn" had.

    Heading over to 'the other side'.


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