Friday, November 14, 2008

Haiku Friday 11/14/08

Haiku Friday

The last hangers on,
are they faithful or stubborn,
wise or just hopeful?

And what if they'd known?
Would they've just dropped earlier,
submitting to fate?

Or was it worth it,
hanging tough, sticking it out
for experience?

The cycle of life
constantly asks such questions;
which choice would you choose?


  1. Love black and white pic
    So much said without color
    Gives me peace and calm

  2. Your haikus are always so thoughtful and lovely.

  3. spend another day in the breeze and the sun

  4. beautifully written.

    i too would choose another day on the branch.

  5. What a thing to contemplate. I think,were it me, I would be holding on just for the sheer stubborness of staying...
    What I am trying to learn is to let go.

  6. Enjoyed your haiku for the week! The photo is wonderful too!

  7. Perfectly said. As for choosing, since I'm stubborn, I'd be holding on for dear life probably to be blown down before I was ready.

  8. You always have the best Haiku's. I would probably be still holding on as long as I could, LOL. I'm stubborn, what can I say.

  9. Hang on - until it isn't possible to do so any longer. The more the better.

  10. Lovely, lovely, lovely - as always. I'd be holding on as well, I'm stubborn like that, just ask my husband! :-)

  11. Personally, I
    Hang on for the full effect
    To experience

    Great haiku and photo, Maggie!

  12. So cute, this one. "Last hangers on".

    (I always say "You've got a hanger!" when there is a kidbooger abound by the way, which made me laugh a little).

    But great haiku. Such parallels.

  13. by the way, i'd hang on, just to see what the prize is...

  14. Hmmm. Well personally I'm a hanger oner. :)

  15. I love the picture. Beautifully done--looking at those last leaves does make you think of a person's last days. But leaves don't have a choice and we do. You're making me get very philosophical very early in the morning! :)

  16. I am reflecting on what your haiku whispers to me...

    Lovely...thanks for sharing!

    Happy Friday!

  17. Wonderful, as usual. I think I would hang on as long as I could....I am kinda clingy like that.

  18. I would choose sticking out and hanging tough!!! Great Haiku!!!

  19. What an insightful haiku. I love this photo as well.

    I would be a hanger-on'er.

  20. Splendid stuff!

    I think it's not just about hanging on... it's about what I'd do hanging on... and if I find fulfillment out of hanging on.. (like I do in this human life of mine), I'd hang on no matter what, confident that I could hold out and make the best of what I seek to achieve.

    Achievement for a leaf, you say? Well, I could write a post on that I guess, if you tickle me about it.

  21. Beautiful! And a lovely photo to go with it. I've found I hang on until I'm ready to fall.

    Thanks for the visit to my blog. It's so nice to get a chance to (virtually) meet you.


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