Wednesday, November 05, 2008


I was going to say some other stuff here today, but it will keep, I think. I understand that my non-American pals might be even beyond the stage of eyes glazed over, but I've not said much about the election here and I can't not say this.

Regardless of the name you chose when you cast your ballot, I hope that we who call ourselves Americans can pull together and stop tearing apart now that this page has been bookmarked while history turns another page. I hope we can take to heart the beautiful words spoken so graciously by John McCain in his speech about all of us being Americans who love our country, even if we disagree sometimes (or, OK, lots of the times). Personally, I found it so very refreshing to see McCain be the strong and gracious and just plain good people kind of man that many people saw was always there underneath the presidential candidate version of himself.

I understand that it's not so simple as just saying that we need to come together and to unite as Americans when we've been so divided with all of our differences, and with our differences thrust more to the surface more so during the election than other times, but I'm allowed to hope.

And right now, I'm hoping. In bucketloads, I'm hoping.

(And just for the record, I did vote Obama. With all my heart. I've never had so much hope as I do right now.)

**Updated to add that there is a small update on Kathleen McBroom aka Beany of So Grateful to Be Mormon over at If Mom Says OK** And also a little more and with a link to a new news story at Beggar's Shot Glass. I'm still hoping she is OK and will be home soon and safely.


  1. I'll say it - it going to be difficult, that's for sure. But here's to hoping that good comes out of this somehow, somewhere, someday...

  2. Yes We Can HOPE!

    And for those that think Obama is the anti-Christ or a terrorist or a Muslim or a Socialist -- I promise you -- PROMISE YOU -- he will not be nearly as bad as you think. (You might even grow to respect him.)

    He'll be a plain 'ol regular President, promise. Breathe easier.

  3. Yay for Obama, our 44th president! It was spooky how quickly the country showed us the winner! Maggie, I wish you lived in Cali and could vote NO on Prop 8, coz it looks like we seriously may have needed your vote and your voice! With 1/3 of all precincts reporting, gay marriages will be constitutionally banned 53% to 48% ;( I feel so small right now :(

  4. This is history in the making. In for the first time since September 11 it is beautiful, hopeful American history.
    I pray (and I'm not religious so that says a lot) that Obama and his family remain safe and secure through out this term and into the next.

    I hope that John McCain continues to remind his party that we are all Americans and we should always respect each other and work together.

  5. I loved the John McCain shushed the folks in his audience who were booing and badmouthing. That was true class.

    YES WE CAN!!!

  6. Yes indeed, hope spring forth. John McCain showed true class, and I hope the rest of the government pay attention. Hope, hope, hope.

  7. Yes, we can. Say it over and over and over again. Yes. We can.

    And by God, we will.

  8. I couldn't agree with you more, Maggie. Thanks for your comment to me. Gracious(ness)? is appreciated in any human being, isn't it? I am happy it was over quickly and clearly. I did not vote for Obama but I do hope, yes, HOPE, he will turn out to be the best President in American history. We must unite! :D

  9. I don't agree with Obama on any major issues, but I too have HOPE. I hope we can move forward now.
    I was so thankful for John McCain's speech last night. It really did help to soften the blow for me. He is pure class.

    Vdog- The same can be said on the other side. For those that think Obama is the SAVIOR of the world, I promise you, he is just a man. Just as McCain is just a man.

  10. Don't worry about people from other countries, just express your feelings - this make your blog special:)

  11. I am right there with you, on all of it :)
    I am brimming with hope. Even with all that's been handed to our family and so many others recently.

  12. A beautiful sentiment....well said.
    And you are right about hope. Its a terrific feeling to experience once again.

  13. Great post Mags.... you said it well.

  14. I like your attitude about the election. Very similar to my own. Thanks so much for the update on Kathleen also.


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