Saturday, November 29, 2008

Seven Sentence Saturday - Four

  1. A guy named Jdimytai Damour takes a job as a temp.
  2. Maybe he needed some cash for the holidays, or maybe times are just as tough for him as for a lot of folks.
  3. He gets an assignment doing maintenance and/or stocking shelves overnight at a WalMart.
  4. The day after Thanksgiving, this 34 year old young man is trampled to death by shoppers.
  5. Some shoppers are annoyed that they can't keep shopping, considering how long they waited in line and all, and never mind that a man is dead.
  6. What a total perversion of the meaning and spirit of Christmas (from either a religious or secular viewpoint of the holiday), but sadly it's really not so surprising considering how we act toward one another anymore, is it?
  7. I don't know what the solution is, but my heart hurts for Jdimytai Damour's family having to somehow cope with something so shocking and senseless when they shouldn't have to because it's just not fair and always salt in the wound that much sadder this time of year, and I can only hope that others around them will share the love and peace and goodwill toward men that is supposed to be the real spirit of the holiday.


  1. I seen that on the sad. That is one reason I wait til about 9am or so now to go out on Black Friday. not worth getting trampled. I've gotten shoved around in the past and decided no more for me. SO I take the chance losing out on some good deals.
    I feel for this mans family. Sad sad sad

  2. a typical example of today's self-centred society.

  3. Michael told me about the guy at Wal-mart and the idiots in CA this morning. Total craziness.

    Things are pretty calm and polite up here in the north country. But last year, Michael and I went to Concord, and it was way too crowded for me to deal with - yet no where near the number of people in a big city.

    We went shopping even further north this year - bot all Parker's snowboarding gear, Mikaela & Michael's ski gear. I've had mine for years. SO that's this year's Christmas for everyone, along with ski passes. It was easy, relaxed, and no crowds! :-)

  4. The whole thing just makes me sick. I'm glad I planted my ass at home yesterday.

  5. I heard about this on CNN today (XM Radio is my favorite invention EVER!)

    I just can't imagine this situation. I'm shocked, and heart sick. And what's the worst to me is that these people weren't even phased by it. Just sick.

  6. omg, that's absolutely horrible. What is WRONG with people?


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