Saturday, November 08, 2008

Seven Sentence Saturday - One

Seven Sentence Saturday
  1. Planfully productive day here.
  2. While the car is in the shop for about three hours, I've planned to eat breakfast at a place just steps away that boasts a wide variety of omelets, among other delicious breakfast menu items.
  3. It's rare that anything can trump my interest in pages full of delicious breakfast menu items, but access to free wifi with said breakfast items definitely has such power, and this place just happens to have it (and coffee, too).
  4. I have a very important essay to write that terrifies me because of how directly it correlates to my chances of making it to the interview stage to possibly have a chance to go back to Japan (which you know all about if you read my private blog, which you are welcome to read if you just email me).
  5. I doubt I'll even bother surfing the Interwebz since my goal (beyond breakfast) is to finally finish this essay so that sometime early in the week my fate can be sealed in an envelope and sent to Embassy of Japan, 2520 Massachusetts Ave, Washington, DC with about 8 bazillion (actual number by vary) other applications (all in triplicate with the drama of particulars like college transcripts and reference letters in sealed envelopes) sent by as many hopeful/fearful others with sweaty palms.
  6. Well, there'd likely be no free wifi surfing, except that I've discovered a forum where others are applying or were already accepted in the past (like, um, actually I was back when I was 100 years younger, still in college, still in the habit of writing something other than my rambling blog fluff and haikus and still had very huge and hairy balls - figurative only), and these folks are over there talking about how to write the perfect essay, which is a forum so apropos that it's almost impossible not to keep reading but which also distracts from actually writing the damn thing.
  7. Pass the Tums, and send good thoughts (or just send me David Plouffe).


  1. You've got a busy Saturday, Maggie! Good luck on that essay... fingers crossed for you!

  2. I know you will write a fantastic essay Maggie! You SO deserve to have your dream fulfulled - a second time! :-)

  3. I don't know why this post reminded me of when I had to write my master's thesis and spent hours, days really, researching ways on how not to procrastinate.

    Good luck to you!!!!

    BTW, I got the thesis done (with seconds to spare).

  4. Hope the essay writing went well Maggie...I bet it's wonderful.


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