Sunday, November 23, 2008

Seven Sentence Saturday - Three (Quirks)

Seven Sentence Saturday

I'm being super efficient here because that's how I roll. Seven Sentence Saturday combined with finally catching up from when I was long ago tagged by Shadow for 6 unspectacular quirks and more (relatively) recently tagged by Cathy for 7 random facts about me. These introductory sentences just written don't count because I said so.
  1. I'm just really not a fan of comics.
  2. I call myself Buttercup sometimes when I talk to myself, and yes, I do talk to myself.
  3. All lattes from Starbucks require a straw, preferably the shorter ones, but I'll settle for a longer one in a pinch.
  4. I call things by how I like to name them, regardless of the "real" name, like a gazebo that's special to me and Tom that is called "our zebra" just because it is.
  5. Though I haven't lived in Japan for the past 11 years, I still can't bear the thought of wearing shoes in my house and also think it's kind of weird when y'all do.
  6. Driving at night or in the rain seriously freaks me out, especially both at once and especially in my deathtrap car, so if I absolutely must drive in those conditions, I drive (unsafely) about 40mph on a 65mph highway for fear of hydroplaning.
  7. I'm happy about 85%-95% of the time, but I believe in fully feeling the sadness or anger or "other" when it comes, too, as long as I'm not acting like an ass to anyone because of how I feel (still practicing).
I'm supposed to tag people and stuff like 'at, but I'm much more about "as the spirit moves you," so please feel free to consider yourself tagged for 6 or 7 random things or unspectacular quirks, and I'll even link you back here as if I tagged you if you'd like some linky lovin's.


  1. For a change, I'll be the first to comment, LOL. So your the one who was driving in front of me 20 MPH under the speed limit, LOL. Nothing wrong with talking to yourself, at least you get the answers you want.

  2. Man, my list could be nearly identical. Minus the Buttercup and gazebo. I feel the same way about shoes in the house. They just don't belong on the house floors! :)

    And the embracing all emotions? I feel the same way. I drives me bonkers when people tell me what I need to be thinking of feeling.

  3. i've never lived in japan, yet i don't wear shoes in my house either... doesn't feel right. and like you, i'm practicing too.... them feelings need to be felt, after all.

  4. Yup - living in Japan did that to me as well. Haven't worn shoes in the house since, although I do require slippers on feet, rather than sock feet (which the kids would prefer) simply because don't need (nor want) them breaking their neck on either set of wood stairs. Nor to I appreciate them trying to slide across wooden floors - the cats do enough of that when chasing each other!

  5. don't you miss how Japanese folks turn their lights off at stoplights?


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