Saturday, November 15, 2008

Seven Sentence Saturday - Two

Seven Sentence Saturday
  1. I had a different post prepared, but then I was laid off on Friday.
  2. Please, no worries because this isn't all bad and will be OK.
  3. I was pretty sure it was coming.
  4. Oddly, it's shocking even when I saw it coming and even when last time years ago I saw it coming, too - advance suspicion and previous experience are irrelevant.
  5. The shock is disorienting and clouds the head and brings forth an amazing array of emotions.
  6. I'll be in bed before this posts at midnight, even on a Friday night, which, if you know how late I stay awake, is amazing testament to how much impact life can have on a body and can zap all energy.
  7. Still, I smile thinking about how sleeping a little later on weekdays will nicely restore my energy, and if you read my private blog (if not, you are welcome, just email me and check your spam folder if you don't see the OK), you'll understand why I'm OK aside from the shockiness (which just now became a new word).


  1. oh shit. yeah, i can imagine it not being nice, even when you know it's coming. that can't ever be nice.

  2. The reset button has been pushed for you. Ride the wave and enjoy, dear.

  3. Ohhh Maggie, I'm sorry!
    But I know just how you feel about the drained energy and all of the emotions involved, because I'm going through the exact same thing. Even if you know it's coming, it's still a shock, I agree!

  4. Sorry you were laid off, but it could make some things a little easier. Enjoy the late mornings while you can. I'm off to read the "other blog" Cheers.

  5. Oh my gosh--that is a major shock to the system, even if you do kind of expect it. My mom just got laid off this week, too. She's a nurse, so she'll probably get a job pretty soon. You're showing an amazing positive attitude--I'd be a wreck. :)

  6. Well, I guess if it had to happen, it couldn't have come at a better time. Still sucks though, doesn't it?!

  7. Oh Maggie, I didn't realize the change in job situation, so sorry to read about that!

    But it sounds like it's a good change for you and wishing you luck for the next ... and enjoy sleeping in, you deserve it ;)


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