Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Just another quickie long, rambly and somewhat disjointed post now that I finally have internet access (not all Motel 6's have it - word to the wise) to say that we safely arrived in Tulsa yesterday. It only took 4 days in the car. With 3 cats. Only. Heh.

The temps are below freezing, and a nice hot latte at Panera is almost $0.50 more, but they still have the free WiFi, and I still have no internet (or TV) at home. The cable guy is supposed to come this morning (with the two time zones difference, it feels kind of earlier than it is), but we've all waited for the cable guy at some points in our lives. Literally. Metaphorically. Figuratively. Proverbially. All that stuff.

So far, it seems that being in the Buckle of the Bible Belt is noticeable but not completely over the top just yet - just lots of bumper stickers about who real men love (Jesus) and what they don't look at (porn). Apparently I'm not a real man. I can be OK with that.

One of my cats has been driven nuts by the road trip to the point of growling whenever anyone even walks past her (yes, the one who peed on my bedding, clothes, etc. in previous posts). Overall, though, they seem to be doing OK. Plants, too. 4 herbs and 1 unknown type. This means I kept lots of living things alive on the trip. Cool bonus.

I am loving having Walmarts (there were none closer than 45 minutes from my old place) and Targets that are 24 hours (I think Target is, anyway, maybe not?) and that also have grocery sections right inside them. I've already been shopping a couple times for random stuff at the apartment, but I still need toilet paper. And 8 million other little things. Our furniture will be here in a week. I packed with us the shower curtain but not the damn rings, which are on the moving van. Do I buy some? Or do we stick with baths instead of showers? Gah. 8 million of these internal conversations about what to buy or not.

Even if the new apartment is far more ghetto than any place I've lived in a whole lotta years, it's home and has some nice qualities and some quirky qualities that I'm sure will be the stuff of happy memories of where we began our new lives. Together. I have to pinch myself (ouch) to remember that we are not just visiting, that the apartness is over. Mmmmm *insert dreamy googly eyed look*

Gotta run so that I don't miss the cable guy because the no internet thing has been kind of brutal. Thank you to all who kept reading and commenting and following along on the GPS and Twitter (I could send from my phone but not log in to read from Tom's iPhone - oh, and now I totally need an iPhone). I will be back over to visit y'all, hopefully tomorrow if not sooner.

Oooh, yes, and there will be bucket loads of pictures. I've not yet had a chance to pull them off of our cameras, but we took so many on the beautiful drive. Oh, and of when we met fellow blogger Stan at the In-N-Out burger in Bakersfield, CA where he taught me about animal style. As a way of ordering fries or a burger. For serious. Was yummy.

K, going, really. Gotta.


  1. So happy you made it safely!! I hope all the settling in goes smoothly (and you get your internet asap!)

    Buy new curtain rings - at Walmart I bet you could get plastic crappy ones for cheap.

  2. I love In n Out Burger. And animal style. One of the things I miss about Tucson.

    Woo! Glad you made it with Tom and cats and plants all in one piece. I would probably make duct tape shower curtain rings, which would probably cost more than just buying new ones, but that way I wouldn't have an extra set of rings laying around.

  3. Oh. Animal style refers to FOOD. You had me goin' there for a minute. *wink* Had to go back and re-read that. That'll teach me to just skim.

  4. Hooray! glad you made it safe and sound and emotionally scarfree (from cats that is).

    Hope you get everything set up soon. I miss 24 hour Giant Eagle almost as much as Starbucks I think.

  5. What the hell is animal style? I am from Cali, eat at In N' Out and never heard of it! Go figure!

  6. So happy you guys made it! And whoo for In N Out! ;-)

  7. well Im in Indiana and want to know what the in n out burger place is???
    And Animal style...Hmmm I guess I was thinking wrong too.

  8. I'm so glad you made it!! I'm anxious to hear more about your "new life"!! I'm sure it will be wonderful!

    I'm glad the cats survived too!! (My cat was basket case for DAYS after our move, and that was just across town!!)

  9. I am so happy that you made it there in one piece! yay for you guys!!! good luck piecing your new home together!!!

  10. Woo hoo!!! Call when you're settled. We'll lunch... or dine on sushi and get drunk off flirtinis. er, I mean eat sushi. :)

  11. Hahahaha! I think the kittie was so freaked out by me staring into her kettle point-blank that she's still recovering from that shock. I'm telling you, she looked dauntingly terrified when I popped my head to say hi back then after the animal style. Oh, poor kittie.
    You're in a good place, with a good man, with good plans, good's good to hear you being well aware of it. brush up on your japanese in the meantime, too, I have a feeling you'll need all of it soon!

  12. sounds so so exciting. and you sound gorgeously happy!

  13. Yeah! So glad you made it safe and sound! Now the fun part starts! So exciting! :)


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