Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Lucky Enough to Get Another Day

I wrote a post yesterday that I just wouldn't post because it was too negative. It went like this:
It's almost like I have PMS, except that I don't.

I'm just overwhelmed by all of these boxes. I'm annoyed that I am not sure if I even packed my silverware because it isn't in any of those overwhelming boxes. I didn't feel safe leaving in the ice yesterday. My kitchen is smaller so that things don't fit, and I'd like to get to the store to get some hooks or shelves or something, but the temperature is still below freezing, so it's still a sheet of ice today, and I feel trapped, which means that I'm here with the damn boxes. I shouldn't spend any money anyway because I'm sure the money situation looks really icky with all those road trip meals followed by more of the same for a week since an empty apartment is limiting. I'd rather just not even know how bad the money situation is, so I won't look.
Oh, there was *plenty* more bitchiness left inside of me, but I stopped there, tired of the whine in my own voice and didn't bother posting it because I saw no point in inflicting that kind of me on all of the kind yous.

This morning I kind of roll my eyes when I look at it and am thankful that we are usually lucky enough to get another day with which to have a better, less whiny, less negative kind of day. Sometimes "problems" themselves just work out, but sometimes it's just an attitude change.

I unpacked *a lot* yesterday, and while I still have much to go, it's starting to feel like home, and it occurs to me that gratitude for all I have would be more appropriate than just hating all those damn boxes. My silverware was left at the old apartment, and if I send them a check for postage, they will send it to me, so it worked out, and they are not lost, which is good because lost things bother me just in principle. Now if they could find my grandmothers ring that I lost about two moves ago... Yes, the kitchen is still the same size this morning, but I cooked a really yummy dinner in there last night for my dear man, that's Tom to y'all, and before that, he took me to the store so that I could get some space making hooks and whatnot, and it helps. I also bought a new crockpot (for cheap!) since mine was broken in the move (my nice Japanese rice cooker also broke, but I've found a cheaper replacement to buy later, too, and I may like it better). Tom and I also got along really well last night, too, which was nice because while there was zero bickering on the big road trip, since being here, the stress of the move and the adjustment of it all has had a few bumpy spots where I've been embarrassed by my behavior.

Today is mine. I'm still kind of stuck inside until tomorrow due to the ice in the parking lot, and I still have some complaints about the apartment complex, but if those are my biggest whiny ass complaints, then I've got it pretty good compared to lots of folks this season. I have a latte in hand, ideas for a few Christmas gifts in my budget that I can buy on Amazon (I'm ususally done shopping in November but haven't bought a single gift yet, yikes!), a plan for something I like for lunch and as many boxes as I feel like unpacking. Or not unpacking today. Whichever.


  1. We all have those days. But I'm glad you are feeling cheerier (yes that is a word) today. :)

  2. yes, today is yours. do with it what makes you feel even better... coffee and lunch sounds good!

  3. Yep; yesterday was definitely yours. We all get them. ((HUGS)) Although I'm sorry your still covered in ice down there :(

    Hope today is wonderful!

  4. You know what? That post you didn't make yesterday? That all negativey thing you included today? That would have been okay, to, you know. It really would have been fine to post - all by itself.

    It's another page in your 'book'. It's another bit of you. It's real and it's true and it's okay with us (or me, anyway) if, on a day you feel a rant is necessary, that you trust us with THAT emotion as well as all the others you've brought to us here.

    We love ALL of you, Maggie.

  5. To blog or not to blog--that's the question. There's been a couple of posts I've cathartically published and then regretted the next day. That being said, don't worry about bitching about moving--moving sucks. :) Glad today is going better.

  6. I've faced the same dilemma several times, to blog and sound whiny or not. Meh - it's your blog let it all out girl! BTW - moving sucks and is stressful until the last box is unpacked and everything in a place.

  7. I have felt the same way repeatedly...except that instead of ice, I haven't wanted to go out because...we didn't have a car yet and I didn't know how to use the streetcar in was so hot out it was hard to breathe in was raining in Washington state...I don't speak any Dutch and I had the wrong kind of money anyway in the Netherlands...I didn't dare leave the dogs alone in the house here.

    I try to set a ridiculously easy goal, like completely empty and flatten and find a place for everything in three boxes, and then when I do eight or ten boxes, I feel all virtuous. Or then if I get a box full of annoying stuff that takes forever to deal with, like the movers dumped all the junk drawers into one box, and I only get through a few, I still feel like I accomplished something.

    Lately, since we still have boxes in the garage (being less than healthy is an ENORMOUS pain in the ass when moving...) I am trying again to deal with just one box every day, on top of all the usual stuff -- vacuuming, cooking, cleaning, beating the children, washing clothes...

  8. Oh, yeah, I called Zach back. He had told me he needs a new jacket, by which I guess he means some sort of blazer or something, and wondered if it was okay if he went shopping for it with his girlfriend, who is very excited about it, instead of doing it with me when he gets here. Works for me, it's one less thing on my list for next week!

  9. I love that you saw the silver lining :-)

  10. You don't seem like a 'regrets' sort of person - more like a 'live & learn' sort of person. So be yourself, cause we love you anyway, and post whatever the moment brings, no regrets. :-)


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