Sunday, December 14, 2008

Weekly Winners Sunday 12/14/08

Weekly Winners, hosted by Lotus.

Click pics for better looking larger images or take a peek at the entire album and/or watch as a slideshow at this link.

This time last week Tom and I were in the middle of being reunited after 9 months apart (!) and doing the big drive to move from Portland, Oregon to Tulsa, Oklahoma. We left on Saturday and arrived on Tuesday, going through Oregon, California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas and then to destination Tulsa, Oklahoma. The scenery was beautiful, and these 30 shots are narrowed down from many, many more.

Move Day: Boxes

Move Day: Van

Drive Day One: Oregon on I-5 South, Part One

Drive Day One: Oregon on I-5 South, Part Two

Drive Day One: Northern California on I-5 South, Mt Shasta

Drive Day Two: California on I-5 South Toward Bakersfield

Drive Day Two: One of Three Unhappy Meow Faces

Drive Day Two: Bakersfield, California, In-N-Out Burger - Met Fellow Blogger Stan!

Drive Day Two: California on I-40 East, Part One

Drive Day Two: California on I-40 East, Part Two

Drive Day Two: California on I-40 East, Part Three

Drive Day Two: California on I-40 East, Part Four (Tom's Picture)

Drive Day Two: California on I-40 East, Part Five (Tom's Picture)

Drive Day Two: California on I-40 East, Part Six

Drive Day Two: California on I-40 East, Part Seven

Drive Day Two: California on I-40 East, Stopping for Gas

Drive Day Three: Headed Out of Kingman, Arizona on I-40 East

Drive Day Three: Arizona on I-40 East

Drive Day Three: Winslow, Arizona on I-40 East
(You do know the song by The Eagles, "Take it Easy," right?)

Drive Day Three: Winslow, Arizona on I-40 East, Part Two

Drive Day Three: Arizona on I-40 East after Winslow, Part One

Drive Day Three: Arizona on I-40 East after Winslow, Part Two

Drive Day Three: New Mexico on I-40 East, Part One

Drive Day Three: New Mexico on I-40 East, Part Two

Drive Day Four: A Bit Out of Amarillo, Texas on I-40 East
(Who knew there'd be ice and snow in Texas)

Drive Day Four: Groom, Texas (Home of Ginormous Cross) on I-40 East

Drive Day Four: Texas on I-40 East after Groom, Part One

Drive Day Four: Texas on I-40 East after Groom, Part Two

Drive Day Four: Icy Conditions Attaching to Car

Drive Day Four: Homestretch!


  1. Maggie I love your photos!!!! Winslow Arizona how great!!! I love the song take it easy!!!!!
    There were so many great pics can't pic a fav of them all. I loved them all. And so awesome you got to meet stan!
    Poor Kitty in the box.
    Glad the trip was a safe and sound one and all your belongings will be to you soon.
    great weekly winners

  2. Awesome pictures! My favorite is the Cross. Such a good way to chronicle your drive!

  3. I enjoyed your journey~I felt like I was along for the ride ;)

    ♥ the Eagles & that song :)

    Poor meow kitty~hopefully the trip didn't traumatize them too much.

    The cross was awesome too & I agree w/life is a blessing :)

    Great winners Maggie :)

  4. Hey Maggie, thanks for letting us make the whole journey with you!!
    You have some great pictures there! What strikes me is that the landscapes are so wide, I mean you can look so far, no industry or buildings cluttering the landscape.
    Your kitties must be so relieved to finally get out of that cage, but I love that picture, they can look sooooooooo unhappy, can't they?

  5. So many photos!!! I always knew that USA is very beautiful country but your photos tells me that it's even more beautiful that I thought:) Poor cats? How do they like new house? Were they afraid? Our cat was crying all first night when we moved:)

  6. damn, my computer keeps bombing, too many pictures i think....

  7. Wow! Great pictures! I can't wait to hear more about how things are going for you in Tulsa!

  8. Wonderful pictures. What a grand adventure!

  9. What a great set! My favorite was Drive Day Two: California on I-40 East, Stopping for Gas.

  10. You have so many amazing photos!!

    I've traveled that route more times than I can count, and I get so bored with it now. But your photos have reminded me just how awesome it really is.

    Maybe I need to take more photos as we drive... *hmm*

  11. I am assuming that Stan was the young man in the photo with you and Tom took the picture? Have you ever put of picture of Tom on your page? If so I must have missed it! Looks like you had a safe and beautiful drive (except for the ice in Texas).
    I think the weekly winner should be the picture of Mt Shasta. How beautiful!!! But I also really like the one you took in New Mexico with the train!!!

  12. Glad you arrived safe! And glad you adn Tom are back in vacinity to one another!

  13. WOW!!! WOW!! Love this set of pictuers!!! I felt like I took a drive across country with you!! Love this weekly set!

  14. OMG Maggie they came out great! What a drive though. Kudos to you guys because I couldn't do it LOL

    What a wonderful set of pictures! I can't pick one favorite.

  15. Those were great! I especially liked the cloud formations in Drive Day Two: California on I-40 East, Part Seven. I am so happy you had a safe trip and are liking your new home.

  16. Love the photos - they are beautiful. Thanks for taking us on your little road trip with you!

  17. So good to see you arrived safe and sound. Beautiful pics!

    I'd rather be with nice, polite and trusting people and take a chance on crime, than live in a place where no one looks you in the eye or responds to a Hello.

    Live, Love, and Laugh!

  18. thanks for taking us along on your journey! your pictures are really pretty.

  19. Long drive! That post card is totally cool, and I love the sky cloud shot in "Drive Day Two: California on I-40 East, Part Seven"

  20. What a long drive. Great shots though. A lot of those looked very familiar especially the California ones. Loved the Mt. Shasta.

  21. That looks like an amazing adventure.

    Beautiful photos with a huge array of different conditions.

    LOVE the unhappy kitty shot.

  22. Love the documentation, Maggie! So glad you are with your Tom again. How wonderful!

  23. I LOVE these photos. I am a road trip man, pure and simple. These pics make me crave one again. You guys are having an awesome adventure. One where even the crappy times will make the best memory ever.

    Thanks for sharing this...I really, REALLY liked 'em!

  24. Great pics, darling! Snow in Texas, who would've ever thought?! You know, it just suddenly really hit me that it's been the whole 9 months that you were separated from Tom, that's such a long time! I am so glad you, guys, are reunited at last!

  25. I am shocked...but I got really homesick for Arizona seeing your photos from there. It's not home, and I love Alaska, but I miss the desert too.

    Great photos, and I think this is the first time EVER I visited your Weekly Winners without getting hungry...

    Dang. Except for the mention of In-n-Out Burgers. I miss that place.

    Great photos!!!!

  26. Oh, yeah, the photo on my blog...I used the shutter priority setting on my camera, set it to 5 seconds, and then spun the camera, keeping the lens pointed at the Christmas tree.

    It's camera tossing, without actually throwing the camera. (yes, people throw their cameras, there's a blog somewhere about tossing your camera. You can get really cool shots, but I am too in love with my camera to actually toss it, even into a soft pile of pillows.)

  27. Thank you for the ride ! I was your invisible hitchhiker ! Beautiful landscapes ! What a move !

  28. WOW! What a trip! You certainly drove past some incredible views and some treacherous weather. Glad to see you've both made it safe and sound :)

    p.s. I miss In and Out burger so much!

  29. What a neat, neat, neat, neat trip!! You have some incredible pictures! And now "Take it Easy" is stuck in my head.

    You and Tom are too cute. :-)

  30. GREAT photos of what must have been a GREAT trip! Loved that you captured this for us - I've never had the opportunity to travel out in that part of the country!

  31. Thank you for sharing your drive with us! I'm glad you got there safely :-)

  32. Awesome photos--I felt like I took the road trip with you. Your pics of the cat reminded me of when we moved our cats from Chicago to Denver--not happy kitties. Anyway, hope you're settling in well. Thanks so much for your support too. :)

  33. What a journey! I love all your shots from the road, and am glad you're finally in your new home!


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