Thursday, January 15, 2009

Guests Still Have More Fun

The dear and lovely Lotus over at Sarcastic Mom has allowed me to do a little ranting over at in the form of a guest post over at her place. Come check me out over there?


  1. Wow that post over at Lotus' was pretty cool...I miss your long rants and raves...glad you're OK after last night's fire. Love ya!

  2. Oh, Maggie, NO!!! I'm a pajama pant-wearer-in-public!!!

    It all started in college. It was acceptable then!

    Hey - guess what? I'm coming to your neck of the woods - kind of-ish. I'll be at the University of Oklahoma in March. Just for you, I'm wearing pajama pants.

    (Ok. Not really. It's a conference, so I'll have to dress like a grown up.)

  3. you rocked it girl.

    I laughed so loud because the pajama people have definitely taken over.

  4. Too funny Maggie. But it brought back a flash of what I witnessed sevreal months ago. Commented over there on Lotus's.

    Oh, and I think you are an Okie now - t'all? I don't think you learned that in the Pacific Northwest! :-)


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