Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A is for...

Wonderful Shadow over at 1 Door Away From Heaven assigned me the letter "A" to play along with the 10 favorite things about a random letter game. If you'd like a letter to play along, just shout in comments that you'd love to join in on the fun, and I'll shoot you an email with a randomly assigned letter, assuming you also provide your email (which you can do by emailing me) if I don't already have it or if it's not easily findable on your blog.
A is for... Avocado
  1. Avocados, creamy but healthy, served plain, made into guacamole, done up Fusion Avocado style like above or just sitting on the counter dreaming of possibilities.
  2. Afghans knitted and given by someone's grandmother, the warmest and coziest kind of all.
  3. Accents from a few states away or a few countries away, fascinating and fun and sometimes contagious.
  4. Alone time, just for me, because I'm comfortable in my own skin these days.
  5. Autumn, a season I spent too many years dismissing as just the precursor to winter until it became my favorite season all its own with its crisp browns and warm sweaters.
  6. Arches and other doorways build anticipation and sometimes curiosity about what comes next.
  7. Artistry, a quality I've never had a lot of but one I've come to appreciate in others and am finding a bit of in myself sometimes when blogging in haiku and in pictures.
  8. Acrobats, truly amazing to watch with slack jawed wonderment at the grace with which they can do things I'm sure my body would never allow me to do.
  9. A-frame houses because they just look different from the other suburban cookie cutter abodes and are so brightly full of windows.
  10. America, my home sweet home, even though I do love to roam and visit and sometimes even live other places.
Wanna play? It's fun!


  1. My mother gave me Z and I'm still puzzling over it. She's evil.

  2. oh how i love your a's... archways and artistry. would never have thought of that, but would miss their beauty soooo much if it weren't there

  3. I want to play! I'm a total sucker for all things meme-ish.

    (Oh...and you can e-mail me through my blog.)

  4. I'd love to play :-)

    That avocado looks delish! Might have to try it. Afghans, too, I love and thanks for reminding me...I have one I want to put out now. Accents...one of the reasons I'm most looking forward to going to Scotland this June!

  5. Who knew there were so many wonderful A's?? Love it! :)

  6. I played this a few weeks ago with the letter P. It was fun, especially since I love letters, words, poems, etc. I enjoyed your A list AND meeting you the other night. You do have a beautiful looking blog! And I love the Haiku Friday. Can I participate?

  7. I got the letter G it is harder than it seems to come up with things....you did great with your letter A!!!

  8. Do you have a background in writing? Your "A" answers were almost poetic or lyrical. Loved reading your letter game!

  9. #4 is my favorite.

    I can do without the avocados!

  10. L is for lazy!. I just posted on my blog and I am all tapped out. I need to take a shower today and get dressed. I put my kids to work cleaning the house since they are home today because of the ice. Happy Blogging. :)

  11. You made it look so easy, but it's not I guess?
    I loved yours!

  12. It's so fun to read your blog. Pass a letter this way if you get a chance. Is there a time limit? 'Cause it may take me a little while. I've toyed with some haiku, but nothing I'd post yet. My profile should have my email

  13. Love your avocado pic!! Your A list was Awesome ; ) Hope you are enjoying the winter wonderland?!
    Stay warm & Stay safe!!!

  14. Love me some avocado in my salad! Is that a sheet of ginger on the side? I'm drooling!

    My Mobile Adventures *~*~* presents - The Remains Wash Ashore on Sanibel Island

    Tink *~*~*

  15. Love it, and I see the artistry in you all the time. especially with the haiku's, but also through your lens.

  16. nom nom...... I love avocado! I love pickled ginger! I love anything you can sprinkle with soy sauce! What a great idea to combine those three - never tried it, but I sure will now!

    Your entire A list was great - brought up some images and memories of my own that made me feel all warm and loved and comfortable and surrounded by beauty.


  17. What an incredibly creative list. I loved reading this, and that avocado looks delicious :) We just bought a few this week!

  18. What a great list!
    I may have to go pull out one of my afghans now!

  19. I'll play Maggie. If you don't give me a Z :)


  20. Oh, jeez. I meant say first that I loved your As. All of them!

  21. I love the avocado shot; it's beautiful :)


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