Thursday, February 05, 2009

Remedial Walking

PhotobucketFor someone who can be such a girl in some ways, I've completely missed the girly float in a slew of other areas and have been stuck behind the horses at the end of the parade instead of doing the beauty queen wave thing. My lack of fashion sense has been well documented here, but in the past week, I've managed to pick out a suit that I think is pretty classy, which is awesome because the other suit that I had is kind of 90's awful and, mercifully, no longer fits. It's protecting me from myself. That old suit, though, is the one I wore the first time I interviewed for the Japan gig, and they did accept me and let me stay there for 3 years even if I kept wearing that same suit to formal functions, so it worked, and some of you know that I'm interviewing again to do Japan for another year. Many of you didn't know. Surprise! There will be much more on this in the coming weeks, maybe more than you care to know, when I drive from Tulsa to Chicago for the interview and to see family and then on the return trip make a stop in Indy to see my dear friend J(!), but that's not really why I've gathered you here today.

No, see, before all that in a few weeks, this weekend I'm not going to BlissDom '09 in Nashville, TN. I mean, I wanted to go, but really couldn't swing the whole thing where even sharing a room I'd be spending about $500 I don't have, but I really, really, really, really, really, really wanted to meet people like Mishi (Secret Agent Mama) and Lotus (Sarcastic Mom) and Rebecca (Ramblings by Reba) and Colleen (Mommy Always Wins) and lots of other bloggy girls that will be there (please shout in comments if you are going), so I'm just driving into Nashville on Saturday (about a 9 hour drive), will arrive sometime in the evening and will get to hang out around the hotel bar at the tail end of the event, like a good little lush, and then do a little photowalk and breakfast thing in the morning with someone (this one again) I've been wanting to have coffee with since the day I met her blog and got inspired by what she can do with a lens. Since everyone will be all dressy for the cocktail party, I'll be dressing up, too, for any after party activities that may occur. I'll be wearing a dress I've had forever but so rarely wear, but I didn't really own any nice shoes to go with the dress or with the suit for the interview. I knew that the chore of finding a single pair of shoes that would work with each would be on my list somewhere, and I kind of dreaded it.

I've never been a shoe person, so when a $17 pair of shoes jumped out in front of me and said "buy me and you'll get done" (yes, read that as you wish - Tom's liking the shoes), I took note and had to laugh at how effortless that search was. Since then, I've bought and returned no fewer than 4 pairs of the same shoe (I'm not kidding) because I've been confused on size. In one size, my foot was sliding down to the toe area creating a gap in back and trying to remove itself, but at the other extreme I was convinced the shoes were way too small and might never come off again. I've finally settled on the smaller size since either size would be uncomfortable, but those feel less like I'm going to break my neck bone and ass bone. I have started walking around in them (not so much in the apartment, but a little), and I've learned that even if I have at younger points of my life worn short heels, I've never really worn heels properly, and, furthermore, I am clueless on exactly *how* to wear heels. For me, these 3" of heel seem a hell of a lot longer that the little bit that 3" sounds like (that's what she said).

Thankfully, here in times that are modern and wonderful, we have the gift of all knowing and all videographically demonstrative about all things, YouTube. If you are hanging around just after Blissdom and don't recognize my sass-tacular new shortish haircut (yep, I did!) or not-bushy-because-I-got-them-threaded eyebrows (yep, did that, too!), I'll be the one sucking in my lower abs and raising my boobies proudly to the sky while walking tall and praying to all y'alls God that I don't spill myself in your drink.

Here's what one video on YouTube advises, but I'm open to any tips from the girliest of the heel wearing girls.


  1. First of all. Awesome news on the interview. I'm intrigued.

    Secondly, I'm bummed I'm not going to Blissdom . . . I'm not THAT far.

    Thirdly, you and me both missed the fashion train (I'll have to point you to a few posts).

    Fourthly (geez, that sounds weird), those shoes RAWK. And under $20 . . . all the more awesome!

  2. you're hilarious. first, i want to warn you that walking around in your high heels could net you another visit from the apartment police...just sayin.

    i'm a total shoe person by the way, they are always with you, holding you and comforting you, even when your ass is a size huge. those shoes rock! have the best time ever! i'm jealous!

    ps. any plans on going to blog her in chicago this summer?

  3. Now that I know how to walk in heels (thank you very much) all I need are some boobs to point at the sky. Hmmmm. You know, if you think about that ....

  4. I'm not highheel girl also but I enjoy the video you've found:)) Will you make your video soon?

  5. Those shoes are awesome. 3 inch heels aren't bad, you'll get used to them!

    I think I may be doing some of those "don'ts" when wearing my 4-inchers, though!

  6. I am so jealous you may be going back to Japan! How exciting!

    Love the shoes!

    Left you a little somethin' on my blog : )

  7. Now you're speakin' my
    I have posted loads of photos of my shoes and feet in several different places. I have a pair very close to that pair...mine are platforms....yep. Platform maryjanes!
    And shoes speak to me all the time. And best of hubby encourages me to buy shoes!!!!!

    Cuz he "gets some".

  8. I'm a sneakers girl so I'm no help. I do hope you have a good time, though!

  9. I dont think i even own a pair of heels anymore...
    I am not going to blissdom either
    maggie you make me giggle!

  10. Maggie....while you make the trip to Indy if you let me know when I would love to drive up just to say Hi in person. I live about 45 minutes from Indianapolis and would have no problem driving there just to visit for a short time.
    Let me know if you might be interested and we can plan on it.

  11. Those shoes are gorgeous!!
    Just wear them Maggie, you'll soon get the hang of it!

  12. Where was youtube when *I* had to learn to walk in heels. I've since blanked the experience from my mind, but I think it's safe to say 'awkward' was a good way to describe it.

  13. Hurrah for the youtube tutorial! I have a wedding this weekend which apparently requires the wearing of heels and I'm fairly sure that 'awkward tottering' was going to be my calling card!

    Nice to know I'm not the only one who can't walk around in heels!! :)

  14. Good luck on the interview! I also got information on a teach in Japan program where I would go as a rep of Lost Angeles. If you could tell me what you think since you've been there and all. Here is the e-mail address:
    There program is a Los Angeles-Nagoya Sister City Affiliation but since I have no idea where Nagoya even is, I thought it would be best to ask an expert. Does the progam sound good, is that a decent salary comparred to the US, etc.

    Man, I LOVE Nashville so I wish I was going....a blog conference sounds ok too! LOL! Well, good luck and I hope you get to go back to Japan!

  15. I can't help you. Not only did I miss the shoe gene that girls are supposed to get, I also have recently decided to give up heels forever.

    I'm considering flip flops at my wedding.

  16. I MUST HAVE THOSE SHOES! But I couldn't wear them with my plantar fasciitis, so I would just have to sit in a chair and take pictures of my feet in them just LIKE YOU.

    Okay, now the youngest wants to go belly dance. I'll be back after I throw my back out.

  17. Congrats on the interview, and best of luck on it as well! I'm so excited for you - I would LOVE to be going back to Japan!

    Those shoes are too cute! I might even been tempted to wear something other than jeans or 'sports' pants to work if I found some that cute!


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