Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Taking Suggestions for My Neck Tattoo

I got some really bad news today at the dentist, the kind of news that I don't even really know how bad it is, but it's at least $1500-$3000 worth of bad for one (ONE!) bad tooth, and that's aside from however much I spend to go to one or the other kind of specialist to be further assessed enough find out which one of the two can best help in this situation. From my limited understanding at this point, if one thinks he can and tries, but if it then turns out that he can't and that I have to take the other option, I could pay for both options in the end and be in the $5000 to gawd knows what range. I'm awesome in so many ways, but being that kind of rich isn't one of them.

Every time I think of the cost I can't help but think of how far away we could travel and for how long and at what level of luxury with that kind of money and how much more fun that would be compared to a root canal and possible extraction anyway if it fails, followed by an implant being screwed into... gah. Never mind. Gah. *shudder*

So insted of thinking about that which makes me shudder and go "gah," I've started coming up with my own options.

This whole tooth mess all started when I took a bite at the buffet the other night. I ain't judgin', I'm just sayin', but there were a truly remarkable number of people there who were both missing a few teeth and also sporting large neck tattoos. Name tattoos in prison tattoo colored ink seemed to be the most popular, but that can be a kind of big commitment for some, so there were a few other types. Oh, and when I say remarkable, I mean that there were enough examples that it was hard not to notice and remark upon it and not just one or three.

Now, I keep hearing that if you just yank out a bad tooth and do nothing else that the whole dental situation gets all kinds of messed up over time. Still, considering the cost and the lack of sand in my crack and oil on my back with it, at this point it's really tempting to just spend however much less to just get an extraction, a really killer prison ink neck tattoo (any suggestions?) and dinner at the buffet and call it good.

(If you aren't in the mood for serious, you can stop reading now and leave on a light note. I still will after I write this part that I feel needs to be said. Yes, I'm being tongue in cheek in this post - about me getting a tattoo but not about what we really witnessed - hoping that my humor doesn't somehow offend because that's truly not my intent. This is one of those situations where if I don't laugh I'll cry. I realize that too many folks just have no other options, even if they are lucky enough anymore to have jobs and pay insurance premiums for medical or dental coverage. And I think that sucks. I'll probably figure something out, but right now it's just overwhelming and scary, and I'm reminded of how very alike our situations can become even if we think we are somehow different from anyone else when it comes to health. The human body has issues sometimes, whether we can afford it or not.)


  1. Geh.
    Teeth issues are no fun. Fortunately over here the coverage is almost 100% but still. I know for sure I havce a few cavities that need filled and the tooth I had the root canal on still hurts so I think it may need pulled. But after my last dental experience in Belgium I'm scared to go back.
    I should have gone to a dentist months ago but now I'm too scared.

  2. So sorry about your dental issues...ouch! But I'm with you, I could think of a million other things I would rather spend my money on.

    You could always have the tooth extracted and then just get a tatoo of said tooth : )

  3. I do not like the dentist...and I am not sure why...but really like Melindas suggestion...lol

  4. Hmmm, I saw a guy once that had "Cut on dotted line" with a dotted line all around his neck. How's that for a neck tatoo? Weird, huh?

    If it's any relief for you, I myself had a root canal and that tooth capped way back, gosh, at least 25 years ago. Never had another problem, except in recent years I've had to switch to sensitive toothpaste because the edges of the cap are now sensitive. I'm sure that means something not so good is going on under there, but it has been at least 25 years, so at least that's something.

  5. After years of having my jaw knocked silly, over a year ago I had to undergo some horrible dental issues. Which includes having a few teeth extracted 3 to be exact. I was horrified and there was no way I was having a mouthful of missing teeth. Nor am I rich.

    The solution a bridge. It's not dentures, but a thin lining that goes in the upper part of your mouth and fills in the gap with a very realistic tooth. And yes they should be able to make one even for a single tooth.

    Far less money than a root canal in the end. (Hugss)Indigo

  6. Mag's - dental issues SUCK ass, that's for sure. And neck tatoos...well, those are just the bomb.com, aren't they?!?! I want to see your new haircut! James

  7. I find it appalling how much dentists charge. My husband had a cavity filled. It fell out. They replaced it at our cost. It fell out again. They charged us AGAIN! I finally switched dentists. But, it seems the high prices are the same everywhere. And, I have "good" coverage. Sorry, my dear!

  8. i have massive dental anxiety thanks to a sadistic pediatric dentist when i was small.

    i'd rather get the neck tattoo!!

  9. I had a tooth knocked out during a medical test. Of course the doctor said he was not responsible for it. I have been to 3 different dentist and even with insurance they said I was looking at almost a thousand bucks. Good luck. I have put off going back to the dentist for almost as long as I can.

    As far as the neck tat, my son has two on his arms and is looking to get one on his neck. (He is a redneck and I fear what he will get) I think you should go with WTF. heh!

  10. Dentists and vets just seem SO expensive to me! Why don't we have the coverage for dental care that we do for health care? Shite!

  11. You could just split it and have the tooth removed and then get a tattoo of a tooth.

  12. Dentists scare the hell out of me!
    The first dentist in my life was a sadistic butcher!

  13. I know of what you speak Maggie. I have a tooth in the front, on the bottom that I had a root canal in when I was 14 so it's been there for a day or two. It's beginning to fail and it hurts from time to time so I've been to 3783 different dentists to evaluate the options and based on it's placement the best is an implant. Sigh. How is the tragically unemployed to pay for this?

    As for neck tattoos and buffets. My neck tattoo will be low enough on the back of my neck that I have to have my shirt off for you to see it. I don't trough feed so have no experience with the buffet crowd... :)

  14. ugh. toof issues. i'm sorry dear. that just stinks. and your last little bit is indeed true and scary. i hope things find a way of working themselves out in an inexpensive, painless sort of way.

  15. I hate going to the dentist and it is so expensive. I just got a crown last week. Our insurance pays for part of it but I still paid about 400.00! Ouch!!!

  16. Every time I go to the dentist they find something they want to do that's not covered by insurance!! They want to put braces on me!! I'm 4ahhhh....35...ish!! I don't want braces!! They want to take all the work my last dentist did out of my mouth and redo it.
    Why?? It's fine!!
    I'll tell you why! They want to dig in my pocket! I'm like you I'd rather spend my money on things that I want!! And it ain't braces!!

    I feel for you. Teeth and mouth problems cause so many other problems. Do what's best for you. And I don't think you'll be happy if they pull it. Been there done that...A molar... Not one in the front...I would have had a cow and pony'd up the big bucks to have it fixed...I'm vain that way. But with the molar missing, it worked for me. It may not for you.

    Now let's talk about tats.

  17. Yikes! That could certainly take you to some nice places, and then some. I'm so sorry. I hate dental issues. I've had 16 teeth extracted (no lie. most were baby teeth). Either option sucks.

  18. Oh no! I'm sorry to hear about the tooth! We're getting socked with about $1,500 out of pocket for my husband's kidney stone...but at least he stayed in the hospital for 3 days and got all the jell-o he wanted. You don't even get that with a tooth problem!

  19. Sorry about your tooth stuff. Dental issues suck. And are ridiculously expensive.

    (I don't know if I managed to comment on your weekly winners, but if not I just want to mention that I love the photo of your cat's paw. It's so soft and cuddly looking, which is amazing considering it's part of a cat. I know. I have cat issues -- they just don't like me, perhaps they can sense I am a total dog person!)

    (Keeping track of everything I eat with that app on my IPod touch is really making me think about every single thing I eat. It's surprising how fast calories and fat add up when you aren't paying attention...)

  20. Are there any dental schools in town?
    I've never gone but I know of people that have and they are very happy and end up paying less than 50%. Just an idea for you to chew on (sorry, I couldn't resist).
    I hope you are doing better soon.

  21. I hear you on the dental anxiety. I haven't been since I was 15. That's...more than a decade. I needed wisdom teeth out then, because there wasn't enough room on my jaw for them to brush them properly. Guess what the subsequent smoking and excessive coffee/chocolate has done since?

    Yeah, I'm basically waiting for one to fall it, as gross as that sounds.

  22. Dental issues suck because you always end up somehow covering the cost just to have your mouth be exactly like it was before. You get absolutely NO satisfaction from the purchase. Its like replacing a water heater. Sorry to hear about that.

    Oh. And I suggest either "Thug Life" or a portrait of Barack Obama for the neck tat.

  23. I think you should get a bad ass neck tattoo that says "Tooth this, bitch!"

    The dentist freaks me out. I am absolutely petrified. I'm so sorry you are having to deal with issues...especially ones with such a big bill. Hopefully you can get out of there on the lesser end of that quote spectrum.

    And if a dentist said to me "I could fail" then I'd be such a chickenshit that there's no way I'd agree to let him try.

  24. Same thing happened to Dallas last year and we elected to have the tooth yanked since it was towards the back of his mouth. Problem solved. Pain gone. If the tooth is not part of your smile, you might consider saving yourself a bunch of money. We were told that the root canal could fail so, we had his tooth pulled and decided that we would either get a bridge or an implant some time in the future when we had the funds to do so.
    I'm sorry, Maggie. It just bites to be without health insurance.


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