Sunday, March 29, 2009

Dances with Boxes in Haiku (and Other Stuff Update)

Springtime in Tulsa
six inches of snow today
viewed while unpacking.

Planned move* date? Today.
Actual move date? Thursday.
Bullet dodged? You bet!

Last minute date change
two days left became two hours
rushed then, grateful now.

Many helping hands
willing hearts, quick feet, remind:
good folks outweigh bad.

Neighbor*'s parting shot,
security called for noise
too loud moving out.

(No, seriously.
Not kidding. She really did.
Even the guard laugh'd.)

Snow day in new home,
no neighbors down below us
much happy dancing.

*(New to the saga?
See this post, 2nd bullet.
Bad neighbor, moving.)

Other Stuff Update: I'm still on a somewhat bloggy break. There is still much to unpack, set up, tone down, re-do, kiss, help adjust (like the ones with whisker breath and triangle ears) and turn up as loud as I wanna in a house without any shared walls and otherwise occupy my time and mind and body. Plus my nephew is coming to help me clean the old place visit in less than 24 hours. I'm still mostly keeping up with reading blogs here and there, even when I don't comment and sometimes from my phone while out and about, and I'll probably be back soonish, I think. Nope, I still haven't heard back about JET, but I'm not expecting any news until the first week or two of April, and you'll be the first to know after Tom. Not that I won't post before then. Not that I will, either. Posting as the spirit moves me is feeling really oh-so-very-good, but I do miss Weekly Winners (waving "hi" to dear Lotus anyway, just 'cause). If I'd've taken even a single photo the past week or so, I'd've done that kind of post, but it turns out that my camera is on a little bloggy break, too, I guess. We'll be back. Worry not, or fear much, you know, whichever way you float.

Off to dance with more boxes.


  1. :) Glad to hear all the moving in is still going well. Even if it's still going :P

  2. Crazy. I was seriously just thinking about you this morning. I thought, "hmmm... I haven't heard from MaggiesMind lately!" And there you go posting a little link on twitter where I was going to look to see if you were still around!
    Glad to here you're all moved in - good luck unpacking and all...

  3. I love your Haikus!! Not funny, but I had to laugh at your horrid naighbors.

  4. Thinking about you all the time, wondering how you're doing! I was not home yesterday, or else I would have commented on this post much sooner. I'm glad you're settling in at your new place, and I hope this place will bring you much happiness and peace of mind. I miss your Winners, but I'm looking forward to more of you soon. In the mean time, take care. Hugs xxx

  5. Yay for the new home and loud music! I find there's almost nothing better to go with cleaning than loud dancey stuff. Makes dusting an art form.

  6. Oh, those wicked, wicked neighbors. I would have invited a rock band to serenade me as I left. Glad you made it safetly into your new home.

  7. I've missed your Haiku tremendously. They are always fresh. Love the humour in this one, Maggie!

  8. HI-OHHH!

    She gotcha on the moveout, huh. So you know who it is then??? I'm so glad you're gone and moved! I hope it went smoothly -- sounds like it did. And yes, in the end, the good ones outnumber the bad and thank goodness for that.

    Take care you!

  9. good to hear from you! it's important to take breaks and get things in order, that's for sure!

  10. It's a good thing I've been so busy because I haven't had the time to get out here and bother you about not posting.

    I'm glad you're out of there and into a place where neighbors are removed to their own four walls.

    Miss you. I'll be waiting.

  11. I was just thinking of you this morning, glad to hear all is well!

  12. Moving and getting settled have fun...loved the haiku!

  13. Maggie, I've missed you! I read your Tweets daily; so I'm kind of keeping up! I'm glad you're move went well!

  14. Glad you got away from the old bag next door. well maybe I shouldn't say old bag but guess she is. Hope he new neighbors are busy and LOUD just to tick her off!!! you reap what you sow! Anywho glad that your happily unpacking in the new home. I will be posting some pictures of our disaster of last week. It all seems to be falling back into order now. I look forward to another post soon. Until then have fun with getting the new home all set up.
    Hugs to ya dear!

  15. Love your new "Indian name"! ;-)

    Happy to hear the move went well!

  16. Unfortunately, it is my experience that "Dances with Boxes" is a never ending cycle that can go on (possibly) for up to 10 years. At least in my experience.

  17. By the way, if you're done dancing, would you come by my bog? I have something extra special for you!

  18. I would be taking a bloggy break too if I moved twice in the matter of a few months!!! Glad to hear you have the freedom to make as much noise as you like!!! Have fun and happy unpacking!!!

  19. I can't believe the ole bat called security on you one last time. Grrr! Thank goodness that is over with! :)

  20. Usually I think people like your ex-neighbor have GOT to be on drugs. In her case, I think she NEEDS drugs!

    I know you are going to be SO happy in your new place! Congrats again!

    Is there a fenced yard? A fence enough that kitties can't get out? That maybe they could sit in the sun with you for short periods - not necessarily be left out unattended? If so, they will so happy in the new place as well! :-)

  21. Congrats on the move...moving can be hectic. Glad you are all moved in...I still have things in a box from when I moved a year ago!!! Best wishes...warm reguards.


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