Wednesday, March 04, 2009


Thanks to all who have emailed, sent me messages on Twitter and in other ways stalked looked after me to make sure that all is well while I took an unannounced little bloggy break for far longer than is usually my style. I realize I missed Haiku Friday twice and even Weekly Winners once, which normally should be cause for alarm, I suppose, but I am fine. Things are good. I'm not sure I'm completely done with my bloggy break because honestly I'm still kind of enjoying it, but I figured I should at least say hello and blow some of the cobwebs off the blog so that it doesn't look all abandoned.

Here's what has been filling my life while I've been not blogging and only sporadically commenting on other blogs (though I am reading more than I am commenting, so don't think I'm not watching you...):
  1. If you follow me on Twitter, you know that I made it home from my Chicago/Indy roadtrip smoothly and without event and even quickly enough to have breakfast in Indianapolis and still be home in time for dinner with Tom in Tulsa. While I miss Portland, I love that Tulsa is so much closer to so many places and people I love.
  2. The night I got home, Tom mentioned a really nice house that a friend was trying to get rented out for just a bit more per month than we've been paying to rent our apartment. We went to look at it that Tuesday (Feb 24th) and loved it for so many reasons. That night, we received our fourth unwarranted visit from security for noise that we were not making. The decision was made that much easier. We are moving in just over 3 months weeks (that seriously was a typo, yikes), and I look forward to not feeling like we have to whisper and not sharing walls with people who start fires. And to having a yard. And a guest room. And another huge area full of so many possibilities (most fitness related, but then we'd have to move our fat asses, so maybe just an air hockey table or something). Oh, the list of good things just rambles and warbles happily on from there.
  3. It would be convenient here to say that I've been not blogging because I've been packing, but so far I've just pulled out all the boxes from when we just moved here at the start of December. I keep thinking about packing, though, and today is the day it starts. The good news about moving so soon after the last move is that we haven't accumulated all that much more crap yet. The bad news is that moving sucks. It's so very worth it, though, sometimes. Like this time.
  4. I watched the movie Milk and was stunned at the beautiful way that old footage was weaved into the film and also was left feeling like I need to do more about something I care about very deeply. I'll leave it at that and not get political about something I don't really think should be political but somehow is.
  5. I actually sat down and read a book. An entire book. One that was not even online, but in the form of bound paper in my hands. I stayed up until 5AM a couple nights ago trying to finish it because it was that good. I realized how much I miss reading and how I need to take the time to do that more.
  6. The book I read was A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini, and I heartily recommend it to anyone looking for a good read. While I found it engaging from the start, the real meat of the story, the stay-up-past-bedtime-page-turner part, starts a little more than halfway in, and there were at least two points when I actually sobbed, complete with the erratic breathing and ugly cry face. I love being touched. Heh.
  7. On my bad tooth issue, I've been just trying to ignore it and to chew on the other side, but it turns out that I might be able to afford dental insurance continuance through COBRA (especially if, like medical, the stimulus plan pays for 65% of the premium - still sorting out for certain if this applies to dental, which I think it might). The catch is that I'd have to pay a couple hundred dollars up front to reinstate myself, then wait to see if they'd even cover whatever treatment, which is tough since it's unclear whether I'd be a candidate for a root canal (depending on if the root is fractured, and, if so, how badly) or whether the tooth would need to be yanked and then something spendy put in its place. This saga continues, but it would help knowing I may only be out $500-$1000 instead of double or more. Maybe. Fingers crossed. I never thought I'd pray that I could just have a root canal and crown. Life is funny.
  8. I still feel good about my JET Program interview, which, if you are just catching up, was the centerpiece of the above Chicago/Indy trip, and I still won't know until some point in April. That's good because having to start deciding while in the process of moving would be a lot on my mind. Not that it isn't on my mind, but it's easy to brush it away while I don't know if I've even been accepted or even have a decision to make.
  9. I finally got my Oklahoma license plates and driver's license. (See Colleen's post for an idea of how the picture part went since mine was similar.) I'm not sure how I feel about that, but it's done now. I only had to swear at someone once. I pretty much never chew someone out, but I've never been treated as rudely as I was by someone at the Public Safety Office where I first had to go to prove I belong in the country before going back to the other location for the rest. She did that thing with her voice like she was talking real sweet to a 3 year old but being heinously rude, condescending and generally asshole-ish while she did it. And I told her so, without swearing. At first. But as she continued needling me, seemingly just for sport, I really do think, by the end, my usual restraint was gone, and out slipped a "fuck you very much." Oops. The older I get the more likely I think this is to happen. You've been warned.
  10. My unemployment check this week was magically (the magic of tax cuts through the stimulus plan - correction, thanks to Tabatha: increase due to this, also from stimulus plan) $20 more (after taxes). I still won't get political, but I will say that for someone working to make just what I'm getting on unemployment, having an extra $80 per month could make a nice dent in groceries or other expenses, and I think it is a good way to not only stimulate the economy but to actually make the difference in the lives of real Americans, the difference between making it that month or not. Times are tough. To me, $80 per month is huge.
  11. An hour later, and I'm still here typing. I need to get back to "the other here," the one that is my life requiring my attention and my awesomely stellar packing skills. Did I mention I'm moving?
  12. Truth be told, it's not the packing that calls, but I bought a $3 set of markers to use for labeling said packing, and I'm itching to break them open. At least I think that's what that itch is...
  13. If this was Thursday, this would be a perfect post for Thursday Thirteen. Too bad it's Wednesday. Laters, sk8ters.


  1. So glad to hear you are doing well. We miss you!!

  2. So glad to see you back! I have been peeking at your tweets lately :) So glad you had a chance to take a little bloggy break!

  3. Ah, THERE you are. I have been missing you. It's like you come home from school and find that your parents have moved .. it's that empty, kind of "Where'd everybody go?" feeling ... not that you're my MOM or anything .. it's just that hollow, echo-y feeling I get when no one has been around here for a while. Ya know?

  4. Yaa, your back! Welcome Home.
    #6 - My husband makes fun of me for this. He is all "Seriously, it's a book" - he also teases me for tearing up while watching TV too. I am emotional I guess! I loved The Kite Runner, so I will have to check out this book.
    Congrats on your move and good luck getting all packed up.
    PS - Sorry this is so long
    PPS - Still not smoking!!

  5. So happy to see a post from you. Glad you are well.
    Glad you get to move into a ONE family dwelling.

  6. HOW FUNNY! I also started reading that book! It was on top of my reading wish-list-when-I-get-to-read for a while, so at last I got it. Haven't finished it yet.
    Good to have you quasi-back!

  7. So glad you're back!! I missed you too, beyound belief!
    I'm so happy for the new house!!! That's very good news!!

  8. I've been wondering where you've been but I just figured you were having fun in Chicago and still busy unpacking and such. Guess I was half right. ;)
    Hooray for the house! I think on your way out of the apartment you should tell security to "suck it!". ;)

  9. Glad t hear from you! And yaaay new house!

  10. Congrats on the move...I think it's the best thing for you!

  11. I'm glad to hear from you!!

    I've been following on twitter, so I feel sort of up to date! (But I've missed your blog! I even checked it several times to make sure my reader wasn't just flipping out...)

    I'm so excited for you and Tom and your new house! It sounds absolutely perfect for you guys!!

  12. Good to hear from you! A Thousand Splendid Suns is a wonderful book. Glad you're back!

  13. Good luck with your move. And, I am a total lazy twit, but I will follow you on twiter next time I'm on it.

  14. Wow! How exciting to be moving into a house! I'm so excited for you!

  15. Wow! You have been busy. Glad to hear you are doing well! I to have been busy but not as busy as you.. and I just love your comment about reading blogs and not commenting. I am a big offender of that. I read many blogs but most times to do not comment, even if I think it is worth a comment... what's wrong with me? lol!!!
    And I totally get the whole 80 dollars is MORE thing... we are kind of in the same boat over here!!! Good luck moving and can't wait to hear more about your new home!!!!

  16. Glad you are back!
    I love that book too. Did you read the Kiterunner?

  17. You have been busy! Nice to see you back here.

    I'm in shock that you got a 4th visit from security. Hooray for moving. I think when you and Tom get in to the new place, you turn the TV and stereo on as loud as possible and yell for a bit. Just because you can. :-)

  18. sounds like you're having a good time on your break. and i'm glad you're moving to a nicer, better place. happy packing. again.

  19. Wicked cool on the move. I know that apt. was getting to be a bit much for you. I'll have to find you on Twitter if I haven't already. And last but not least, I'll give you that extra break seeing as your moving (just not so long k, miss your post). Guess that last bit wasn't last...A thousand splendid suns is an awesome book. If you haven't read the Kite Runner yet, I highly recommend it. (Hugs)Indigo

  20. I'm so glad to hear that you guys are going to be able to move into a place that you really feel can be a home. There's nothing worse than four walls surrounding you, closing in as you tiptoe and whisper.

  21. Just came across your blog and I love it!

    That book is amazing - I couldn't put it down either. On my way to add you on twitter now.

  22. I'm going to have to pick up that book. I adore books that make me cry and gush. Miss your foodiness!

  23. hi!! welcome back!!! i'm a little late on this but i've been out of town too, but i'm glad to see you made it back in one piece and i'm so so so so happy for you that you are moving! (snaps for you!!!)

  24. Whoa there Nelly. Your unemployment check is going to be that much more each week? Because I got my check for two weeks worth and the extra $25 was listed a a "one time stimulus" payment. And was only $25. For two weeks.

    I need to move to OK. Especially since the money would go a LOT further in OK thank in San Diego.

    Sorry I haven't been visiting. Life just took me away and forgot to bring me back.

  25. I'm just as far behind as you - if not farther, but it was nice to catch up, even if it is a couple of weeks since you wrote this! :-)

    Ah, DMV. When getting my license here, which required 3, yes, that's THREE trips to Concord, only a mere 1 1/2 hours away, I actually told a woman behind the counter that they seriously needed to install bullet proof glass. She didn't seem to understand, then I explained that I was quite suprised no one had tried to take them out yet. She got it then. And didn't appear too pleased. Oh well. Perhaps they will get their collective shit together so that when you phone to find out what you need, you'll actually be told everything that you need. Oh, and then, it would be helpful if you were told everything you needed on the first visit, which would have eliminated the 2nd and 3rd visits. Hrumphf.


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