Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Answers and a Question

Looking at my closet, I'm thinking that the clothes I still wear from the last time I lived in Japan over *cough* 10 years ago should probably go, as in go away, not go with me to Japan. Lots of pictures get taken while doing the JET thing, and having pictures of me now wearing the same clothes as in pictures then just doesn't seem right, even if my notoriously wrong sense of Maggie Fashion is convinced that at least a few items are still timeless enough to be OK.

But none of you asked about what clothes I will or will not bring to Japan. Here's answers to what you did ask:

Jac asked:
  • Is Tom going? (For the entire time?) Nope, just to visit. Hopefully twice, if we can find cheaper tickets. Someone has to stay home with all of those catties.
  • How long will you be gone? One year. End of July until end of July.
  • What exactly will you be doing? I'll be teaching English through The JET Program (Japan Exchange and Teaching Program). Last time, I taught in a high school for 2 years and then various junior highs for another year, plus weekly elementary school visits and night classes for prefecture employees. This time, I won't know until late May/early June about my placement.
Christie O asked:

How long is Tom going? Is he going going? Or just for visits? Tom was kind enough to agree to hang back with the meow faces so that I could go. Otherwise, it would have been nearly impossible since it would be too hard to bring the cats (quarantine rules, difficulty finding apartments accepting pets, etc.), and there's no way I could have parted with them. Instead, Tom will hand deliver a care package with goodies I miss from home, like toothpaste with fluoride and good deodorant come visit. He's always really wanted to see Japan, and this is the perfect opportunity.

Question for you all: What is the oldest item of clothing that you still wear today?

And now I'm off to the doc in a box at the Urgent Care place with fingers crossed that they will be able to complete all the information I need on the Certificate of Health and for not a lot of money since I'm among the not insured. I called, and it sounds doable and cheap-ish, but we shall see. The hoop jumping and paperwork for this Japan thing continues, but I'm getting closer to done with it, and it's worth it. Now I just wonder what I should wear...


  1. "What is the oldest item of clothing that you still wear today?"

    well I would have to say its a sleepshirt that I have had for about 10 years it is the most comfortable ever!

  2. Wow! It is just all so exciting!!! I am so excited for you! :)

    Oldest piece of clothing. Hmmm. Probably a "business" suit/skirt thing that I had from working about 10 years ago. And some tshirts from high school. Egad. ;)

  3. First of all, I am so excited for you. What a great opportunity!

    As for the oldest article of clothing...I still have clothes from high school (which was 11 years ago) that I still wear. How sad and scary is that? : )

  4. I'm so excited for you (among the legions who are!) -- what an amazing opportunity for you. I really hope you'll keep blogging while you're over there.

    Oldest piece of clothing is a black wool knit dress that I've had since about the mid-80s. It's a classic and (when it fits properly - my problem, not the dress's) works great under blazers of all types. I love it, I don't think it will ever wear out and I just can't part with it!

  5. My oldest clothing items I still have are PJ's. Maybe even underwear (haha).
    As far as clothes I wear that you will see? I just happen to be wearing a 1993 college sweatshirt at the moment. Yikes.

  6. I hope everything checks out fine and they don't charge you an arm and a leg.

    I'm so excited for you as the time gets closer!

    "What is the oldest item of clothing that you still wear today?"
    Sadly, it is a High School dance team practice T-shirt. I wear it to bed. My name is silk-screened on the back, and it has many holes.

    I just can't seem to let it go.

  7. i tossed out 3 BOXES of clothes the other day. and you know what a pleasure it is every day to face a closet of things you like and wear?!?!?! you have an angel of a husband, btw, enjoy your year in japan!

  8. Wow, reading this... I realize how darn co-dependent I am on my husband. How awesome for you!

    As for the oldest item, ummmm... I still wear all my college clothes. Most worn out being my grateful dead tee-shirt.

  9. That's the best...having someone back home sending you care packages!!

  10. i have a t-shirt from high-school--i just use it to exercise in. It's 20 years old--scary to put that in writing. :) So glad the trip is coming together, sounds like a great opportunity!

  11. Well you DO have those fantastic shoes!!!!!!!!!!!! I would wear those every day. Even sleep in them, they're that fantastic.

    Anyway, my oldest piece of clothing is a ratty old Candlebox teeshirt I got from a concert in the '90s with my sister. Candlebox is my favorite band (I know, I'm one of the very very few) and I will never part with this shirt. Even if it is 100 sizes too big. Ever.

  12. I have a UW-Green Bay sweatshirt I bought while going to school there back in 1998. Its ratty, the cuffs are frayed, but you'd better believe its the most comfy sweatshirt I own!

  13. I'm just like you? I just can't seem to let go of some of the stuff in my closet. Unfortunately, I got rid of a lot of stuff last year, when I cleared and decluttered my clothes closet. And now I find I'm missing them! You know, I'm a jojo, I loose weight, gain weight ... Last year, I got rid of my "skinny" clothes, and now I'm loosing weight anyway!

  14. Me thinks Toms a keeper *giggle* (But I'm sure you know that!!) Any man who would venture around the world just to deliver some deodorant is a good one to keep!

    I'm embarrassed to admit that my fashion sense sucks. I still wear t-shirts from high school. (Like, ones I got visiting colleges. Those pathetic promotional shirts? Yep. Those.) In fact. I can't wait to lose weight so I can wear the skirt I bought for homecoming my sophomore year in high school. It's in my closet. I'm not kidding.

  15. That is nice of Tom to stay back with the kitty cats!!! I'm sure you are excited but at the same time sad that you will be leaving Tom after just being reunited!!! Good luck!!

  16. Oldest item that I still wear? A college sweatshirt. Right now it's about 12 years old. It's still in great condition.

    Sadly, everything else from college had to get donated because I stopped fitting in them. Boo.

  17. You know, I am amazed and in awe and so very happy for you. What an opportunity! I hope to read all about your adventures for years to come.

  18. First, you should be proud & happy that clothes you wore in Japan, 14 years ago, still fit today! Congrats!

    Kitties will miss you terribly, and I know you will miss the kitties. Probably explains why I ended up with a cat in Japan that returned to the states with me. Then because I couldn't take her to Australia, she stayed with my parents, and I got another cat in Australia, who then returned to the states with me! I don't think I'm capable of being without at least one pet.

    Oldest piece of clothing? I have sweatshirts too numerous to count, some of which are at least 20 years old - which I wear all the time here on the farm. Especially for painting. I can tell which one I was wearing when I painted each room, in any house I've been in. :-)


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