Thursday, April 09, 2009

Drowning More Gracefully

Thanks so much to all for the kind words on my acceptance into the JET Program for 2009. I'm beyond ecstatic! I'm also taking questions, anything you wonder about all this whole Japan thing. Ask away! I'll answer in a post soon-ish. I'll also be around to visit your blogs soon.

If you missed some of the rationale behind me going, I touched on it in a post awhile ago. The short answer is that while my life hasn't gone at all according to plan with 2.5 much wanted cute kiddos and a sexy minivan, I am blessed enough to have a wonderful man who supports my desire to do something kinda crazy that I wouldn't have gotten to do if I had gotten to do the mommy thing. Plus, Tom would love to see Japan [when he comes to visit me].

While yesterday afternoon was all about jumping up and down while yelling good news into the phone of the unsuspecting on the other end of my too good to contain myself news, today has been all about mountains of paperwork and forms and phone calls. I've been fingerprinted (all the way downtown for FBI background check), photographed (for my renewal passport photos, twice because the first lady was a sleepy dimwit did it incorrectly) and frustrated (by Google Groups issues and lots of phone calls trying to do things like set up a physical at a doc in a box that will do one for employment, not kids sports stuff), but I'm feeling near the summit. There will be more along the way, but this is the bulk of the bullshit for awhile. Until I get there.

Meanwhile, just for chuckles, I share with you the second version of the attempt at passport renewal photos along with the one that was taken 14 years ago, almost to the date, the first time I did the JET Program. I may be drowning in the sea of paperwork created by the runoff from the mountain of paperwork above, but I'd say I'm doing it far more gracefully, or at least more timelessly.



When I went a few weeks ago to get my driver's license and first had to go to some other office to prove citizenship, I used my old passport above with all of that big bang theory hair, and the woman kind of giggled at my 1980's hair.

Except that the picture of my 1980's hair was actually taken in 1995.

I've told y'all about Maggie Fashion and my inability to know any better.

Bonus: Since I'm in an official document photo sharing kind of mood, one of the worst photos of my adult life was the very one mentioned above, taken a few weeks ago for my Oklahoma driver's license. I wore less make up that day than in the photo above from today, but they managed to add 20 pounds in both body weight and make up and to make me look like Tammy Faye Bakker gazing stonedly toward the heavens. Bitches.

If you remind me, maybe I'll share the picture when I do my Alien Registration Card in Japan. Last time it looked about like the passport photo but without the smile since you aren't supposed to show your teeth in formal pictures in Japan. Even formal wedding pictures. No kidding.

Gotta go work on climbing some more of that paperwork mountain before I start digging out photo albums of my embarrassing childhood.

Shoot me those questions in comments. I'm more likely to post sooner if I have something to say.


  1. Congratulations! I think it is wonderful. I hope your life turns out just as it should be for you to find the most happiness possible.

    You are brave to show a passport photo. I have three chins in mine.

  2. So tom is going with you? And how long will you be gone? This all sounds so exciting!!! Good luck!!!

  3. I am just so happy and excited for you.

  4. Maggie I am so super happy that you got accepted!
    The 1980's haircut wow but at least you liked it huh!!!

  5. Maggie, I am so happy for you! So incredibly happy!

    My biggest questions? (Which I've had some!!)

    Is Tom going? (For the entire time?)

    How long will you be gone?

    What exactly will you be doing?

    (I'm nosey!)

  6. 1995 made me laugh out loud. I may or may not have had big bangs then too. Well I am sure it was in 1993 because I had the bangs and the big brown hair helmet in my senior picture.

    Anyway, congrats and triple congrats again and I would high five you if I were not 10 states away! And that was my question, how long is Tom going? Is he going going? Or just for visits?

  7. The only problem is - not one of those pictures looks like YOU. Because you're WAY hotter than any one of those.

  8. I can only imagine the mountain of paperwork you're going through right now. I can certainly see your rationale for going. If the tables were turned, I would surely do the same.

    LOVE the 1995 hair :) And I think you look great in new photo!
    I just received my passport 2 days ago in the mail, and I look awful. Really, I mean 20 years older kind of AWFUL!

  9. Hey Maggie,
    I tried calling you but your phone number is disconnected. I am dying to smoke! Help! I am getting ready to go to an AA meeting now. Hope all is well. I am gonna e-mail you my number if you can call me later.

    PS: I had a similar bad 80's hairdo but it was the 80's when I rocked it!

  10. OMG - LOVE the shark fin hair!!!

    In case it makes you feel any better, I invite you to take a gander at MY recent drivers license photo.

    You're welcome.

  11. Those bangs are so freaking sexy. :-)

    I think the DMV workers get extreme pleasure out of making us all look really bad.

    I'm still so excited for you!!!

  12. Now Maggie, you KNOW that DMV personnel take some special course ensuring that driver's license photos look like the holder of the license was either stoned on drugs at the time, or had just been arrested for a felony offense.

    Ahhhh, the smile/teeth thing. Brings back silly memories of every Japanese woman covering their mouth when they smile, and especially if they laugh! I always wondered if they found us Americans to be oh-so-offensive for our open mouth smiles, grins, laughs. I just knew I could never be that demur. :-)


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