Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Easily Mystified

My mind is still all Japan, all the time, so I haven't really had much to say over here that would sound much different from what I've been saying about being crazy jazzed about going, making lots of plans/arrangements and sorting lots of thoughts/details and attempting to re-learn Japanese vocab/grammar that didn't come easy to me at 18 years old and sure as hell isn't coming any easier a few *cough* years later (though watching cheesy Japanese dramas online makes it way more fun than listening to tapes or whatever before the joy of the Interwebz - have a look, they have English subtitles!).

So that's what I've been up to.

While doing all of the above, some nights I get really into whatever I'm reading/studying/watching/considering to a point that I'm up late, well past Tom's bedtime. Last night was one of those nights. While I sat here minding my own business, all of the sudden, I heard the sound of water running through some pipes somewhere.

My first thought was that it was a neighbor in the building running water until I remembered that we live in a house now because our apartment neighbor was an asshat. I smiled, loving living in this house.

My next thought was that it was the ice maker, but then I remembered that we don't have one. Well, we do, but it isn't hooked up or doesn't work or something. In any case, water running in the freezer would mean something Very Bad and would require me mopping after midnight, which would have annoyed me. Glad it wasn't that.

The only other possibility was the hose outside, but that would mean that someone would have to be out there for some reason, and that would be really odd/scary somewhere in the 3:00AM hour.

I started getting kind of scared, wanting to wake Tom but not wanting to wake Tom.

As I walked into the kitchen I realized that the sound was from our new dishwasher, and I was even more perplexed. If Tom was asleep, then who in the hell had decided to run it (and would they consider helping out with some other chores while they were at it?)? Then I remembered seeing that button that allows you to set the dishwasher to run in 2 or 4 or 6 hours. At some point, exactly 2 or 4 or 6 hours prior, not sure which, someone had to have somehow bumped into this button. If they'd also accidentally added soap, it would have been genius. Instead, it just freaked me the hell out.

Perhaps it's actually a good thing that it's very unlikely that I'll have a dishwasher in Japan (I didn't last time 1995-1998 when 78% of folks didn't have one, and even now 71% still don't). While on the topic of reasons for water to flow in the home, I'd still love a sit down potty in Japan, though, instead of a squat toilet like last time, if it's in the cards. Just sayin'.


  1. I love the delay feature. We had that on our washing machine in the Netherlands and it was so handy to toss a load in when I went to bed and have it finishing up as I got up.

    Oh, and congrats on the Japan thing! I have been absent from blogging for so long I missed your news. WOOO for YOU!!!

  2. I hate it when I forget that I turned something on or when I hear a weird sound late at night that shouldn't be heard.
    As for Japan, good luck with that! Sounds like fun.

  3. My nephew and his family went last summer to visit his dad in Japan and they took pics of the squat toilets I was ewwwww gross.How nasty. haha

  4. There are times - just times, mind you, when this Internet thing will have you wanting, wishing or praying for some of the STRANGEST things. Never in my life did I ever entertain the notion that I would someday find myself praying for a sit down toilet for a friend.

    "Dear Lord ....."

  5. Ah, what high hopes you have! A toilet? PSHAW...who needs 'em? ;-)

  6. I rarely had a dishwasher onc eI left my parents. We have one now and I just recently started using it frequently. I just got so used to hand washing my dishes.

  7. We set the delay feature (on purpose! I know!) and still forget to add soap.

    Oh well.

  8. How fun to anticipate going to Japan. I always like it when I have something fun and exciting and perhaps even a bit terrifying to look forward to. You are going to have such an adventure.

  9. I saw a comment you left at Melinda's page and I came over to say hi.

    This was a very funny experience! Our dishwasher does the same thing! It totally freaked me out the first time it happened.

    I hope you have a great day. Maggie is one of my favorite names in the whole wide world!

  10. OMG, I'd have died! We don't have a dishwasher (our house is too small really...) but I think that would have scared the beejeebies out of me!!

    Ramble away about Japan! I love hearing about it!

  11. A blogger friend sent me a BIG box of STUFF from Japan and it arrived yesterday! umeboshi in a tube, dried umeboshi to sprinkle on honest to god real Japanese rice, snacks, oh, it was just so much fun seeing all this stuff!

    I don't much care for dishwashers...I kind of like washing them by hand. Weird, I know!

  12. hahaha! you're hilarious! you can even make pressing a dishwasher button a hilarious story and that's why i heart you!

  13. LOL! I'm wishing you a sit down tolet too. Either that, or really strong thigh muscles ;)

  14. I've done the exact same thing. Although mine was when I set it. And forgot I set it. Which, when it finally started, scared the crap out of me, and I ended up going downstairs with a baseball bat to kill the person I thought was in my house.


  15. OMG - your post has me remembering things! :-) Rather than ramble on here, you've inspired me to write my own post. Maybe. If I get around to it. Don't hold your breath, 'cause I'm not to consistant with the whole post writing thing........

  16. You're getting used to NOT having neighbor noises and I am having to get used to them (and mine) all over again.

  17. Thank for the online Japanese drama link! So what is your favorite Japanese drama, cheesy or otherwise? :-)

    I love Love Generation (Kimura Takuya), Aishiteru to Itte Kure (must see!!)and Ichi Rittoru no Namida..ahh, reminds me of my days in the school dormitory doing homework during tv commercial breaks! LOL!


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